How I faired in September

September goals:

Medical-Get this fund to $85 and schedule him an appointment. Fail.  This would have been partially done but had to buy cat flea meds.  And yeah, an appointment…..

Car: $90. Pass. Just barely but passed!

Efund: I’m going to hope to get it to $400 but I think it’s more going to be only increasing by $10. Failish? I did increase it by $10 though.

House fund: I’d like to get this to $250. Pass.  Even though I stopped this midway through the month.

Personal: lose another 3 pounds. Fail! But I did lose 1 pound. However, my clothes are fitting much better and I need a belt for my pants now.

I don’t want to talk about it.  Okay I will.  I need the fiancé to be onboard for getting his teeth cleaned and he really hates the dentist.  I’m trying hard to not push this issue but eventually he’ll get it done.  Maybe if I stop making it a goal?  The efund is hard as we had so little extra money but I’m at least contributing to it and it will get there, eventually.  The struggle will be worth it!

Has the house fund turned into our mini efund? Yes and no.  We aren’t going to touch it for as long as we can and maybe eventually it will be incorporated into our efund but for right now, it’s staying where it is.

As for the weight loss? I don’t know what’s going on.  I can’t get under 150.  I’ve cut calories, cut a lot of junk out of my diet and have been working out like mad—but I’m stuck.  As stated though, clothes are fitting nicer and I’m looking a lot more toned.  Maybe next month.

As for October’s goals? I haven’t thought of them yet-too busy and have a lot on my mind at this moment.   But I’ll have them for you on Monday! (I know, extremely fascinating stuff and you can’t wait J )


15 Comments on “How I faired in September”

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m trying to lose some weight as well. Just started insanity and I felt like death!

  2. Regarding weight loss – I don’t know how far you’ve cut your calories but you might need to eat more, especially if you’re working out a lot. Add more protein and vegetables!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I’ve been eating more veggies/protien /fruit. I actually cut down but had to reup calories when I started to get dizzy while working out. So I’ve been trying to eat small meals but eat when I”m actually hungry and so far that’s working. I just can’t do the protien shakes-ugh.

      • I’ve never tried protein shakes but I don’t want to. I am trying to balance building muscle with only eating real food and those two worlds seem to rarely overlap in the nutrition world!

  3. John S @ Frugal Rules says:

    I can relate to hating the dentist as I had a few really bad experiences growing up. We finally found one that is great and is really empathetic to people not liking the dentist…it makes a world of difference.

    • bogofdebt says:

      So true. I just had my own horror stories with the dentist so I can definetly see why he doesn’t want to go. So I’m trying to slowly push him to go without being TOO pushy.

  4. The weight loss wall might be that your body is now getting used to things. I know Insanity/P90X are especially geared towards changing up routines to confuse the body, but I think for women it’s just harder to lose weight in general. But like you said, you feel better and your clothes fit better. Sometimes you just have to ignore the “number” as tough as that is.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Ignoring numbers is so hard! Especially when I go to the doctors. I try to increase times and distances and intervals so my body can’t get too used to the same thing over and over but losing weight as a female is hard 😦

  5. SWR says:

    I can totally relate- L really hates going to the dentist because of some awful experiences as a little kid.

    As for the weight loss, have you played around with your diet to see if you have any food intolerances? A good friend of mine realized how much gluten affects her weight, even if it doesn’t make her feel bad, by doing a rotation diet.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I’ve played around a little-I’ve tried increasing veggies, dropping meat and vice versa but I’ll have to look into the gluten and other stuff like that.

  6. I’m trying to lose some weight too, around five pounds or so, I just started using Lose It and it’s really helping me think about what I’m eating, and how much I’m working out, instead of vague guestimates. Maybe you could try it out?

  7. I’m not trying to lose weight necessarily, but I would like to tone up my belly. Baby belly! How tall are you anyway? 150 is “ideal body weight” for someone who is 5’10 (female, medium build). So if you’re taller, you might not want to lose too much more weight. For me, I’m right at my ideal body weight, but need to gain more muscle and lose the flab on my belly. OR…I could just sit up very straight all the time…lol. Also, I went to school to be a dietitian so I could help you with figuring out what a good amount of calories for the day should look like for you.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Sadly I’m only 5’2″ so I need be down in the 130 area for ideal body weight but I’ve always been fairly stocky and compact. I could use your help with the diet if you didn’t mind-I don’t know what I’m doing “wrong” or “right” per se but knew that I had to increase my calorie intake when I started doing the 2 workouts a day. Otherwise I got dizzy and that’s never a good sign.

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