I decided I’m at least going to introduce myself to the rest of you.  Some of my readers/fellow bloggers know part of my first name (and yes, it’s only part) but not all.  I’ve chosen to let the rest of you in on the “secret”.

So here  goes: my name is Bobbie. Cue epic fireworks and maybe some dancing monkeys. Whew, I feel better.  And honestly, I’ve written “Boggie” on a few comments and thankfully caught it before publishing.  Maybe this will help 🙂


Monday no spend day

Tuesday no spend day

Wednesday $4 milk

Thursday no spend day

Friday $42 date night (b), $1 book (p)

Saturday $52 gas (b)

Sunday $122 groceries (b)

Not too shabby.  The spending a whole dollar on a book was kind of funny.  I had almost enough to buy one of the books on my list but was missing one whole dollar off of the gift card.  I can’t wait until I get it-it’s part of a series I am reading and has one of my favorite characters in it.  Anyone ever read Anne Bishop’s the Black Jewels series?

Oh and something absolutely yummy? Apple cider is back in season.  It’s one of my all time favorites.  It is part of the reason I love fall so much!  And speaking of groceries-we are doing a new thing where I go grocery shopping every week.  Not really the highlight of my life but I’ll stick to the budget and list and we’re hoping that doing it weekly will help with fridge space and help our fridge’s cooling system out (currently it gets too cold when we overstock it by buying the groceries bi weekly).   My fiance is under orders that he isn’t allowed to complain about what I buy if I do the shopping and he doesn’t specify exactly what he wants on the list.  (For instance no just saying snacks-he has to be specific.)

No updates on Insanity-missed 2 days of this week so we’re going to restart the week.  Can’t really complain because we had networking opportunities at work along with free meals.


25 Comments on “Hello…”

  1. hello bobbie! sounds like you are doing great with the budget. I am also trying to just go to the grocery store once a week, but that is tough. im always out of milk or something else and once i go for one thing, i end up buying two or three.ahh

    • bogofdebt says:

      That’s what was happening when we were running out of milk. I have actually ended up buying 2 gallons of milk at one time which helps us out a bit. (not a lot as I still had to go the store near the end of the week but I’m hoping the once a week shopping will change that too)

  2. Glad to know you Bobbie:) I’m under the same orders from Holly…if I don’t put it on the list, I’m not allowed to complain!

  3. Great work on tracking your spending. I think i might get back into the habit as I feel we could be controlling out spending much better than we currently do.

    Not sure about $52 for gas? Each week when I fill my car it only costs me $35.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Ahh the $52 for gas is for two weeks (we only fill up on paydays) and was actually a day later than normal. Plus, we filled up the lawnmower gas holder (I forgot the name so it sounds weird I know) so it was $4 more. Normally, it’s only about $40 or so–but gas prices also jumped up an extra .20 cents and we’ve been going out more to his parents on Sundays (football days).

  4. Hi Bobbie! Thanks for sharing your name. It sounds like you feel much better now that you’ve done that and you can breath a sigh of relief! great week for spending…I wish we could have more no spend days like you. Cheers Mr.CBB 🙂

  5. Hi Bobbie-I miss hot apple cider and doughnuts from the midwest cider mills. Still too hot here for hot anything.

  6. SWR says:

    Hi Bobbie 🙂

    Not a grocery shopping fan? I absolutely love it! (Always have – I even went with my mom when I was little…maybe that’s strange?) I was surprised not to see cider in the stores this week; makes me want to go apple picking!!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I back tracked all the way to the begining of the store to make sure I had my apple cider. It was the only place it was in and I haven’t seen it in other stores yet. (Wal-Mart) And where I shop is probably why I dislike it but it’s the best option for around here because I never used to mind it.

  7. John S @ Frugal Rules says:

    Hey Bobbie! My wife also hates it when I am vague too (like the snacks request), it usually ends up with her coming out with something I don’t want. So, I’ve been requested to either not ask, or not complain. Must be a man thing… 😉

    • bogofdebt says:

      Exactly 🙂 My fiance said chips once and I bought the same kind we’d bought the last few times. Apparently he was sick of those chips but failed to mention it to me. He was stuck with them :D.

  8. I feel so special! I’ve known your first name for a while now…woohoo for being special….or nosy? lol. Great job on the spending. You’re always so frugal, it’s amazing. Don’t worry about missing 2 days on Insanity. I think that most people have a hard time working out EVERY DAY. The only working out I did this weekend was a bike ride with my son, which actually was a bit more cardio than I thought it would be! I think he might have been showing off, because he kept saying “you doing okay, mom? I can slow down if you want.” I said “Um, are YOU doing okay? Because I could ride for another 20 miles!” 😉 He thinks his mom can’t keep up…pshh I’ll teach him! Tonight, we’re going to the gym where I’ll get to make up for all the wine and chocolate I’ve been consuming lately. Punish me, Treadmill…I need it!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I love your response to your son. It sounds like something I would do. And special not nosy is the word I would use 🙂

      And mmh chocolate. The treadmill is never happy when I’ve had that but mmmmhhh

  9. Cool! Hey Bobbie! Mmm apple cider sounds amazing right now.

  10. Hi Bobbie! Saw your real name on a comment on my blog and I was like hmm… this is new! Welcome to having your name out there.

  11. Our grocery budget is out of control I guess that’s what happens when you start eating organic and juicing as well. Way too much money on produce! I also read some of your last posts about the moving or staying. We stayed in a shack (the only door in the whole place was the one for the bathroom) for about 17 months so we could save money. money-wise it would have been great if we had stayed there longer because I probably could have paid off a lot of debt. But sanity-wise, I am SO grateful we moved and I’m a million times happier in our new place. IT seriously made me miserable our old shack

    • bogofdebt says:

      I’m hoping I can last a little over a year in our current place (if he doesn’t go for the month to month or 6 month lease). Part of how I’m trying to keep my sanity is by telling myself that if I can save more for the new place, I can get in a better place and not have to worry aout anything. For the most part, that’s working but I know I am going to be so thrilled when we do move.

  12. Cait says:

    Nice to meet you, Bobbie! And that’s a good looking weekly spending report 🙂

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