Mid September Friday Link Lovin’

Yay it’s Friday!! This week was rough.  Being the only in the department is not the greatest experience.  BUT I was able to hand it and I think it will look great to my bosses.  I hope so anyways, otherwise I busted my butt for nothing.  I’m looking forward to this weekend and I’m considering just skipping the free 5k on Saturday.  I’d love to go to it as it’s free but I would also love to sleep in.  We’ll see though. I do love my running 😉 And popcorn….hmm, I think I’m hungry.

As I’m off to go grab a snack, enjoy some of these reads :

Jackiet at The Debt Myth writes a post on seven reasons why people stay in debt.  I’ve used most of these reasons to stay in debt in the past but no more!

TB at Blue Collar Workman wrote an excellent post on teachers and raises.

Jana at Daily Money Shot wrote a letter to depression.  It’s a beautifully written post and deserves a read (or two) so make sure you check it out!

Andrea at So Over This lost her phone coming home from FinCon12 but was able to get it fedexed to her.

Jordann at My Alternate Life wrote a post about every dollar counting.  It really does-I used to think “it’s only $5” and would go ahead and spend it. Now I like to think “it’s $5” and save it or spend it on debt.

Jeremy at Modest Money has another great blogging tips post.  Make sure to check it out and you should check out the whole series while you’re at it!

Erika at From Shopping to Saving pops in to let us know that she’s still alive! I’m glad things are going so well for her!!!

Jake at I Heart Budgets lets people in on the fact that they don’t have to live in a cave while getting out of debt.

Sam at Financial Samurai wants to know why some people consistently spend more than they earn.  I had my reasons but I’m working on fixing that and never going back!

Emily at Evolving Personal Finance wants to know what happens when a spendthrift marries a tightwad.  In my situation, we’re balancing each other out just fine. Truthfully, he’s not as spendy as he was before but neither am I—I just am more uptight about spending right now than he is.

Kathleen at Frugal Portland is a great example of being frugal and generous!  I love this story-I’m more inclined to spend money on others than on myself.

Have a great weekend!


Spending Recap 7/2-7/8

Monday $152 passport (b), $10 medicine (b)

Tuesday $4 milk

Wednesday $4 jam at a craft show (b), $25 food at craft show (b)

Thursday no spend day

Friday $5 grocery store

Saturday no spend day

Sunday no spend day

Hmm only 3 no spend days but I’m okay with that.  Again, most everything was budgeted for and what wasn’t was small stuff.  The passport was for my guy and is needed for our honeymoon–we decided to get it earlier rather than later.

On the fourth, my town had a nifty little craft show, old car show and some kiddie rides down at the park.  I ran into some friends and had a lot of fun before going and swimming.  But we decided to get this awesome little jar of homemade blueberry jam and of course, ate our breakfast/lunch at the show.  There was some nifty craft type things but we didn’t get anything.  Mostly because the one thing we really wanted, there was at least an hour wait–it was a gentleman carving wood into name plates.  We were going to get our niece’s name carved.  Oh well, maybe next time.

And on Friday, my boss took myself, my guy and office mate out for a birthday lunch.  This was a great little surprise as the night before my ac went out.  We ended up going to sleep out at my guy’s parents house as my house was pushing 95 degrees and rising at 7:30 pm.  The landlord didn’t know when he could get a guy out to look at our ac and mentioned that it might not be until Tuesday.  Thankfully, the repair guy had to come out there several times this winter for our furnace and called us less than an hour later to let us know he would be out the next morning between 8 and 11.  This meant I got to work from home in a house that was pretty sweltering.  So the lunch was awesome and my ac is now working so that was pretty awesome.

I had a great birthday–went swimming most of the day and fell asleep shortly after some yummy barbecued steaks. How was your weekend?

Spending Recap 6/25-7/1

Monday no spend day

Tuesday $70 gifts/clothes (p), $30 (p) Wal-Mart

Wednesday no spend day

Thursday no spend day

Friday $16 Wal-Mart (b), $33  book store(b/p)

Saturday$20 vet (b), $35 farmers market (b), $127 groceries (b), $35 gas (b), $25 dinner (b)

Sunday $80 lawn tools (b)

We had three no spend days and the good news is that it was all budgeted for or came out of personal money!  Something we were proud of was that we made the choice to give up the rest of our date money and took what was left over from the grandma dinner fund to go buy a weedeater, extenstion cord and a few other things to make doing yard work a lot easier.  We didn’t spend money that was budgeted or anything like that.  We had saved enough money to take his grandma out to eat wherever she wanted–turns out that for the three of us it only cost us $25!  And was extremely filling and fairly healthy.  (We went to a local sandwich place)

Gas prices dropped lower which is nice–we filled up more of our tank for a lot less than normal.  Which is good because this week we will be driving a lot more than normal–on Wednesday, we are going out to his parents place to go swimming all day long and then barbequing for his relatives that night.  And on Friday, we are going to housesit for his parents for the weekend.  Oh the horror of having the pool right there for the entire weekend!

This weekend flew by for me.  On Friday we rented some movies and ate Chinese food as our date and got some of the housework done. On Saturday we shopped, cleaned and took his grandma out to eat.  And then on Sunday, I got to go into work for 5 hours or so.  Boo! But it did let me not have to take a vacation day as I didn’t really work on Tuesday and got me a jump start on today! So it was okay I guess.

How was yours?

Friday’s Link Love

Wow, this week has actually been weird.  I’m trying to give up soda so in some ways in was really speedy and in others, I was tired and it seemed to have dragged out.  I have about 5 sodas that are in the pantry at my house (apparently I can drink warm diet generic soda, who knew?) and I’m trying to keep it that way.  I had to do this a few years back due to me having seizures from a concussion (LOOONG story) but as I’ve been seizure free for over 5 years, I’m not on the medicine.   This means I was able to drink soda and that means I had to pay for it and account for the liquid calories when I wasn’t drinking diet.  So in order to save some money on my grocery list, I am trying to have no more soda (knock on wood).

Now I’ll leave you with some reading that I found amazing: (and these were tough choices as most of them had multiple great posts!)

Erika from Shopping to Saving wrote about not comparing yourself to others.  I couldn’t agree with her more.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses blogs about 2012 wedding trends.  I am one of those people going with the cake but I also am hosting a potluck bbq as my reception so I think I’m okay with that.

Michelle at Making Sense of Cents writes about how her sister is coming to live with her.  I thought this was great—especially the part on how she is planning on saving the rent paid to her as a gift to her sister when she moves out.

Erin at the Dog Ate My Wallet talks about the plans they have or that are in the works for the windfalls that fell their way.  I am truly sorry about the reason that they have the windfall though.

Frugal Portland gives us 10 frugal tricks—I’m trying the no shampoo thing and we’ll see how it goes.

Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is cutting back in order to have the money needed for their new house but still making sure to keep the fun stuff.

Counting All My Star’s husband is getting on the same track with budgeting and saving for items rather than just buying them.  This is always awesome news!

Daisy at When Life Gives You Lemons  gives some great tips on how to motivate yourself.  I personally love the taste test advice and the little kola.

The Happy Homeowner shares her accomplishment of running the Boston  Marathon and relates it to finances.

20’s Finances talks about how to budget for vacations.  I’m looking forward to taking my first real vacation next year and I’m looking forward to paying for it in cash!

Vanessa from Random Thoughts and Acronyms  discusses the rules for elevators.  I loved them all.

Newlywed’s on a Budget shared how they deocrated their new house–I think it looks wonderful and got some nifty ideas for my house!

Cait from Blonde on A Budget shares great news with us–she’s my birthday twin! Oh, wait…that wasn’t the great news.  It’s that she has a positive net worth!

TeacHer Finances brings up that geography does matter when doing budgets and general advice doesn’t always take everything into account.

Andrea at So Over Debt tells us about 10 financial mistakes that she hasn’t made.  I wish I could say the same–I have done one of them.

Have a great weekend! (maybe I should have broken this up into 2 posts….but hope you enjoy!)