End of Summer and Begining of Fall: New Goals!

August Goals:

Medical-get his dentist appointment done. Fail.  We discussed it and then life happened.

Car: So if we can get $50 into fund by the end of August after all is said in done, I’ll be happy.-Fail but mostly due to unforeseen expenses.  I do have $40 in it so I’m close!

Efund: $350 would be great. –Pass.  Exactly this amount.

Personal: rock Insanity and lose 3 pounds. –I lost 4 so yeah; I’m saying I passed this!

Last but not least, house fund: I’d love to get this to $150. –pass

I did pretty well for August I think.  I try to come up with goals that are going to be a stretch to make as I feel if I make it too easy, I’ll “pass” but won’t feel great about it.  And I don’t want to set goals that are too much of a stretch because I’ll “fail” and want to give up because it’s too hard.  So, if it’s a monetary goal, I’ll look at what I have scheduled to go into that fund and will than add on a little bit more.  Though honestly, right now, the monetary goals are stretching it with just being what I’ve “scheduled” to go there.

September Goals:

Medical-Get this fund to $85 and schedule him an appointment. (more doable now that our car isn’t acting up too much) The cleanings are free but he also needs contacts/glasses.

Car: $90. It should be doable but that car….yeah; with all its problems I am lucky if I can get to that.

Efund: I’m going to hope to get it to $400 but I think it’s more going to be only increasing by $10.  Sadly.

House fund: I’d like to get this to $250.  And yes, I’m putting this fund ahead of the efund but only because I really can’t stand to stay in this house much longer.  I don’t want to pull from my efund if I can help it so the more I can bump this up, the less likely that will happen.

Personal: lose another 3 pounds.  With Insanity month two coming up and my running? I think this is a good goal.  I’m toning up nice!

I’d also like to get 1 blanket finished.  I decided that everyone in my family would get the tied blankets from me.  It’s personal and I’m not very crafty so should mean a lot!


21 Comments on “End of Summer and Begining of Fall: New Goals!”

  1. Michelle says:

    Good job in August! Hope you have a great September.

  2. These seem like good goals to me. I love how you’re creating small, achievable goals every month. It’s a good strategy.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I figure if I do the small goals, my large ones will be more apt to happen. Though I really should have reevaluted my yearly goals after we deiced to get married! LOL it made a lot of them really hard to do.

  3. Nice work on hitting your goals. Sept. should be a breeze 🙂

  4. You are doing awesome.. just awesome.. seriously. Congrats!

    How is that insanity?.. It looked like P90X with alot more jumping around, and less pull-ups. If that is true, it doesn’t sound too bad.


  5. SWR says:

    One of my closest friends made me a blanket like that and I use it all the time! It’s in my sitting room and people always ask who made it, why the fabrics, etc.

    I have no idea what Insanity actually is, but I keep hearing good things. I take it that you like it?

  6. Congrats on reaching most of your goals. You seem to be doing pretty well for yourself 🙂

  7. Nice job reaching some of your August goals and here’s to reaching ALL of your September goals!

  8. Keep up the hard work. You did well in August and although life throws us curve balls they are experiences we learn from so we are prepared the next time around. Cheers Mr.CBB

  9. You did well in August, even small progress IS progress! 🙂

  10. Blah I need to get his dentist appointment scheduled, too. It’s hard when he needs it and really doesn’t want to go. And he doesn’t have insurance. I’ll get to it, though.

    Great job in August! And best of luck for September! I made a blanket for my brother one year…just sewed up the ends of a patterned fleece and sewed up a pillow case. Easy peasy…and I’m not craft either! I’m so sure they’ll love it.

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