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Thank you for all the awesome comments on yesterday’s post.  They help encourage me when it gets a little rocky and tight in the finances.  But the fact that I can look back at this time last year and realize how much better we’re doing is a wonderful thing.  Truly amazing.  Today’s post won’t be very long as I didn’t really plan out anything.  Work took me on a mini field trip and I forgot about it yesterday and read instead of working on blog stuff.

Interesting news though? My car started up without needing to be jumped the other day.  It felt amazing-apparently we have to be very careful of how we turn it off.  So it’s a pain in the butt to remember but it beats having to jump it every time.  And it beats having to shell out money to fix it right now.

And on other news? My water company wanted to charge us $140 for last month.  My normal bill is around $45 (on the high end there to).  Hmm….that’s three times as much.  They had down that we used almost three thousand more gallons this last month.  So we went and found the water main with the gauge and turns out the “8” they wrote down was really a “6”.  They’re sending someone out to double check on it.  I took a picture and emailed it as we will not be paying that high bill.  I’m glad I look at bills now instead of just paying them.  You know what the really cool part is? If it actually was that high I could afford it as it’s in my budget.  Maybe it’s a little weird to be excited over that as I won’t be paying it but it goes back to the whole issue of I wouldn’t have been able to do that a year ago.

Also, I spoke with my friend that I helped work on her budget a few months ago.  It has been working out for her! I know that sometimes her husband will go off track and they have to talk about it but for the most part, it really works.  She’s changed some things (my suggestion to pay off student loans now instead of in a year or so she’s decided to forgo but she’s also making trips every week so the gas adds up) but really liked it.  It helped her narrow down apartment searching to what she knew she could afford.  So yay for budgets!

That’s it for now.


21 Comments on “Random News”

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow that’s good the you double checked the water meter! And wooohooo on your car starting 🙂

    • bogofdebt says:

      I was really glad we checked out the meter too. It was one of those things where we might have just let it go before but we talked about it and couldn’t pinpoint where we would have had an issue. No leaks or anything. And yes woohoo! to my car deciding to like us again.

  2. AverageJoe says:

    “her husband will go off track and they have to talk about it” This sounds like some dude’s getting in trouble with the boss. Ouch!

  3. That’s awesome that your car is starting! I had to shell out almost $600 for work on my car yesterday… I hate cars.

  4. Wow, I can’t believe that about your water meter. I would have been suspicious too if my water bill was 3X as much as usual! That’s crazy. Have a great day!

    • bogofdebt says:

      It was one of those eye opening bills that’s for sure. I couldn’t understand it we’d left something running or neighbors were stealing our water….

  5. Alice says:

    Knowing that you would have been able to pay the water bill had it been right is a huge accomplishment! And I know you said that you’re living paycheck to paycheck – but you’re budgeting and saving and planning.. all the things that typical p-t-p folks don’t do. I’d go farther to say that they can’t do that because of always being behind – or at least just on the verge of being behind.

    But I’m totally with you and your last sentence – Yay for budgets! Mine is going well and I have some money put back into savings for emergencies.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Hey lady, where have you been? I hope everything is going well with you!

      And yes, I’m not a typical p-2-p (so much easier than writing out thank you!) person as I have been a typical p-t-p person and it was because I was always behind or right there on the verge of being behind.

      • Alice says:

        I’ve been reading and keeping up, but have been super busy at work – it’s the busiest time of the year for us right now. Well, all of July, August and most of September really. I had two business trips in July and then August has been crazy. I don’t get a lot of time to comment on any blogs, but will try to do more when things slow down a bit.

  6. Wow I had no idea it cost that much for water! That’s one thing you usually don’t have to pay for around here. No idea why. Car problems are the worst!

    • bogofdebt says:

      Well…mine is $45ish normally which isn’t bad. And this area is one of the first I’ve ever had to deal with it. Normally it was included or …well..I just didn’t have to pay I guess!

  7. Our water bill was super high last month too! The reason is because our toilet pump would not close and it would keep refilling.

  8. Rachel says:

    Crazy about the water bill! I’ve been paying $18 a month for natural gas, even though we haven’t used it for heat since April. That’s just for delivery fees. Ridiculous!

  9. I did a blog post in my ‘How we designed our budget series -reading our bills” and it was for that same reason. It’ so important to read a bill especially when it’s your hard earned money. We read everything now especially when grocery shopping to make sure everything is properly scanned otherwise if the scanning code of practice applies you can bet we will apply it! Have a good night, glad you got that sorted out. Mr.CBB

    • bogofdebt says:

      It’s very important-to many issues can come about from not paying attention. I’ve had some stores double charge me latley but I caught it so it was easy to correct before I left the store!

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