Blogging schedule?

Remember that blogging schedule I wanted to create? Well I semi created one and then promptly forgot about it. Or maybe forgot is too hard of a word and should use the phrase “wasn’t able to stick to it”.   So I need to refine it.  Part of the problem is the end of the year projects that are piling up at work-no way to avoid this as they are last minute issues and not caused by delays or other such things.  So while I thought I had a great blogging schedule worked out, it might be a little hard to stick to it for a few weeks.  But even if I’m not commenting, please realize, I’m reading your articles and have thoughts to comment but…I just never get around to that actual writing out my comment.

I’ve got some thoughts though and hopefully things will be back to normal! I’ve even got one or two posts in the works—which is a big improvement for me as I was normally typing up something a few hours before I went to sleep.  So a nice little step forward there right?

Weekend reading because I haven’t done one of these in a LONG time:

Average Joe writes about what keeps him inspired.

Over at Enemy of Debt, Travis is interviewed about getting out of debt marathon style.  I loved this post and I wanted to say congrats again to Travis for running a marathon!

Over at Debts and Taxes, a camper loan was paid off! Congrats again-another step to being debt free!

T at Budget and the Beach wants to know what your success looks like.  Go share with her!

Daisy gives some advice on how to save some money when shopping for Christmas.

Jana wants people to write what you know.  I agree-most of the blogs I read are filled with stories of personal instances.  (And as she says, some people who either research extremely well or are trained for it have that exception clause!)

Have a great weekend!


11 Comments on “Blogging schedule?”

  1. Blog when you feel it, ’cause if you don’t feel it, neither will your readers! I’m so glad you liked Brad’s post with my marathon interview – thanks for sharing it – have a great weekend!

  2. I find blog schedules tough to stick to as well, I usually aim for M,W,F, but things like long weeks usually throw me for a loop. I wouldn’t worry about sticking to a schedule too much, especially if you aren’t feeling very inspired.

  3. Michelle says:

    I haven’t been able to stick to a blogging schedule, it’s just too hard!

  4. John S @ Frugal Rules says:

    I’ve had problems sticking with a schedule as well. I just have to go with when I feel inspired, just too much work to do it when I am not feeling it.

  5. Thanks for the link love! I know what you mean about the schedule. Part of not blogging is my fault though. I opt for watching fall tv instead of wanting to sit at my computer and write. Have a great weekend!

  6. debtsntaxes says:

    Thanks for the link love. I hear ya on writing posts before you go to sleep. 95% of mine are written the night before. Hopefully work will calm down for you and let you relax a little bit. Hope you have a good weekend.

  7. Money Beagle says:

    It’s tough. One thing I’d recommend is if you get in a burst where you really feel like writing, try to build up a queue of posts. That can let you get ahead and stick with it a little easier.

  8. I haven’t been able to keep a blogging schedule either… I found that it didn’t allow for the flexibility of life events and inspiration as it comes… so I just try and hit on three topics a week- fitness, fashion and frugality to make it somewhat regular.

    As you can tell, most of us have the same struggles with our blogs! haha

  9. Usually I try not to adhere to a strict schedule but instead aim for making two or three updates, as the inspiration strikes. I wish I had discipline to write the night before, or have back posts waiting in the wings. Mine usually are written just as they’re going up, HAH!

  10. AverageJoe says:

    It’s been crazy here, too. The podcast has totally eaten my time the last few weeks AND since FinCon I’ve had this long list of website improvements….so I, too, haven’t been around as much. Maybe that’s why I wrote the piece on inspiration….

  11. Schedules don’t work for me too. As a motivation, however, I overwhelm myself with a lot of materials to inspire me and everything just follows.

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