Pet Peeves Part 2

Before I go on to today’s post: is anyone able to guest post for me? Work has been incredibly stressful the last two weeks (end of the month and I was the only in my department for the last 3 to 4 days so a lot of things fell on me to do) and I’d love some guest posters. I’m starting to feel a little bit burnt out.  Email me at if you would like to guest post for me.

As I have been a bit stressed, I’ve decided to share some more pet peeves of mine:  (for the original pet peeves, go here)

When I’m changing in the locker room and don’t go use the little changing stall (of which there is only three and I go at lunch time so they are usually full) please don’t glare at me if you bring your 9-year-old son into the locker room where I’m partially undressed.  Not my fault! In fact, there is a sign stating that you aren’t supposed to bring older boys into the locker room.  I’m now uncomfortable as I have you and your son staring at me but there is nowhere else for me to go.

Speaking of locker rooms, why is it okay for young children to play in them? I mean running from the showers (that are on only because they are playing in them) on the tile floors to the main room, to the bathrooms and all over again—how is that even SAFE?  And the mothers who sit there and let that happen are just weird-one even told her daughter to not yell when she was playing.  (Okay, the yelling at the top of the lungs was bad so thank you for that but still, you were condoning her playing in a locker room with a slippery floor)

Expecting me to stop what I’m doing this exact minute because you have an *emergency* even though it really isn’t and could wait.  The first time I might fall for this but after that, please don’t whine when I put you to the back burner.

When I give you a plan on what to do at work with a situation, you tell me it won’t work, but when the boss tells you your plan won’t work, you then tell them this awesome plan “you” came up with.  Honestly I wouldn’t care except you lie a lot and try to make yourself look better.

Having someone tell me the wrong date/time for an event and showing up but it not going on! Then when I call and get told “oh I didn’t tell you the new time? My bad”.  I don’t mind as much if they show up too but if I’m alone, it sucks.

Cutting in front of me at the store in order to talk with the cashier.  Hey, I was a teenage girl once too but seriously? It’s time to work and not make me miserable.  I already hate shopping and you are making me wait even longer.  Wait until I am done or your friend/boyfriend learns to multitask.

What are some of your pet peeves?


An iffy week

Ugh to this week. Just UGH.  First the ceiling issue and then things just kept cropping up.  And not a lot of big ticket items but combine that with the house situation and it just makes for an ugh week.  Not a terrible one but one I don’t want to repeat.

Besides the ceiling and landowner thing, I had an appointment on Tuesday for a “well woman’s exam” as the doctor calls it and my annual exam as I call it.   I set this thing up week and a half prior — important information.  A little less than a year ago, I had made an appointment for this very thing and paid for it out of pocket as my insurance hadn’t kicked in.  I was still getting reduced medical bills and needed to get the exam no matter what.   Key point-no insurance and I paid for it.  I guess that fact didn’t register with the doctor.  I was called for in the waiting room, pulled aside in the hall and told that I didn’t need the exam as insurance wouldn’t cover it but once a year.  I explained to the nurse that it was fine as insurance didn’t cover it last year, and I was out of birth control and needed a new prescription (which is why I made the exam in the first place).  I also inform her that I needed this exam for my insurance to keep the discount.  She goes to the doctor (leaving me standing there) and comes back, telling me again that I don’t need this exam and she’ll just write the script.  Seriously? Part of the reason I made the exam is so I can talk about the strength of it.  Also, why wasn’t I called earlier to reschedule if they can tell this information by looking at my chart? So I tell her in a matter of fact tone, that I’m sorry but I will be having the exam and insurance will cover it as they DID NOT pay for it last time.  She grudgingly takes me to the unset up room, cannot remember the pre-check up stuff she’s supposed to do (weight, bp, pulse, etc) and then leaves.  Oh and asks me how much I paid last time which I just felt was kind of rude.

After all that, everything went fine.  I even was out of there in a half hour—unheard of! Of course, the 10 minutes that I had to argue with the nurse is included in that time.  And as I’m leaving, I hear the doctor say that she is going home as I was her last patient.  My thinking is that she just wanted to leave a little earlier and didn’t think to call to reschedule until I was there.  I could be wrong.

That night, I’m trying to sleep and vaguely hear my work phone go off.  I don’t hear the tell tale beep of a voicemail so I ignore it and go back to sleep—at 12:30 in the morning.  I get up and call around 6:30am to the number.  I’m told that I woke them up several times and I tell them “yes, well, on my work phone someone called me at this number.  I’m checking to see who it was.  They called me at 12:30 in the morning.”  (I did say my name and company name).  I’m told they didn’t call me and don’t know why I’m calling them and waking them up.  Which yes, was rude on my part, but in my company, we operate all over the different time zones and just because it is a local cell phone number, that means nothing.  I was calling back in case there was something that needed to be handled.

Like I said, nothing major but it’s just on top of everything else and making me feel all out of sorts.  I wanted to vent just a bit.  I’ll get back to normal tomorrow (*crossed fingers*).

House Issues: A Rant

So while I was originally going to do another post in my journey into debt, instead, I’m going to do a mini rant about my house.   As yesterday’s post said, part of my ceiling went down in my kitchen.  Thankfully myself, my fiancé and my cat were not hurt as was none of my stuff that was in the kitchen.  Or was my stuff hurt?

Let’s see:

1)                         My mop officially kicked the bucket after being used to mop up the nasty, greasy dirt that fell from my ceiling.

2)                         A bowl was hit with a flying piece of ceiling and now has a crack on its side.  Thankfully I can still use this bowl but it upsets me a bit as this was a gift from my future MIL and was her wedding china.

3)                         My area rug that is under my table is potentially stained.  I need to rent a carpet cleaner from Big Lots or Wal-Mart to see if I can save it but first I’m going to use the 409 cleaner I bought and hand scrub it.  If not, I’m going to see if I can get my landlords to take the carpet cleaner out of my rent as it was their fault for not fixing the “bubble” sooner.

Thankfully, the stains in other small, machine washable rugs came out and it just took a lot of elbow grease to get the fridge, stove, table, chairs and floor cleaned.  Plus the cleaning of the stuff on top of my fridge took some time and a lot of dish soap/baking soda/hot water.

Sadly, this isn’t my only issue with this house.  I’ve posted before about the smell that came with the house (finally gone) and tweeted about a faucet issue—which took him a week and a half to come fix and meanwhile.   But I’ve had issues besides those.  For instance: my back light is not working—we’ve tried a few different bulbs but there is no power to it.  He’s okay with not fixing it.  We have no gutter and there is a run off point right above my stairs—great fun for winter ice buildup.  (And yes we do salt it but it still should probably have a gutter) I have a lake in my front yard when it rains but he won’t let us put in gravel unless we fully pay for it—no deduction from rent.  (And while I may have taken my faucet with me if I had to buy a new one, I’m not going to pick up gravel) And we don’t park in the back because the back light doesn’t work.   Oh and there a few more cracks in the ceilings that aren’t “important”.

Besides that, I know that he didn’t come out to do maintenance on the air conditioning unit in the spring but told us it “should be fine.”  Turns out it wasn’t.  I asked the HVAC guy to show me what to do and he wouldn’t-stating that it’s the landlord’s responsibility.  This is fine if he would actually do it.

When we first moved here, this was what we could afford.  Now, it’s what we can afford until our wedding is out of the way but all these issues are boiling down to me not wanting to be there past my lease end.   I’ve got a few things in the works that might help but I’ll let you know more when I have more details.   Right now they are very vague maybes.

For all you nice landlords out there, want to buy a house in SE Kansas and let me rent it? I promise I’m actually a good tenant!  I don’t bother you unless there is a REAL issue—like the kitchen ceiling falling down.

Mini Rant About the Dentist

This has very little to do with finances so you can skip it if you want it.  Remember my post on the price of having no health insurance? I can honestly say that I dread going to the dentist now.

I told the assistant after the first time that I was having trouble breathing after being given the numbing stuff.  She told me (in front of the receptionist) that it was normal and if it didn’t go away after a few hours to let them know.  Silly me didn’t think anything of it.  Even though I was extremely loopy, my heart was racing and I was having issues with my breathing I thought it was normal.  I went home and slept.

Take the second time I went. Same issues only this time the pain was worse in my bottom teeth because they weren’t completely numb.  Drove home and went to bed.  Third time I went they didn’t even complete my other bottom teeth do anything but numb me and drill partially through one cavity. This meant I needed a temporary filling.  This last time I went I finally said something (again) about my issues and they chose a different method of numbing me.  Well, the heart and breath issue disappeared.  However, I still wasn’t really numb. I basically just told the dentist to do it because I wanted it done.  I just held my breath, tried not to jump and squeezed the chair arms.  And they did 2 of my 3 bottom teeth.  The third one (same one that they did the previous time) they drilled most of the cavity out but decided to stop because I was in pain.  I asked him to just continue but apparently I was also out of time.  Which was weird—I always thought they finished the patient in the chair but I guess not?

To top it off, I was told I have three more appointments.  I’m sorry what? Yes you read that right-three more.  I have a cleaning in a week, and then have another appointment to “concentrate” on the trouble tooth where they will “try” to do the top teeth and then a third appointment to finish everything off.  First, I’m not going to do that cleaning appointment until after all the cavities are finished.  I don’t see the point to it.  Second, I’m calling a different dentist to see how soon they could potentially get me in—I really don’t want to go back to this dentist.

Ugh.  Really dislike going to the dentist now.