Seriously I hate my student loans

Granted I messed up in the first place by not paying them off or at least not getting them put into forbearance.  But seriously: the amount of issues I just had crop up regarding the consolidated ones are so very frustrating.

First off, let me just say that I’m glad I haven’t been ignoring my mail again.  I’ve wanted to sometimes but remembered that was part of what got me into trouble in the first place.  Instead, I’ve been opening it up and reading it right away.  Some gets put into a pile to deal with later (bills that aren’t due yet), some get put into the trash as they don’t have any relevance and some get dealt with as soon as possible.    Last Saturday, I got a letter that went into the last pile.  I had to wait until Monday morning at 8am eastern time to figure everything out.

What was this letter? Why it was from the company I’ve been dealing with for a few months, explaining that my wages were going to be garnished as I’d been ignoring them.  I had a mini heart attack, I swear.   First I went over to my pile of “file this away (not in the trash but my real file) as I’m done dealing with them.” (Pack rat tendencies mean I won’t throw things away until I feel comfortable that the situation is dealt with…this will probably be next summer) I noticed that the address was different, the main account number was different but everything else was the same: which loans it was, how much they were for (though they were decreased in number on the new letter slightly as I’d been paying on them) and the phone number.  And yes you read that right: even though I’d been paying on them with that same company and it showed by looking at the total balance from month to month, I was still going to be garnished for failure to pay the company.

So then I had to stew on it for a day and a half as I’d missed the cut off to call them on a Saturday.  And by only an hour! (Stupid central time being behind…) Monday morning I call bright and early—they look at both accounts and say they have no idea how it was given a second account but that I wasn’t in any jeopardy of getting my wages garnished as it was fully funded.  Both accounts were actually fully funded. (I did go check out my consolidation site to make sure they weren’t in there double at this point.  They weren’t.) They did not know why I was receiving the nasty letter as I’d been paying them on time ever since we came to our agreement.  I wrote down the customer services agent’s name, the time and the date of the call just in case anything does happen though. Especially since the rep said that the accounts were funded and closed.

I went home happy that it was all a misunderstanding and received yet another letter from the company (with the normal account number this time) telling me they were withdrawing money from my account in a few days time.  Which if you remember that dilemma I was having I would have been okay with—except for the fact that I was just told that my account(s) were funded and closed with them.  The money would not have been applied to anything or if it was, would have taken a few days to get it to the correct people. So I called up again to enquire about the letter.  This time I was told that the letter was auto generated before the account was funded.  I hope so…

I can’t wait for this entire issue to be fixed! And yes, it is partially my fault for getting them messed up in the first place (read: defaulted) but I am trying to get them fixed.  But it doesn’t work when they just send out random info!


24 Comments on “Seriously I hate my student loans”

  1. Dealing with loan companies is just a pain in the a$$ in general! Pay down those loans and strike them from your life forever!!!! =)

  2. That’s so annoying! That happens to me with the government occasionally, their letters are way behind the actual event occurances. I hope this works out for you!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I think it wouldn’t bother me so much if I haven’t had so many issues with them already. I can usually forgive and forget if it only happens once but the trouble just doesn’t stop with them it seems!

  3. Rachel says:

    Oh boy Bogs, I hate loans too! I would check your credit report too and make sure their isn’t an extra account on there for that loan. You are on track, keep it up girl! But it is so easy to put the bills in a pile and forget about them.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Right now they are in the limbo stage of being in between companies on my credit report. I’m going to wait a few more months and pull it again in order to check it out.

  4. AverageJoe says:

    How come we have to pay huge fees if we’re late, but when companies waste our time with this crap we can’t charge them huge fees for our time we’ll never get back? I’ve never understood why that’s a one way street. What’s our recourse?

    • bogofdebt says:

      I have no idea–but it would be so nice just to tell them “I’m charging you a fee that I’ll take out of your monthly payment as you have messed up and made me waste an hour of my day. Thanks!!” I think they would laugh at me…

  5. That’s terrible ! At least it was all a misunderstanding.. but it is frustrating when you call up, they say one thing and then the mail/bills say something else. I find this happens a lot with my cell phone!

    • bogofdebt says:

      It’s confusing too-I will still be double checking everything and if the money is taken from my account this month, I’ll have to call right away to see where it is going to and if it will be refunded to me or given to the student loan company instead!

  6. I get letters like this too sometimes. Computer glitches SUCK! And if you don’t pay attention to all your accounts and all your mail, you could easily miss someone else’s mistakes that’s about to become your problem! It’s great you called and figured that stuff out (hopefully) but it really sucks that you never did anything wrong and had to waste your time figuring out their problem. Good on ya for calling though, and staying on top of your mail!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I used to be horrible at that part-so I’m slowly learning. I figure even if I made the mistake of not paying them in the first place, I’ve been paying them so I hated getting that letter.

  7. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. We’ve been getting incorrect statements from a doctor’s office that are completely out of nowhere! They’re saying we didn’t pay for a visit, but my bank says otherwise! I know it’s just $25, but I’m NOT paying it….AGAIN. It sounds like you’re talking about a mistake worth a lot more than $25…geez. Good luck.

    • bogofdebt says:

      only multiply that by 10 and you’ll get the payment 😉 Or a bigger amount for the actual total.

      And I’m with you–I would not be repaying that $25 either!

  8. OOF jeez after all this is over you could do a PSA for “don’t let this happen to you”!

  9. I’m sorry to here all of that! I had a friend who was in a similar situation. She paid of her credit card and closed her account except the credit card company messed up and didn’t actually closed it and said she owed money. It was completely their fault but they of course blamed her for it until it was all figured out and they realized their mistake. Not fun!

  10. insomniaclabrat says:

    Ick, that’s really frustrating. I bet the letters are just a little behind, but it’s so hard to know what’s going on when you get different information from different sources.

    About a month before we moved out of our last apartment, we got a notice saying that we didn’t give them proper notice that we weren’t renewing our lease, we were getting fined like 2 months rent plus not getting back our security deposit (or something like that, it was a lot of money total, though). I had given them notice in multiple ways (written, in person, AND on the phone!), so I freaked out and went to the office … and the guy was like “oh, yeah, someone accidentally printed those for every unit and sent them out. Don’t worry about it”. I think I had a mini heart attack before he told me that too!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I would have had a heart attack too! I’m glad that got straightened out but it does suck when you get super stressed out because of other people’s mistakes!

  11. Ugh! I’ve been fortunate to not have any of my accounts get to this point, but when i first got together with my husband, he had accounts going to collections, and we were actually sued by one company! We got it all sorted out in the end, but it was super stressful and frustrating. Good luck getting it all fixed.

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