Spending Recap 9/2-9/9

Monday $80 Wal-Mart

Tuesday no spend day

Wednesday $5 milk

Thursday no spend day

Friday $45 date (b), $30 bookstore (p/d)

Saturday $240 groceries (b), $38 gas (b)

Sunday no spend day

I’m at least being consistent.  Three no spend days again.  IF my AC hadn’t gone out last Monday, I wouldn’t have spent that money on fans.  $80 worth of fans (and I only bought 2!) in order to keep my bedroom cool at night and to keep my cat less miserable.  And if you follow me on twitter, you’ll have seen that my AC was out due to a snake crawling in there and knocking out connections before dying.  I went through multiple reactions of feeling bad that the snake died, annoyed that he knocked out the connections before dying,  and then the reaction of “well, it got what it deserved because it crawled in there itself.”

In other news, we’re thinking of living in this house for another year.  Misery I know but if it will help us get a little ahead on debt, it might be worth it.  I’m going to think about it for another few weeks and we’re going to talk about it one more time (well, he’s going to think about it too)  before any solid plans are formed.  It’s a tough choice-get ahead, or live in this house.  One more year would be all I could do though-before we make plans to have a family I want to be in a better rental place.  I’m also thinking of holding off of doing the self-hosted blog thing.  I don’t want to but again, if it makes saving and debt payoff easier, I might have to. And yes, it’s my money but a lot of the debt is mine.  I’ve also been thinking of trying to find a part-time job or side hustle.  Easier said than done.  I don’t want to work after work mainly because I tend to work from home quite a few times.  But a few hours on the weekend might not be so bad.  However, I’d still have to find work-I don’t like fast food and that’s really all that is open around here.

Insanity Update

I weigh and measure myself today.  We are starting on month 2-I still love this program and feel stronger each time a work out is done.  I still love this program. After month 2, we’re going to do the recovery week again and move back into month 1.  We don’t want to just quit working out after it’s done.  Thought about doing p90x but he doesn’t like that program that much and I’d rather just do this one.  I highly recommend it to everyone.


10 Comments on “Spending Recap 9/2-9/9”

  1. Sorry to hear about the A/C frying. Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your mind right now. So impressed you’re sticking with the Insanity program..it looks nuts!

  2. Wow a snake???!!!! That’s crazy! I’m sorry to hear that though. It’ really hot here too so I know what it feels like not to have A/C. Sorry about the house too. I know that’s it’s really making your miserable. That’s one of the reasons I don’t really want to move. I love where I live and worry that the next place might not be so great even though I’m saving a couple bucks. Have you looked into taskrabbit? The app process is a pain, but you can pick and choose your tasks.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I haven’t yet looked into taskrabbit but it’s going on my list. (and is there a referal thing that I could do for you?) Orignally the plan was to stay here and then move after our wedding next year (well when the lease was up in Dec) so it’s not out of the possiblites but ugh….Good thing is now I have fans for the next time my AC goes out…

  3. Terry says:

    I wonder how a snake got on your roof.

    Here in Tucson, we can’t live without A/C either. I know how frustrating it is to have to fork over money that you don’t want to spend.

    Hopefully, the cooler weather is on the way.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh haha, the AC is on the ground. Very easy for a snake to get in it 🙂 I’m waiting for it-its been dropping off steady. In fact, I think it was off all yesterday. We opened the window and front door and used fans to grab some cooler air.

  4. Well congrats on keeping up the exercise program — the savings in health related costs will be pretty big for you in the future. So that’s good. My wife had wanted to contribute more to our finances, but couldn’t really get a part-time job because our schedules are so irregular. She actually jsut started doing 2 things. Neither is a huge cash cow, it looks like, but they help a little… one is mystery shopping (she just started with Trendsource and so far we’ve gotten a free pizza and $5 — not a cash cow, but a little savings is always nice), and the other is online survey taking for money with 3 online companies (Global Test Market, Survey Savvy, and MySurvey). They don’t pay much per survey, but she said she doesn’t mind sitting while the fam watches TV and fill out some surveys. So I dunno, those could be little extra bits of income, but again, it ain’t much. Switching to self-hosted and getting adsense going would certainly help, but it’s ALOT of work (especially if you’re like me and have no idea what you’re doing) — but working at a fast food joint, well, that’s guaranteed money (unlike blogging income or survey-taking income), and it sounds easy to pick up (you can flip a burger right?). So that might not be a bad option. ? I dunno, tough times, tough to give good answers.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I’ve worked at fast food before and hated both times…well three times. It’s not something I would want to do again unless necessary. Plus it would have to be on the weekends only (I could work after work but with the weird work out schedule and working from home thing I figure 2 nights a week would be okay) and with my luck they would want me to do night shifts. The surveys/mystery shopping and taskrabbit I will have to look into. Plus I need to get more serious about swagbucks-I can use that to offset other money with gift cards.

  5. iheartbudgets says:

    Wait, a SNAKE?! F* that! Bummer about the miserable nights without A/C. I live in a place where A/C is not required, but the week or two when it reaches 90 degrees, it’s sure nice that we have a central A/C unit.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I had no idea that snakes liked to commit sucide but it’s apparently true in my case! I used to live in an area where AC was okay but you could get by with fan or a open window. Not quite the case here

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