End of Augusts Friday Link Love

Dear Friday,

I just want to take the time to say thank you for coming but I’d love it if you came earlier, k? I know we’ve had this conversation before but you still haven’t made any changes.  Thanks!

Love, me

It’s just been one of those never ending weeks.  It doesn’t help that at work we had 6 weeks to do a project and it was abruptly lowered to 6 days.  So fun.   This weekend though should make up for it as long as the town festival goes on.  We’ve saved up in order to go—greasy vendor food, crafts, a library book sale (all books only $.50 which is awesome) and a car show.  I think there is some other stuff going on but that’s the highlights. I’ve been looking forward to this for a few months.  It’s the one time I’ve given myself a option to buy books that aren’t on my list as long as I know I’ll read and re-read them.

With the issue of the being insane at work, my link love is a little short this week.  Just know that I haven’t read everything but I’m going to try to get caught up over the weekend and should be on track again by next Friday.

Daisy at Prairie Eco-Thrifter  wrote a post on some frugal dating ideas.  I love playing board games—in a group or just with my fiancé.

Edward Antrobus picks up spare pennies too! I’m always glad to hear of another person who does this.

Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun stuff has a well deserved rant about how she doesn’t feel guilty on how she spends her money.  I’m so glad she banned the horrid woman from her house!

TB @ Blue Collar Workman also has rant about people taking advantage of him.  I’d set a deadline and have them move the stuff out of my garage or I’d start selling it.

Jeremy at Modest Money had another post for blogging tips.  This time it’s about the importance of commenting on other people’s blogs.

Budget and Beach is looking at the bright side of things. Finding the positive side of things might be hard sometimes but it’s well worth it.

And make sure to go check out the guest post that Mr. CBB let me write for him! Thanks again!!!

Any awesome plans for this weekend?


Friday link lovin’

Another busy weekend seems to be looming. I’m planning on cleaning for a baby shower next weekend (yay!) and training for the 5k.  I might even get to play in the pool–of course, I’m going to have to go pick up more sunblock. And I “train” in the pool too! Or that’s my story anways.

Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy (some of) the posts I really enjoyed this past week:

Daisy @ When Life Gives You Lemons always does stellar work and I really loved this post about whether bloggers are writers.  What do you think?

Newlyweds on a Budget ran her first half-marathon ever. I will eventually be up to doing that!

Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses writes about the weirdest google searches that she’s gotten.

Fi Fighter is new to the Yakezie Challenge so make sure you stop by to check out the site!

Frugal Portland did her May check in and her numbers are looking amazing.

Earth and Money posted about how not to make a financial decision and referenced one of my favorite TV shows!

Christopher @ This That and The MBA asks when the padding of a resume becomes lying –what do you think?

Erin @ The Dog Ate My Wallet wrote a inspiring and moving post that had nothing really to do with finance but needed to be shared.

Andrea @ So Over Debt reminds us all to not spend money before you have it.  I was extremely guilty of this in the past.

Vanessa @ Random Thoughts & Acronyms wrote about her bad luck with even numbered years.

I Heart Budgets gives some good tips to those starting up a budget (and a reminder for those with a budget)

New to Yakezie as well is Money Life and More—be sure to stop by.

Erika @ Shopping to Saving didn’t take no as her answer and gives tips for others.

J$ shares an awesome site to check your credit score for free!

Cait blogs about how people are funny about money (can’t wait for the second part!)

May’s First Link Love

You know how I said last weekend I was going to update my blog roll? I didn’t.  I’m not going to say I will this weekend.  It’s supposed to be 90 degrees and I’m planning on hitting the swimming pool to do my #pfworkout (are you using the hash tag on twitter? If not, join in! It’s been so motivating) in style.  Okay maybe not very stylish as I have a top of one bathing suit and the bottoms of a different suit and they don’t match at all.  But they are both relatively new and I don’t want to spend my personal money on a “matching” suit especially when not a whole lot of people are going to be seeing me in it.

Back to my point though.  I will try to update as I have been reading nifty blogs for awhile and haven’t updated it in a month or two…or three.  Enjoy your weekend and check out the below links for some awesome reading:

New to Yakezie Challenge: Call Me What You Want Even Cheap 

Jana @ Daily Money Shot is going to have a No Spend May.

Cait @ Blonde on a Budget explains why she needs to go bold.   If you can, she is accepting donations as well!

Alice @ Don’t Debt shares some pretty good news!  (I hope she doesn’t have to pay interest but there hasn’t been an update yet!)

New Blog: i Heart Budgets  I’m excited to read more from him! And hopefully soon he’ll join the Yakezie Challenge.

Daisy @ When Life Gives you Lemons wrote an excellent post about  how running a blog being like a running a business

TeacHer Finance reminds us all that if you aren’t satisfied with what you bought, return it!

Fabulously Fru-girl finds budgeting therapeutic too!

B from Below Her Means wrote a beautiful and moving post.

Shawanda Greene tells us 40 things about herself.  Check it out if you haven’t!

Superbowl Sunday (woo?)

This Sunday doesn’t mean much to me other than that my guy will be watching a late football game.  Granted we are going to go to the next town over to look for baby items and I’m excited about that.   So I thought I would post some awesome reading that I enjoyed this week.

Andrea @ So Over Debt reminds us that as much as we hate our banks that it might just be our fault.

Little by Little shares her news that she paid off her credit card and will now be snow balling her debt!

Len Penzo tells how much he had to pay to get a little quiet back into his life.

J $ @ Budgets Are Sexy asks if you’ve ever  lied about money to a loved one (thankfully I haven’t)

Always the Planner tells us a horrific story about the ATM eating her check .

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff lets us know how she went about getting her health insurance

Frugal Dad asks the questions of whether or not warehouse shopping is actually frugal.

So those are some of the interesting reads I enjoyed this week.

Weekend News

On Saturday, we decided to go to the humane society and look at puppies.  I fell in love with all of them.  I really, really want at least 6 of them.  I know I can only get one and that I shouldn’t be looking but…I really want one.  Before I buy one I need to make sure I have a yard set up (at least a lead line for it and a dog house if not my back yard fenced in) and some supplies.  And of course, my cat is king at my house so the dog would need to get along with cats.

I went grocery shopping over the weekend and found that I spend about $55 in non food items (cat supplies, house supplies, and hygienic supplies) and about $125 on food.  I was pretty happy about that.  I’m slowly building us back up with stock items for our pantry.  Hopefully our grocery bill will than drop down.   We have found it is cheaper for us to buy freezer bags and family portions of meat and then split the packages up into portion sizes. I always try to buy on sale items and keep a look out for coupons.  I am not the best at using them but I am getting better.

I’m actually going shopping today to buy a vacuum!  This will be awesome for my floors.  I also need to buy a mop.  I’ve been hand washing them but that gets old pretty quick.  I might just go to the dollar store or something to buy a mop though.   I don’t want to buy an expensive one—I just need to have clean floors.  That will be my house purchase (s) for this month!

It’s been a pretty weekend here.  I’m trying to convince my guy to go on a hike and picnic today as we have the food items and hiking is free.  I’m trying to find more free things to do as a couple that are fun.  Any ideas?  We play Scrabble and watch movies on Netflix but I need outdoor type themes.

That was my weekend.  I might go see a friend today but she’s pregnant and I’m working around that (she’s having labor induced this Wednesday).  How’d yours go?   

ps.  Stop by Facebook and say hi!

Weekend Plans (our first in the new place!)

          Okay maybe not our first one, but our first real one.  Sure I was in the new place all last weekend, but we didn’t offically move there until Sunday.   Well, I’m hoping to get the house cleaned up—we need to return the vacuum cleaner we borrowed and a few other things, so I’m hopeful that we will clean everything up before we go out to his parents’ house on Sunday.    This means getting more things unpacked and moved around.  You’d think this would be easy with the tiny place we have, but for some reason it is still hard.  I think that’s mostly due to having a lack of storage place and that we work, so most things have a few hours to get done.  We aren’t (read: can’t) just going to go out and buy a bunch of shelving/storage units—we want to but the responsible thing would be to slowly accumulate these items.   So far we decided we need something in the bathroom, something in the office, and something in the back room.   We also need a desk.  As we aren’t using a computer right now, the desk is low in our priority list.

                We are going to go do our laundry tonight.  We need to do it and as of right now, we are going to have to do it once every two weeks.  I normally like to do it once a week but when we have to go to the laundry mat, we need to balance our time as well.   He doesn’t really like to leave it and I generally just follow along.  If it was just me, I can normally time it and just leave and get things done.  I’ve found that I really dislike not being able to multitask while I’m waiting on the laundry.  But whatever, I’m able to bend when we’re doing it together—that’s the compromise I made with him.  I’ll stay and sit there as long as he’s with me but if it is just me doing it, I will leave it and come back. 

                On Saturday, I’m unpacking and cleaning. And probably heading to the post office to get some stamps for our Chirstmas cards. He’s going to seal the windows in the back room to make it more air tight.   It’s really Sunday that I’m looking forward to.  My guy is going to his parents to watch football but his mom and I are going to go watch a movie we have both wanted to see.  So I’m excited over that and have been saving my money up for it.  My guy told me that I can offer to pay for us (we want to hit the matinée so it will be cheaper) and I’m hoping she takes me up on the offer.    But at least I can make the offer even if she doesn’t accept it. And maybe even get some Christmas shopping done.  I’ll admit I’ve been falling behind on this.  Part of it is, if we don’t get internet, my gift to the guy is kind of useless. (It’s a Xbox Live Gold Membership for a year)  I might still get it as we want to have internet in January.   And I’m thinking about a hat or something else.  I don’t know exactly what yet.

                What do you have planned for your weekend? Is a spendy one or spendless?