Seriously I hate my student loans

Granted I messed up in the first place by not paying them off or at least not getting them put into forbearance.  But seriously: the amount of issues I just had crop up regarding the consolidated ones are so very frustrating.

First off, let me just say that I’m glad I haven’t been ignoring my mail again.  I’ve wanted to sometimes but remembered that was part of what got me into trouble in the first place.  Instead, I’ve been opening it up and reading it right away.  Some gets put into a pile to deal with later (bills that aren’t due yet), some get put into the trash as they don’t have any relevance and some get dealt with as soon as possible.    Last Saturday, I got a letter that went into the last pile.  I had to wait until Monday morning at 8am eastern time to figure everything out.

What was this letter? Why it was from the company I’ve been dealing with for a few months, explaining that my wages were going to be garnished as I’d been ignoring them.  I had a mini heart attack, I swear.   First I went over to my pile of “file this away (not in the trash but my real file) as I’m done dealing with them.” (Pack rat tendencies mean I won’t throw things away until I feel comfortable that the situation is dealt with…this will probably be next summer) I noticed that the address was different, the main account number was different but everything else was the same: which loans it was, how much they were for (though they were decreased in number on the new letter slightly as I’d been paying on them) and the phone number.  And yes you read that right: even though I’d been paying on them with that same company and it showed by looking at the total balance from month to month, I was still going to be garnished for failure to pay the company.

So then I had to stew on it for a day and a half as I’d missed the cut off to call them on a Saturday.  And by only an hour! (Stupid central time being behind…) Monday morning I call bright and early—they look at both accounts and say they have no idea how it was given a second account but that I wasn’t in any jeopardy of getting my wages garnished as it was fully funded.  Both accounts were actually fully funded. (I did go check out my consolidation site to make sure they weren’t in there double at this point.  They weren’t.) They did not know why I was receiving the nasty letter as I’d been paying them on time ever since we came to our agreement.  I wrote down the customer services agent’s name, the time and the date of the call just in case anything does happen though. Especially since the rep said that the accounts were funded and closed.

I went home happy that it was all a misunderstanding and received yet another letter from the company (with the normal account number this time) telling me they were withdrawing money from my account in a few days time.  Which if you remember that dilemma I was having I would have been okay with—except for the fact that I was just told that my account(s) were funded and closed with them.  The money would not have been applied to anything or if it was, would have taken a few days to get it to the correct people. So I called up again to enquire about the letter.  This time I was told that the letter was auto generated before the account was funded.  I hope so…

I can’t wait for this entire issue to be fixed! And yes, it is partially my fault for getting them messed up in the first place (read: defaulted) but I am trying to get them fixed.  But it doesn’t work when they just send out random info!


I Hate our Internet

Dear AT&T,

You are really making me upset.  First we had this issue, and then this issue.  Now we have the issue of our bill.  We cannot log into view our bill online because for some reason our account is set up under the primary user?  Well, it is.  Oh and now we are locked out but can’t get it reactivated until the problem with our account number is fixed.  And every number I’ve been giving closes at 5pm.

Then, every single time I have called to get something fixed I am asked about our account number.  When I say it, I’m asked if it is in IL.  We aren’t living in IL, we live in KS. I’ve asked this to be fixed and apparently it still isn’t.  In fact, the online guy that I spoke with wasn’t even able to find my account number at all.  And yet I’m staring at my bill and my account number is the same one I just gave him.

Speaking of my bills—we are being charged for a repair from January that we didn’t even order—we haven’t had to have someone out here since December.  And we already paid for that on our last bill.  We didn’t think that we should as it was supposed to be free installation but we sucked it up and paid it.

Look, we went with you because friends of ours were giving really great reviews.  We like your internet speed and our happy with that.  Your customer service however, does nothing for us.  I really hope that it get’s taken care of this time.  72 hours until we get a resolution? I hope so–this needs to be taken care of before we are scheduled to pay our next bill.