Spending Recap 8/27-9/2

Monday no spend day

Tuesday $16 groceries,

Wednesday no spend day

Thursday no spend day

Friday $15 vet, $4 milk (b)

Saturday $46 walmart, 18 gas store, $70 festival (food, books, wall decoration but all budgeted for! OR personal money)

Sunday $16 groceries, $140 Wal-Mart (Christmas fund)

So three no spend days but what a spendy weekend! Thankfully most of it was budgeted for but still very spendy!  And yes, you read that write, I picked up stuff for Christmas already.  For my nephews, we decided to make them a tied blanket out of fleece (out of each of their favorite colors) and also a remote controlled truck for each of them.  The blankets are something they can keep for years but with them being little kids, I felt they needed a toy as well.  And I will be picking them up a book each for Christmas.  Because, let’s face it, I’m a book lover and feel that everyone should have books!

The town festival was fun-okay, it rained a lot and most of the vendors weren’t there but I got my greasey vendor food.  We also go this cute wall sign that says home is where the kitty purrs and has the face of a black and white kitty on it.  It was orignally $7 but the lady let us have it for $5 as she thought it was for $4 and when we were honest, she cut the price down. And we bought so many books but at such a great price! We only bought 4 repeats (we both thought we had a different book in the series so ended up getting the same) but I was able to sell 2 of the hardbacks we had already had to the bookstore so we really only 2 need to be donated back.  (They were in too poor of shape to sell to the used bookstore)  And speaking of selling books, we went through more of our books and movies and made $24 dollars at the bookstore due to double copies and books we didn’t really read.  Granted we spent it on stuff right after but I still have $4 or so on the gift card so we did pretty well.

The only other news that happened this weekend was that we may be trying out a different grocery store.  We went in there for avacados and found the prices might be a lot cheaper than Wal-Mart–we just had to sign up for their store card (free rewards thingy) but that was easy enough.  For some reason we thought we had to pay money for a membership.  So we’ll try it out this next week and see how we do.  Plus for every 100/200 points we earn in month, we save $.10 off a gallon up to 35 gallons–and we don’t use that much in gas.

Insanity Update

I LOVE this program.  Like seriously love it.  My fiance doesn’t like the working out 6 days a week but we’re seeing the results so he can’t really complain too much about it.  I’ve been able to get through the warmup without needing a break–which may sound wimpy but yikes, the warm up is like a workout in itself!  But I get through more and more of the workouts and feel stronger just for doing them.  Apparently, the results are kicking in: the other day in the gym, this older lady (who I see often) complimented me on my workouts as she could see them paying off.  I did have to start eating a tad more though but am only eating when I’m hungry.  Well, for the most part–I’ve limited the snacking when I’m simply bored and that has helped a lot.  This week is the “recovery” week and then I’ll be weighing myself next Monday along with measurements.  Can’t wait to see how I did!

How was your weekend? Did it rain all weekend where you were? (I’m not really complaining about the rain though because we REALLY, REALLY needed it!)


12 Comments on “Spending Recap 8/27-9/2”

  1. Glas you’re loving Insanity!! Can’t wait to hear the results. My weekend was decent. Sat played vball and errands. Worked yesterday (not fun). Today I’m playing a little more vball and working on a a freelancing project (another low paying one). ugh again! 🙂

  2. Great job on the Insanity and 3 no-spend days!!! You’re on fire. Yes, it’s rained all weekend. Sucks because it’s the LAST weekend the pool is open. :((((

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh that does suck! I think the future inlaws are closing up their pool too which is alway sad! I love to swim. It’s excercise that doesn’t feel like exercise and it’s so nice in the heat!

  3. Good for you with you budget and no spend days and the workouts. Everything takes steps in life and getting there is all part of the motivation we set out for ourselves. Keep at it. Mr.CBB

  4. What’s rain? I’ve heard of it.

    Just kidding–sort of. It only rains 2″ a year where I live.

    I think books are great gifts. We look for used books for my children; my mom buys quite a few for them for their birthdays and Christmas at a used bookstore near her work. I usually can find used copies of books that the children want on Amazon.

    I haven’t started making Christmas gifts, as I’m busy making birthday gifts for a child’s birthday. I have a list, though.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I love gifting books-I know some of my favorite memories of my nephews when they were small(er) is sitting with them in a armchair and reading the books over and over again.

  5. Cat says:

    Kitty sign sounds cute. So awesome you’re sticking with the program – you are gonna be cut! 🙂

  6. It sounds like you had a great week. 🙂 At least most of your spending was budgeted/saved for, that’s always nice.

    Anybody who can do the insanity workouts just blows my mind. I’m exhausted just watching infomercial. Great job!

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