October’s Goals

Medical-going to try a different tactic here.  Instead of a dental appointment, I told him we’re going to get his eye doctor appointment done.  He is to think and research which dentist he does want to go to.

Car-after buying the stuff to get our oil changed, we need to put money in here again.  I’d like to get this up to $90. (Darn you oil change and antifreeze!)

Efund-I’d like to get this to $375.

Personal-lose 3 pounds and finish Insanity strong. I also have another 5k to run in November so I’m looking forward to that.

Blogging-set up a blogging schedule so that I when I get busy at work, I still have posts done.

After how little I got done in September, I’m looking forward to rocking out October’s goals.   You can see that I don’t have a house fund anymore.  I’m putting aside a little each pay check but it’s no longer as high of a priority as it was.  Mainly due to the fact that we are staying here for another week.

How are  your goals going? I’m only a week late in posting mine 😉

Insanity Update

Week 2 of month 2 is down. I missed 2 workouts near the end because I was feeling run down-but that’s better than getting sick.  I feel much better after some sleep and a stern talking to myself to not let work get to me so much.  Looking forward to these last few weeks and will be starting the week strong.


How I faired in September

September goals:

Medical-Get this fund to $85 and schedule him an appointment. Fail.  This would have been partially done but had to buy cat flea meds.  And yeah, an appointment…..

Car: $90. Pass. Just barely but passed!

Efund: I’m going to hope to get it to $400 but I think it’s more going to be only increasing by $10. Failish? I did increase it by $10 though.

House fund: I’d like to get this to $250. Pass.  Even though I stopped this midway through the month.

Personal: lose another 3 pounds. Fail! But I did lose 1 pound. However, my clothes are fitting much better and I need a belt for my pants now.

I don’t want to talk about it.  Okay I will.  I need the fiancé to be onboard for getting his teeth cleaned and he really hates the dentist.  I’m trying hard to not push this issue but eventually he’ll get it done.  Maybe if I stop making it a goal?  The efund is hard as we had so little extra money but I’m at least contributing to it and it will get there, eventually.  The struggle will be worth it!

Has the house fund turned into our mini efund? Yes and no.  We aren’t going to touch it for as long as we can and maybe eventually it will be incorporated into our efund but for right now, it’s staying where it is.

As for the weight loss? I don’t know what’s going on.  I can’t get under 150.  I’ve cut calories, cut a lot of junk out of my diet and have been working out like mad—but I’m stuck.  As stated though, clothes are fitting nicer and I’m looking a lot more toned.  Maybe next month.

As for October’s goals? I haven’t thought of them yet-too busy and have a lot on my mind at this moment.   But I’ll have them for you on Monday! (I know, extremely fascinating stuff and you can’t wait J )

Student loans….again


I sent in my first “real” student loan payment the other week and it applied to my account today. I felt such a thrill! Granted for a little over a year now, I’ve been making “payments” but it didn’t feel real as it was to get the loans out of default status.  And the one loan went into deferment so I haven’t made a payment on it.  (As much as I wanted to, the car had to come first along with a few other items that cropped up unexpectedly.  I’d much rather not make a payment on something that isn’t due yet then have to withdraw the money from our very baby emergency fund. Maybe that isn’t what other people would do but I’m okay with that.  I had to make a tough choice and went with what I thought was best for us.)

It didn’t go down by much-I only paid an extra $2.15 (roughly) as I just can’t afford to pay anymore yet.  But it was roughly 1% of my loan that I paid.  Ouch, that hurts to see small number right there in black and white but I’m still happy that I’m on my road to debt recovery. It’s slow going and sometimes I feel like I’m taking breaks (i.e. not paying more than I am and not paying on the loan that is in default) but I’m still moving forward.

Eventually we won’t have a wedding we’re paying for that takes up a lot of any “extra” money.  And, I’m proud of how we are doing it, so don’t get me wrong there.  But when we are able to concentrate on getting out of debt, I’m going to be even happier.   Eventually I can see us making double payments but that day isn’t close to being here yet.

So yes, it might be too soon for the fireworks but I’m extremely happy about this turn in events.  We’re on the right path and every little battle is worth it right now.

End of Summer and Begining of Fall: New Goals!

August Goals:

Medical-get his dentist appointment done. Fail.  We discussed it and then life happened.

Car: So if we can get $50 into fund by the end of August after all is said in done, I’ll be happy.-Fail but mostly due to unforeseen expenses.  I do have $40 in it so I’m close!

Efund: $350 would be great. –Pass.  Exactly this amount.

Personal: rock Insanity and lose 3 pounds. –I lost 4 so yeah; I’m saying I passed this!

Last but not least, house fund: I’d love to get this to $150. –pass

I did pretty well for August I think.  I try to come up with goals that are going to be a stretch to make as I feel if I make it too easy, I’ll “pass” but won’t feel great about it.  And I don’t want to set goals that are too much of a stretch because I’ll “fail” and want to give up because it’s too hard.  So, if it’s a monetary goal, I’ll look at what I have scheduled to go into that fund and will than add on a little bit more.  Though honestly, right now, the monetary goals are stretching it with just being what I’ve “scheduled” to go there.

September Goals:

Medical-Get this fund to $85 and schedule him an appointment. (more doable now that our car isn’t acting up too much) The cleanings are free but he also needs contacts/glasses.

Car: $90. It should be doable but that car….yeah; with all its problems I am lucky if I can get to that.

Efund: I’m going to hope to get it to $400 but I think it’s more going to be only increasing by $10.  Sadly.

House fund: I’d like to get this to $250.  And yes, I’m putting this fund ahead of the efund but only because I really can’t stand to stay in this house much longer.  I don’t want to pull from my efund if I can help it so the more I can bump this up, the less likely that will happen.

Personal: lose another 3 pounds.  With Insanity month two coming up and my running? I think this is a good goal.  I’m toning up nice!

I’d also like to get 1 blanket finished.  I decided that everyone in my family would get the tied blankets from me.  It’s personal and I’m not very crafty so should mean a lot!

Goals Again!

June’s Goals

Medical-pass.  It’s currently low but I finished my dentist appointments and we will soon be starting on the guy’s

Guy’s Student Loans: I want to put $150 into this. Pass. We were able to put $170 into this.

Car Fund: $100. Pass! I was able to put $284 into this fund!

Efund: $250.  I was able to get this account up to $265 so I’m saying pass!

Hmm maybe I made my goals too easy? Or I just rocked at them this month? Either way, I passed all of them.  So go me! I, of course, need to make my next goals a little harder.  Not a lot as I do like seeing that I passed them but a little bit harder!

July’s Goals (AKA the best month ever because it’s my birthday month—they shortened it to July though)

Medical: Not a monetary one as much as we need to make my guy’s doctor and dentist appointment. We’ll move on from there.  Also, I need to make a doctor’s exam and get set up to get my prescriptions through that nifty work program.  I think it will save me money.

Car:  Pay for tags and taxes and start to save for back breaks.  I think if I could get $75 in here at the end of the month after the tags/taxes I’ll be happy.

Guy’s Student Loans: $100 more into this and I’d be happy. I know it’s not much but every little bit helps.

Efund: I’d like to get this to $300.

Personal: Continue to train for the next 5k.  I want to improve my time and I think the next one out near me is not until late August but I want to really rock it out. And losing 2 pounds would be nifty too.

There you have it! My goals and ramblings.  I love that I passed my goals so I tried to look hard at my budget for this month and see what would be a “struggle” to get to.  How are your goals for July?

Old goals out and new goals in!

May’s Goals:

Medical: finish up my dentist appointments! – I’m going to say I fail even if it is the dentist’s fault.  I have one double appointment left in June for my last fillings and a cleaning.

Car fund: I’d like to put $90 into this. I have $75 scheduled to go for it so let’s see if I can manage an extra $15.—neither pass nor fail as I had this at $210 but then put the left over car money towards medical as I thought I was going to need it for a dental appointment.

Personal: I am entering my first ever 5k since high school and I really want to do well. Right now I know I can do it so now it’s just working on my time. – Pass. I entered and will be running it this Sunday but I’ve been working on my time!  Send fast thoughts to me around noon central time 🙂

Guy’s Student Loans: I would love to get this to $225. That means I need to save $75 for it. – Pass.  Looking at my side bar you will see it’s up to $250!

Efund: I’d love to get this to $200. That’s $60. Can I do it? No idea but we’ll see!–Fail! It’s at $190 which isn’t too bad I guess.  Soooo close!

June’s Goals

Medical-ONE more appointment.  Then onto my guy’s teeth (that sound you heard was me hitting my desk with my head).  And of course, he needs glasses and contacts.   So: $100 into this fund and maybe a dentist appointment for the guy for him to get a price range.

Guy’s Student Loans: I want to put $150 into this.

Car Fund: $100—it’s at zero right now and I don’t like that.  We are a) saving for a new to us car and b) what if another repair comes up?

Efund: $250.  That’s what I would settle for.  Of course, if I can get it over that, it would be even better.

So there you have it.  Are they ambitious? I think so.  Honestly, I’m going to be extremely happy when we get all the doctors, dentists and eye doctors over with.  (Oh did I mention that I also need to get my eyes checked out? Just not as badly as my guy does) Why? Because that money will be helpful to pay off more debt, get our efund up, and to increase other random funds (car, wedding, Christmas, etc).

Before I get overly excited about that, I have a question.  I’ve been kicking around getting and keeping the medical fund to about $250-$500 after all is said and done.  Or should I get my efund up first and then go back to building the medical fund?  They both have valid pros and cons so I’m having trouble deciding and it’s too far into the future for my guy to want to think about it.  Let me know your thoughts below!

How did your May goals go? Are you working on June’s?

April and May’s Goals!

April’s Goals:

                Medical-2 dental appointments.  Check! Totally passed this one. 

                Medical Debt-$80.  We changed everything around.   Instead of medical debt, it’s now guy’s student loan.  And it has $148 in it so I don’t think it is too shabby but I know that I didn’t put $80 in it.  I think it was more around $10-15.  So fail.

                Car fund-$100.  It’s up to $195.  And as we started the month off with about zero, I think that was super.

               Groceries: to stay at $150 for 2 pay periods. I managed to pass this once but failed it the second time so it’s a half-check.

                I had some minor goals of giving what I could to the efund and the house fund.  We decided to hold off on the house fund as we felt the car fund needed it more.  But I was able to contribute $15 to our efund.  It’s not much but I’m confident that this fund will grow—however slow it might grow, it will still grow.  I’m shooting for the baby goal of $1k but I know deep in my little heart of hearts that I would rather it be the 6 months of expenses.  Which (without taking away any of the extras that I know we would) is roughly $16000.  Ouch, seeing that number on paper hurt as I know that we could use it to pay off debt.  But I do know that I will be paying off debt at the same time so that kind of helps the ouch factor.

May Goals:

                Medical: finish up my dentist appointments! (I have one left for fillings and all that goodness and than just have my biannual cleaning)

                Car fund:  I’d like to put $90 into this.  I have $75 scheduled to go for it so lets see if I can manage an extra $15.

                Personal: I am entering my first ever 5k since high school and I really want to do well.  Right now I know I can do it so now it’s just working on my time.

                Guy’s Student Loans: I would love to get this to $225. That means I need to save $75 for it. 

                Efund: I’d love to get this to $200.  That’s $60.  Can I do it? No idea but we’ll see!

I know I have my finished goals and goals up for May a little early but I don’t have another paycheck coming in this month so I figured why not?