Please karma? I’ve been good…come visit me!

Honestly right now, I sometimes just want to go lie in bed and curl up and forget about everything. Very depressing I know.  Sometimes though? I just can’t make myself see the bright side of things.  What’s going on you may ask? My car.  Let’s give some background on this:

For awhile we did not have any car.  We borrowed our roommate’s bike to get to work (he had two thankfully) and bummed rides to the grocery store or laundry mat.  We got sick of it and after a few false starts; we were able to save money to buy a car.  Well kind of.  A co-worker let us pay 2/3 of the cost at one paycheck and the rest two weeks later.  This was so that we could put the car on the road during that first time we had it. The grand total of said car? $500 plus whatever we spent to put it on the road (taxes, registration, gas, car insurance) Yes, he sold us our car for $500.  Which was great for us on when we were starting out but now it’s coming back to haunt us.

First issue: It actually wasn’t major.  We went to change the oil and no one was able to get the bolt off of the oil pan. Turns out the previous owner had forced a too big bolt into the hole, stripped it and just left it.  I still don’t know how exactly the mechanic got it off. And of course tires.  We needed to replace all four tires and it cost us $500-we did two at a time and did it a few months after we really should have but when you don’t have money? You make do. Oh? The other issue from the previous owner is that he forced a too big electrical seat into the front driver side.  I drive with a pillow because it doesn’t like to make adjustments—it’s easier to leave it on the length my fiancé needs and just deal with the pillow.  I don’t drive much as it’s not very comfy.

Second issue: this last winter, our car was having a huge issue of going through antifreeze every few days.  It turns out there is a leak that we didn’t know about. Took it in to get a quote and it will be about $1100 to fix as we have to fix the leak and some wires.  We didn’t get it done as we just don’t want to spend that much on this car.

Third Issue: Our steering column will lock up if you turn the key all the way off.  You need to let it make an annoying dinging sound in order to make it so you don’t have to sit there for 15 minutes trying to get the key to turn over.  Plus, after getting both the front and back breaks changed? We think the wheel bearing needs to be changed.

Now, there’s been a few times where our car won’t start and we have to get it jumped.  The first time there was a really bad storm and we wrote it off to a freak occurrence of hail and rain getting in and maybe shorting it out.  Really we knew we were just fooling ourselves but it was fine for a few weeks.  Que yesterday.  It went out at work at lunch.  We got it jumped, went up to Autozone and found out our battery is just fine.  It’s our alternator or drive belt that is going bad.  So this weekend we’re going to buy a belt and see if we can get by with that as a fix for now.  Otherwise…..well…

No honeymoon.  We might have to purchase a new to us car and if we cut out our honeymoon from the wedding budget, that would be a nice(r) car for us. Very soon.  It’s not something we want to do and we had already decided to go to a small little resort type town nearer to us to save costs there. But we need a car to get by in our town—there is not a lot of public transportation readily available and we no longer live with a roommate who can give us a ride. If we do have to cut it our honeymoon, we might do a weekend getaway and we will start saving for it for the year after.  Or a few months after our wedding. And who knows? Maybe we can do both….

So cross your fingers that it will be a quick fix with the drive belt.  And if someone can answer me on why every time we need something fixed, it costs the exact amount that is in our car fund?  We bought a car jump kit for a quick(er) fix and in case the battery needs to be jumped again.  And it cleared out our car fund but we feel a little better for it—now if we are in the country, we’ll have a way to get it started, you know?


44 Comments on “Please karma? I’ve been good…come visit me!”

  1. Michelle says:

    That really stinks! I hope it’s not too expensive of a fix.

  2. Yikes. That must hard to have to think about giving up the honeymoon. I’m thinking of you and hope it all gets worked out!

    • bogofdebt says:

      It wasn’t the best thought ever thats for sure. Especially to my fiance as it is something he really wants. So for his sake I hope we get things figured out and are able to work everything out before than. Thanks for the thoughts!

  3. Stay positive and hopefully it won’t be as bad as you think! I hope that it all works out for you! Have a great day!

  4. Rachel says:

    Yikes, car problems and the student loans. I’ve been there. I had a VW Beetle, which I loved, but it cost me so much money! About $2500 a year in repairs. It was a lemon. Now I have a lease and I can’t wait until it’s over… in 33 months! Good luck!

  5. Certainly sending positive karma your way and I seriously feel your pain. I’m dealing with car woes at the moment and wish I could just chuck this gas-guzzling pain-in-the-romp out of my life and demolish it. Public transportation for the city is simply too dangerous so I’m stuck with what I got (less than 38,000 miles and this car is disintegrating around me!)

    • bogofdebt says:

      Ugh! I’m sending good positive karma right back at you! we have a small system of public transportation but it’s small and not very prevelant so we need this car to get better.

  6. Ick, cars hurt to pay for. It’s one thing to be paying bills, but when you have to pay a bill for a vehicle just to get you to and from places, it doesn’t seem right. I hope everything turns out okay ! But if you sink much more money into the car, it might be worth it to get a new(to you) one.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Exactly -we don’t want to put more money than we have to into this car so if we can do the quick fixes and then just concentrate on saving for a new car, that will make us much happier.

  7. Oh dear, what a money pit! That’s frustrating and stressful, as you never know what the next day will bring. Sorry you have to deal with this, but also you’re due for some good luck!

  8. debtsntaxes says:

    Sorry to hear that your car is giving you problems also. We ended up doing our honeymoon like 6 months after our wedding and it still felt like it was a honeymoon. It sucks that you have to use the money from that fund to fund your car purchase but you have to do what you have to do. Getting a more reliable car will probably ease your stress a bit so that’s a plus.

    • bogofdebt says:

      That’s true–we might just replace the alternator or drive belt and hope it will be a good fix for now. Oh and the wheel bearing…. But we do want to save up to buy a car even if these “fix” it.

  9. Don’t give up on your honeymoon just yet. Just delay it. We went for ours a few months after our wedding and it worked out just as well.

  10. Stay positive!

    Although it sucks you can’t go on your honeymoon after your wedding, if the money issue is going to prevent you from truly enjoying your honeymoon, then what’s the point?
    Going on the honeymoon later gives you more time to save money and truly escape guilt and worry free.

    We have been married a year, and still haven’t gone on our honeymoon. :/ Life happens.

  11. Oh man I’m sorry to hear that. Car problems are such a headache, costly, and majorly inconvenient. I totally “get” the title of your blog. I’m right there with you.

  12. iheartbudgets says:

    So sorry to hear about the car troubles. Do you have any friends that know about cars? The antifreeze leak could just be a radiator and some hoses that aren’t bad to replace. Also, I would not drop over $2000 into a $500 car. You can find a great, mid-90’s honda civic or accord for that price that will last you much longer and be much better than your current ride…..unless you already have a honda, in which case I would find a better one 🙂

    • bogofdebt says:

      No it’s a pontiac. And at the end of last winter we put some leak b gone stuff (or something…) and we’ll see this winter if it worked out. We’re going to buy the alternator and drive belt this weekend and have some friends help us out. And yes, replacing the car is our next step. We just need to be able to save up for it so this car has to last until then!

  13. AverageJoe says:

    Because of schedules and money, Cheryl & I didn’t go on a honeymoon until 6 months after our wedding. Here’s how big a deal it was: until you wrote this post, I’d completely forgotten. Just postpone the honeymoon. Make sure you take one, but postpone it. I think it’ll relieve some stress.

    • bogofdebt says:

      We might end up doing that. We’re going to make the decision in January. That’s when we wanted to book everything so if it comes down to it, we’ll postpone for a month or so (up to a year is the limit on how long the postponement can go)

  14. Oh no! That’s sucks, but having a car can definitely be an essential depending on what you do and where you live so I totally get it. If you do have to put off your honeymoon, make a point of setting a date for it, even if it’s a year in advance. My parents put off their honeymoon for 25 years, so make sure you don’t end up doing the same!

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh yes-I figure a year at the latest but it will depend on how much the car we are potentially going to buy is going to cost or how much the repairs would be.

  15. If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all! I hear ya. I actually agree with Jacob. I don’t think you should ever put more money into a car than what it’s worth.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Bad luck likes me too! Maybe if we ever get to meet our lucks will cancel each other out? And yes, if we can get this car just to last a little bit longer, we want to buy a new car. We aren’t droing the $1100 into the repairing of the leak/wires because it’s just not worth it to us.

  16. We finally had to get rid of our van last year for similar reasons – each repair was worse and worse, and our poor car fund was wiped out. We wound up with a car loan that we were hoping to avoid.

    Sending karmic wishes your way!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I am not sure if we could get a car loan yet–maybe with a cosigner but I don’t really want to do it that way. But if we have to we have to–it would just become our first priorty!

  17. Tough break! Public transportation is great in Vancouver… so great that we don’t need to have a car. Hope you manage to get that thing working!

    Putting off the honeymoon would be rough, but certainly you don’t want to put yourself in a bad situation. Perhaps one or both of you could take some extra work to help bridge the expenses?

    • bogofdebt says:

      We’ve both been looking but work in this area is sort of scarce. If we had to, there’s always fast food but it’s something I dread (as does he) so right now we’re still keeping an eye on it. We did manage just to get the alternator replaced so hopefully this works in the short run.

  18. […] Given my own car issues, you should not be surprised that I am totally sympathetic to what Bog of Debt is going through with her car woes. For us, this was a planned service (we knew how much it would cost), and we’re getting everything done so that we don’t have a breakdown. Not so much for our friend. So I’m asking too, Karma (and anyone else who wants to), won’t you please go visit her. […]

  19. […] BogofDebt talks about needing a turn of good luck. I think we can all relate to that so let’s all wish her some good luck. […]

  20. That sucks. He should have just given you the car for all the work it needs!! Someday, this will be one of those stories you tell everyone about, your first beater car. It’s what makes us stronger right??.

  21. That really sucks for you two. 😦 I hope that good karma comes your way soon. That’s the only thing I don’t like about buying cheap used cars, the amount of stuff that can go wrong increases as the price decreases. Good luck.

    • bogofdebt says:

      The good thing about the car is it’s last us a year–which is better than nothing and allowed us to live out with his parents in the country. Which allowed us to get our own little place. The next time we get a car we want to afford a little better shape of one.

  22. If it makes you feel better, I met a couple in Portland who were on their honeymoon (and they referred to it as that!) and they’d gotten married in September 2011. Everything will work out, I promise!

    • bogofdebt says:

      We did put a time limit of 1 year away if we do have to delay it. Hopefully in January/March (yes a three month time frameis when we’re going to start booking and stuff or at least looking to book) we’ll be able to go. Otherwise, we’ll set a savings goal and get to it!

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