Just one more time….

“Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall.”

                                                                -Oliver Goldsmith

I love this quote and have some real life experience in knowing that it’s true.


Way back when I was younger, I believe around 10, a family friend took my two brothers and I down to a local swimming hole.  Of course, it being local, a lot of high schoolers were hanging around and doing front flips and back flips…well, a lot of cool flips and twists and dives.  My brothers, both being more coordinated than I am, were able to copy these moves and were diving in no time.  I, on the other hand, stunk.  But I really wanted to do one cool thing-a shallow front dive.   Our family friend showed me how to do it numerous times.

We were there for 5 hours.  I know this because for four and a half hours, I did belly flop after belly flop.   My stomach was bright red from the sheer amount of belly flops.  I was sore and my muscles were aching.  Yet, after every single belly flop, I’d pull myself back up onto the rock and go over in my head one more time what I needed to do. I’d ask the family friend what I needed to correct and watch one of the high school kids do another fancy back twist or whatever.  And I’d try it again.

My brothers kept asking me if I just wanted to quit and go home-they were tired after being in the water for so long but I told them I just really wanted to try “one more time” and I think the family friend recognized my stubbornness-I wasn’t leaving until I did one.  Part of it was stubbornness and part of it was the fact that my younger brothers could do it but I couldn’t.   And then, the stars and moons aligned or my body was just sick of getting hurt or I positioned myself just right or something because after all my times of belly flops, I did a perfect shallow dive.  I came up to everyone cheering for me—apparently I’d been watched after so many times of trying this out.  I was so excited and proud (and sore, don’t forget that!) and knew that I was awesome.

How does this apply to other areas of my life? I’ve “failed” budgeting many times but I seem to be on a roll right now and am glad that I tried it “one more time”.  I’ve failed at my finances but have picked myself back up (for the last time I hope!) and seem to be doing fine.

I try to keep in mind that it doesn’t matter that I failed before-yes it sucks but I’m going to fix it.  The stars and moon will align and I’ll have that moment.


17 Comments on “Just one more time….”

  1. Great analogy, Bobbie, and one I can personally identify with! My wife and I have tried and failed (with varying degrees) with communicating, budgeting and spending. Like you, we have got ourselves back up on that rock one more time to try again. We have also recently done that “perfect dive.” And although the next time we get up on that rock we may fail again, we will continue to get up on that rock. As time goes on, our successes will outnumber our failures.

  2. I love this because it’s so true. Some things take practice and a lot of effort. Try, try again. It’s difficult, but sometimes even when you lose momentum it doesn’t mean you can hop right back on the wagon.

  3. I think you are doing awesome with your finances. So many people live in complete denial of their debt and you are living completely aware of what you have to overcome. You are doing awesome!

  4. SWR says:

    Love the quote. School has been a bit rough lately; it’s definitely something that I need to remember.

    And stubbornness is a great trait- most of the time.

  5. Good analogy and great quote! I can relate as it took many attempts to get me on a better financial path. Your hard work and persistence will pay off. I think you’re doing great, and that’s evident in your attitude to keep at it.

  6. I know exactly what you mean, especially about the budget!

  7. Alice says:

    Awesome story! I’m glad that you’re getting on a posting schedule and are obviously feeling better about writing. I love your blog and so look forward to each new post – even when I’m behind, lol. I went on vacation the first week of the month and I’m just now getting all my reading caught up.

    Again, great story! I sort of feel like everything is on cruise control right now with me. I have all of my payments automated and everything gets paid on time or early and I still have a bit left over at the end of the month.

  8. This is how budgeting works! Failure after failure does not mean you should give up and give in, but try it just one more time. The feeling you get with a success can carry you forward for a long time!

  9. Love this! I’m trying to fix my finances too. It’s a tough road, but I’m going to keep on plugging away.

  10. AverageJoe says:

    Great inspiration! Glad I came here first this morning! Thanks!

  11. debtsntaxes says:

    Great inspirational post! No matter how many times you failed, you kept getting back up and trying again. That in itself shows that you can succeed. There might be some setbacks along the way but as long as you pick yourself up you can succeed.

  12. i love this post.. and i think it applies to so many things in life.. failure can teach us a valuable lesson, and it builds character. if you don’t learn how to react to failure, then it can crush you later in life..

    i think all that belly floppin’ did you some good, kid 😉

  13. We could all channel our younger selves! Well said.

  14. mycanuckbuck says:

    Ooh..I can sympathize. I belly flopped off the high diving board once. I did not try that again.. 🙂

  15. MyMoneyDesign.com says:

    Good story! Sometimes persistence is the key to getting what we want. No one ever said being good at something was going to come easy!

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