Blogging schedule?

Remember that blogging schedule I wanted to create? Well I semi created one and then promptly forgot about it. Or maybe forgot is too hard of a word and should use the phrase “wasn’t able to stick to it”.   So I need to refine it.  Part of the problem is the end of the year projects that are piling up at work-no way to avoid this as they are last minute issues and not caused by delays or other such things.  So while I thought I had a great blogging schedule worked out, it might be a little hard to stick to it for a few weeks.  But even if I’m not commenting, please realize, I’m reading your articles and have thoughts to comment but…I just never get around to that actual writing out my comment.

I’ve got some thoughts though and hopefully things will be back to normal! I’ve even got one or two posts in the works—which is a big improvement for me as I was normally typing up something a few hours before I went to sleep.  So a nice little step forward there right?

Weekend reading because I haven’t done one of these in a LONG time:

Average Joe writes about what keeps him inspired.

Over at Enemy of Debt, Travis is interviewed about getting out of debt marathon style.  I loved this post and I wanted to say congrats again to Travis for running a marathon!

Over at Debts and Taxes, a camper loan was paid off! Congrats again-another step to being debt free!

T at Budget and the Beach wants to know what your success looks like.  Go share with her!

Daisy gives some advice on how to save some money when shopping for Christmas.

Jana wants people to write what you know.  I agree-most of the blogs I read are filled with stories of personal instances.  (And as she says, some people who either research extremely well or are trained for it have that exception clause!)

Have a great weekend!



I decided this weekend that posting 5 times a week when I’m experiencing blogger burnout or writers block (take your pick really) is getting too hard. I really don’t want to be posting something I’m trying to pass off as good writing when really it’s just me posting to post. Complete waste of my and your time. So I’m moving to an M, W, F schedule for the mean time. Hopefully this will leave me more time to comment on other people’s blogs too-I haven’t been doing the greatest at this so I’m hoping to fix that now. Just so you know though, I’m at least reading what other people are writing and enjoying the posts!
I’ll be taking out the spending recap as that really isn’t quality writing either. Don’t get me wrong-it was extremely helpful in helping me see where my money went so instead, once a month, I’ll be doing the same thing but on a larger scale. I’m hoping with that, and my going grocery shopping every week, extra money spending will be cut down. I’ll try it out for two months or three months. That should really show me how my changes are working and if I need to go back to the old way or if I can stay doing that.
I will still be doing my goals posts as that is also a once a month type thing and has been helping me out a lot. You know, provided that my situation doesn’t change in the middle of the month (more on that Wednesday) and I pay attention to them.
Link love? I might change this to a once a month thing or stick with what I’ve been doing but limit it down to 5-10. And for my Insanity updates? You’ll be getting those on Monday’s same as usual.
Speaking of…Insanity Update
Finally officially completed week 1 of month 2. It’s been a different pace entirely or so I feel. I know that, logically speaking, the workouts only increased by 10-15 minutes but try telling that to my body! I still love it though. And really 10-15 minutes as an increase in working out at max interval training? Feels like a life time 
How was your weekend?

Friday’s Link Loving

It’s Friday! And a lovely payday Friday at that.  Those are the best so I’m trying to cheer myself up right now. What with the car issue and the potential of us not doing a honeymoon until a year after the wedding, I’m pretty bummed.  But thankfully, I have reigned in my spending impulses so far.  For instance, Wednesday, when we bought the car jumper kit? I really wanted to just go and buy lunch even though I had a lunch packed.  I talked myself out of it and feel all the better for it.

So on to some weekend reading:

Jeremy at Modest Money has another great post (well it was a guest post but still a great post!) for blogging tips.  This week was some tips on where to get content ideas.

Michelle at Making Sense of Cents wrote a nice post asking if you want to be self employed. She gives some pros from being self employed and from being an employee.

Debt and Taxes wrote a post on why he blogs.  I’m glad it wasn’t an “I’m leaving the blogging world” post! And like him, I get thrilled whenever I see a comment on a post I wrote.

Kris at Balancing Money and Life quit her job! I’m so glad she’s out of her toxic work environment (or will be soon!) and found something new to do!

Lauren at L Bee and the Money Tree wrote a great post about new home budget busters.  Plus make sure to check out her new site design!

Michelle at See Debt Run has a recipe for crock pot stew that’s married with chili. It looks yummy and reminds me that eventually I would love to have a crock pot!

Teacher Finance wrote a great post on how to help build your career.

Cait at Blonde on a Budget is in 4 digits for her debt and her net worth.

Average Joe writes how getting out of debt isn’t a goal—it’s a step to your goal.  Right now getting out of debt would mean being able to afford a better car.

Daisy at Add-Vodka just got here first REAL job.  Congrats again to her! It sounds extremely awesome with all the nice benefits.

Holly at Club Thrifty is a real estate addict.  I loved this post-it made my day! Thanks Holly!

Simple Financial Lifestyle asks what you are doing right with your personal finances.  I agree that all too often we focus on what is wrong.

DC at Young Adult Money has joined the Yakezie Challenge!

Kathleen at Frugal Portland wrote a great post about not judging too quickly.  This is something that really resonates with me.

Jordann at My Alternate Life had the universe test her with extra money in her bank account that she knew shouldn’t be there.

Mrs. POP at Planting our Pennies reminds me that it’s better to pay more sometimes.  So true—like I told her, I’ll spend more money on little bags of beef jerkey as otherwise I’ll eat the bigger bag in one sitting.

Money Beagle shows that it doesn’t always pay to buy the bigger sizes—pay attention to unit prices as sometimes it is actually cheaper to buy smaller!

Jana at Daily Money Shot has a confession.  She pays for things that make her life easier.  I do that too!

Edward Antrobus wrote a post about some life lessons that his cat has taught him.  My kitty has taught me many things.

Enjoy  your weekend!

Friday’s Link Lovin’

Happy Friday! And for me, it’s a happy payday Friday! I love these Fridays the bestest.  Sadly, I really wanted yesterday to be Friday but that’s just because I woke up thinking “wow, I had such a long week already. Surely it’s Friday today.” Sadly it was not.  But then I remembered I was getting to eat steak for dinner that night and was appeased! (This is why I will never be able to be a vegetarian.  As much as I love veggies and fruit the thought of never eating a steak or bacon again saddens me.) Tonight is a nifty Chinese restaurant—I love the hibachi and it’s only $25ish for the two of us.  What’s not to love? Yum.

On to some weekend reading:

Erika from Shopping to Saving has been to her orientation for law school and wrote a post about how happy she is.  This was such a moving post and I can’t wait to hear more about law school.

Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff had an adult sleep over complete with creature features.  I love horror movies (as we all know) so I’m hoping to find out one of my friends loves them too so I can do this soon.

Andrea at So Over This hates grocery shopping too! And in this post she lists some things she does that people say not to do.  I’m guilty of….hmm…looks like most of them too!

Jeremy at Modest Money gives blogging tips every Wednesday and this week it’s back to learning more about keywords. I’ve been loving this series so make sure to check it out!

Lance at Money Life and More has a plan to pay down his (and his girlfriend’s) debt.  I enjoy hearing other people’s plans.

B from Below Her Means scared her boss into a raise! Okay, really not scared so much as she has shown how valuable she is and her boss appreciated it.

Michelle from Making Sense of Cents has her Finance MBA!! Congrats again to her!

Kurt from My Money Counselor gives some details about how to pawn something in order to get money quick and how to get it back after the fact.

Jason at Work Save Live writes a post about what he plans on teaching his future children about money.  I’m already discussing some things with my fiancé on what I want to teach our future children.

Holly at Club Thrifty tells people to not give into peer pressure when it comes to money.  I loved this post—peer pressure is a horrid thing in my eyes.

Jake at I Heart Budgets started another series with how to save money just by paying attention to your bills.  I’ve had so many billing mistakes on my internet bill….

Apparently most of the people featured on my list are not anonymous or at least have given out their first names (or a believable first name).  I didn’t even plan that. Enjoy your weekend!


August’s First Friday Link Love

It’s a very short link love this week.  I’m semi behind on reading but really, I just got extremely busy at work.  End of the month and all that.

I am going to be posting my wedding budget here soon-I know I have said that a few times but this time I for serious mean it. Part of the reason I haven’t posted it is because I’m just not sure of it.  I have a feeling it will change but maybe I can get some feed back!

Now on to the weekend reading:

Kristen at Thrifty and Fit posted a very heartfelt post about why she had to quit her job.  I think that her health has to come first and am keeping her in my thoughts.

Jake at I Heart Budgets has some helpful hints on what to do when you blow your budget.  I like wiggle room in mine so it doesn’t normally hurt too much!

Cents of a Country Girl gives us an update on her no spend July.  I think she did really great-much better than what I would have done!

B from Below Her Means wrote an excellent post on entitled brats regarding an article she read.  If you haven’t yet, you should definitely go check it out.

Michelle and Jefferson at See Debt Run had an awesome blog make over done by Andrea at Nuts and Bolts Media.  Make sure you check it out!

Jeremy at Modest Money is celebrating his 6 month blogging anniversary! And he’s hosting a give a way in honor of it!

L Bee of LBee and the Money Tree tells people not to buy designer furniture in their twenties.  The one time I went and purchased a fancy couch, it ended up in storage not too long after being bought and is no longer mine.

J $ of Budgets Are Sexy (and they are) is back and has some super cute baby photos.  His little boy is so adorable!

Aloysa of My Broken Coin featured a guest post by Andrea @ So Over This.  It’s the 5 signs you’re a spendaholic.  I’m a recovering one but I freely admit it!

Like I said, short but sweet this week!  Have a great weekend—I’m planning on doing not a lot.  I think I need a recovery weekend 😉 Any nifty plans for you?


End of July’s Friday Link Lovin’

This week my brother decided not to come on Thursday and instead is coming next Monday or Tuesday and spending the night.  This is much nicer for two reasons—more time to spend with him and it’s after pay day so it alleviates some money stress.  Not a lot mind you as things are extremely tight with my budget and will be until we figure out if we can move.  And we won’t be able to do that until November/December area so we have to save for the “maybe” factor.   UGH! I need the universe to just give me breathing room right now.  Okay I’m done complaining for now.

As I’m done complaining, let’s move onto some great reads from this week, shall we?

Jake at I Heart Budgets tells us the story behind buying their house.  I can’t wait until the day that this is me (okay, I do still not love my rental, can you tell?)

Bridget at Money After Graduation doesn’t have time for debt.  I’m working on getting my paid down because I don’t like the weight around my shoulders.

Andrea at So Over Debt moved to a new domain of So Over This! Have you updated your links and liked her new facebook page? If not, go do so!

Money Beagle  doesn’t like Wal-Mart due to the long lines.  I’m the same way but sadly it’s the cheapest option for me right now so it’s worth the time for me.  I just go in the morning before a lot of other people decide to go.

Michelle at Making Sense of Cents has some truly awful people all up in her business.  Okay maybe not awful but some are rude.

The Savvy Financial Latina has a post about the exciting part of growing up (yay for junk food all the time) and the not exciting part of growing up (boo for junk food all the time). And yes, I know most adults don’t actually eat junk food all the time.

Debts and Taxes has a great post about excuses.  I’m working on not justifying so many things I do and have been improving on this I think.

Cait at Blonde on a Budget has a great post on paying it forward.  Even if she’s not attending the Bold Academy, I think she is a BOLD person (and an awesome one).

Mr. CBB has a post on how to solve the holiday pressures in your budget.  I know it’s only going into August but I’ve been saving since May for this year.

B from Below Her Means gives 60 reasons she’s staying sober for her 60th day of sobriety.  So proud of her!

Jason at Work Save Live has a list of 12 signs you may be cheap rather than frugal. I’m so guilty on some of these but on others, I pass.

Daisy at When Life Gives You Lemons gives some great advice for when you make mistakes at work.  I’ve got an office mate who always gives excuses as to why ­she didn’t make the mistake—I’d like to pass her this post but I’ll hold my tongue.

Michelle and Jefferson at See Debt Run are hosting a 6 month blogging anniversary giveaway. I love their blog so make sure you go check it out.

Travis at Enemy of Debt  posted about how it takes two to make a budget succeed.  This was a great post and I love how he and Vonnie were able to resolve their argument so quickly.  And I’m with Travis—if only people could read my mind…

Shannyn at Frugal Beautiful is signed up to run a half marathon this January.  I think she should buy the Tinkerbell green running clothes and am wishing her good luck!

Hope you all have a great weekend and have something fun and relaxing to do!

Friday the 13th’s Link Love

Friday the 13th! And it’s pay day…hmm…maybe if I agree to Chinese Take Out I can talk my guy into renting some movies (read: scary movies) to watch tonight (and it’s not that I don’t like Chinese, it’s that my guy could eat it every night).   We’ve been kicking around going to the movies next weekend so we’ll see.  I think I have a pretty good chance though.  For other weekend news, my niece might be coming up this weekend—hopefully she does so I can get another chance to hold her!

Not a black cat but that is his “I’m not amused” face

I will continue on my little series (read here and here) soon.  I don’t mind sharing my mistakes and find it helpful to do so!  Hopefully others will read them and go, “I know now to NOT do this.” I’m planning on doing another series with things I’m happy I did in the past to follow it up.

Now for some weekend reading:

Daisy had Average Joe guest post about how everyone has money troubles-not just you.

Debt and Taxes wrote an excellent post comparing life to a motocross race.

Jen at the Happy Homeowner gives a 10 day guide to becoming more balanced.   I love how these tips.

Kurt at My Money Counselor gives us a nifty little graph to help make a plan for debt payoff.

Adam at Money Bulldog reminds me that every little bit paid towards debt does make a difference.

Michelle at Making Sense of Cents is buying bought a new car! Read a little behind why she made this choice.

I Heart Budgets is saving money by budgeting in spending cash.  My first real attempt at budgeting started out horrible because it was so rigid that we became further behind after cracking.

B from Below Her Means wrote an excellent post on gummy dinosaurs and God.

Squirrelers writes a post about dental costs and how important insurance is.  Most of you know that I just spent a nice little chunk of change on getting my teeth fixed so I can’t agree more.

See Debt Run’s son did the right thing by returning a bracelet.  I think that this is some excellent parenting there.

Jana at Daily Money Shot quit her job.  I think she did the right choice—mental health is highly important. Can’t wait to see what she writes!

And Jeremy at Modest Money is on the fence about using coupons.  I am too—every time I see coupons, they aren’t really relevant to anything I buy or I have to buy multiples of whatever I’m buying to save $0.50.  Not really worth it. That said, I will on occasion use a coupon if it’s handy and I’m buying the item anyways.

Enjoy your weekend! And I think I’m going to go with 10 weekly links right now—just got to narrow it down by two more next time!