Pet Peeves Part 2

Before I go on to today’s post: is anyone able to guest post for me? Work has been incredibly stressful the last two weeks (end of the month and I was the only in my department for the last 3 to 4 days so a lot of things fell on me to do) and I’d love some guest posters. I’m starting to feel a little bit burnt out.  Email me at if you would like to guest post for me.

As I have been a bit stressed, I’ve decided to share some more pet peeves of mine:  (for the original pet peeves, go here)

When I’m changing in the locker room and don’t go use the little changing stall (of which there is only three and I go at lunch time so they are usually full) please don’t glare at me if you bring your 9-year-old son into the locker room where I’m partially undressed.  Not my fault! In fact, there is a sign stating that you aren’t supposed to bring older boys into the locker room.  I’m now uncomfortable as I have you and your son staring at me but there is nowhere else for me to go.

Speaking of locker rooms, why is it okay for young children to play in them? I mean running from the showers (that are on only because they are playing in them) on the tile floors to the main room, to the bathrooms and all over again—how is that even SAFE?  And the mothers who sit there and let that happen are just weird-one even told her daughter to not yell when she was playing.  (Okay, the yelling at the top of the lungs was bad so thank you for that but still, you were condoning her playing in a locker room with a slippery floor)

Expecting me to stop what I’m doing this exact minute because you have an *emergency* even though it really isn’t and could wait.  The first time I might fall for this but after that, please don’t whine when I put you to the back burner.

When I give you a plan on what to do at work with a situation, you tell me it won’t work, but when the boss tells you your plan won’t work, you then tell them this awesome plan “you” came up with.  Honestly I wouldn’t care except you lie a lot and try to make yourself look better.

Having someone tell me the wrong date/time for an event and showing up but it not going on! Then when I call and get told “oh I didn’t tell you the new time? My bad”.  I don’t mind as much if they show up too but if I’m alone, it sucks.

Cutting in front of me at the store in order to talk with the cashier.  Hey, I was a teenage girl once too but seriously? It’s time to work and not make me miserable.  I already hate shopping and you are making me wait even longer.  Wait until I am done or your friend/boyfriend learns to multitask.

What are some of your pet peeves?

23 Comments on “Pet Peeves Part 2”

  1. Michelle says:

    9 years old is WAY too old to be bringing your kid into the dressing room. The boy’s little brother is 9 and he understands everything and even has pictures of girls in his room, so he definitely knows what to look for if he ever was forced into a dressing room.

  2. Ha! These are good ones! A pet peeve of mine is when parents let their young children ride their bikes, completely unsupervised, on the road to my house. The reason I hate it is because it’s a rural road and most people go 100km/hr on it. And the kids aren’t even on the shoulder! Not safe!

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh I’ve forgotten the joys of rural life with that one. I do actually have a neighbor who doesn’t keep close watch on their 3 year old and he darts into the road or down the street all the time. Thankfully our street is quieter but that doesn’t mean no cars go down it.

  3. addvodka says:

    OMG. I hate when people bring their little boys into locker rooms! It’s inappropriate if they are past 5.

  4. Cat says:

    9? That’s nuts. They usually have family washrooms or changerooms for these kinds of issues. My pet peeves match yours – people who make no effort to watch their children, are rude, or always think the only thing that matters is what they want! I will try to put together a guest post for you..

    • bogofdebt says:

      I’d love that! And I’ll try to put guest posts together for others when I’m less burned out. I don’t want to just write a post for the sake of writing a post-especially if if’s a guest post! Just send me an email with any requirements

  5. “Expecting me to stop what I’m doing this exact minute because you have an *emergency* even though it really isn’t and could wait. The first time I might fall for this but after that, please don’t whine when I put you to the back burner.”

    At work I get frustrated when someone walks over to tell me about an issue or problem or whatnot without even asking if I have a minute to discuss it. Sometimes I’m working on something that is WAY more time sensitive, yet they expect me to drop it all while they go over an issue for 10 minutes? I end up just asking them to email me what they just said because that way I won’t forget about it…. unfortunately some people never catch on.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Yeah that happened to me yesterday which is why it made it into the post. And usually by the time I’m done with my issue (the real one) they have theirs fixed and don’t even need any help any more!

  6. I’ve thought about making some posts about pet peeves! One of my biggest ones is at work…our offices are in a business park and we share the space/bathrooms with many other businesses. Well, I get annoyed when people (1) don’t flush the toilet and (2) are too lazy to replace the toilet paper roll that’s 2 feet from them.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh yeah-I hate that. And I work in the second office building that is relatively small with one bathroom per gender but there are 7-8 females who have to use it. That sucks too.

  7. DebtKiller says:

    I think I have waaaaay too many to list. But here are a few kickers;
    1) I’m a dog owner. A responsible one at that. If my dog poops on your lawn during a walk, I’ll pick it up with a plastic bag. I expect the same in return. Don’t leave your dog’s poop on my front lawn.
    2) When traffic is backed up on an exit ramp or when there’s a heavy merge, I hate the guy who can’t fall in line like everyone else and wait his turn. No. Instead, this guy drives up along side of the waiting vehs, and squeezes his car into line at the very last possible second, like he didn’t see the 94 other vehs waiting to merge. It’s a cold day in hell before I let this guy in front of me.
    3) Poor grammar in company emails. You work the head of a department for a Fortune 100 company; act like it.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh yes-the guy who is blind to all other vehicles except his. I’ve ran intohim. Thankfully I don’t need to drive on a highway very often so I don’t see him too much.

  8. Not telling you a date change is a lot different from telling you the wrong time. Holy.. I’d be pissed too.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Thankfully that doesn’t happen to often. The other part of that is telling me a due date for a project that is extremely tight and then changing your mind but not infomring me about it until I’ve stressed out over it.

  9. John S says:

    9…That’s just crazy! In fact, anything past 3 or 4 should not be going in to the opposite locker room in my opinion.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when people at the grocery store go through the EXPRESS self check out with a cart full of stuff & the checker just stands there and lets them do it. That’s supposed to be for people with a few items, not overflowing carts. And, of course, they take their sweet time to scan their stuff.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Yeah-that’s bad. It’s one thing if the store is dead and the checker has them come over (I’ve seen that happen on occasion) but I see people do it ALL the time. And they always seem to want price checks.

  10. AverageJoe says:

    Now I know why everyone seems so uncomfortable when I’m in the women’s locker room. I never knew the cutoff was age 5. My bad!

  11. That’s too crazy. 9 years old???? When she glared at me I’d straight up ask her if she could read: DON’T BRING YOUR MALE CHILDREN IN HERE. It’s a locker room; people get naked.

  12. […] of debt rants about some pet peeves. we’ve all got ‘em. Lets all write about them this […]

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