Scrooge McDuck and Money Lessons

Hopefully most people will remember the cartoon Ducktales right?  I’m not the only one in existence to remember it? Well, I’ve been rewatching it by getting the discs from Netflix and I’ve learned a lot (okay, “learned” is stretching it…)! One key thing is that I still love the show as corny as it is.

Besides that, I’ve learned that people don’t like you if you are greedy and mean.  It isn’t necessarily that you have more than them, it’s the fact if you flaunt it and are just plain…well, scroogey.  In the pilot episode, it shows Scrooge being miserly and mean to everyone including his newly taken in nephews.  But in a shocking turn of events, he ends up poor.  To his surprise, no one likes him anymore (not that they did before but they at least feared/respected him) except for ONE person.  This person was a guy who he was going to take away his boat from him as he couldn’t make the payments to Scrooge anymore.  But he helps out Scrooge and teaches him a lesson—always be kind to people no matter your circumstances as you never know what could happen. And of course, Scrooge ends up being rich again.

Know how much money you have and where it is.  I love the money bin episodes that show him swimming in his gold.  It’s something I want to do someday (joking…maybe…okay, yes I do want to do it) but of course, I hope the Beagle boys aren’t around, or any sneaky leprechauns.  In the episode with the leprechaun, Scrooge can tell that exactly $225 in gold is missing just by diving into the piles.  As his nephews tell Webby, he can tell if a piece of gold is missing (and which piece of gold is it is) in 5 seconds.

Hard work pays off. I love the episodes that show him working his way up the money ladder.  He wasn’t always a tight-fisted rich miser.  He used to be a tight-fisted poor worker who, through his own hard work and saving, made it rich.  He still has his first dime that he ever made.

Money isn’t everything. This was a lesson that Duckworth (the butler) taught the boys.  They accused him of being Scrooge’s slave and asked him why he didn’t go work for himself because he could have really made himself rich.  Scrooge fires him when he hears that Duckworth doesn’t think money is everything and he and the boys are then kidnapped by vegetables from outer space to be actual slaves.   The lesson that Duckworth shows everyone is that while he might be a servant, he does it out of love for his job and Scrooge—he doesn’t have to do it, he wants to do it.  Scrooge ends up hiring him back when they get back from space because he can’t do everything Duckworth can.

That’s four things that I learned from Ducktales or that I at least picked up on again.  That and it’s okay if I pick up all the loose change that I find on the ground.  No matter how little, when you save, it really adds up.  Granted, I don’t pick up all loose change but I still pick up quite a bit.  Right now it’s going towards my wedding fund.

So I guess that was five things I learned….

Did you watch Ducktales when you were younger?  Do you watch old cartoons for nostalgia reasons? Ever see any lessons you might have missed when you were younger? (I mentioned previously that they talk about student loans on Darkwing Duck)


28 Comments on “Scrooge McDuck and Money Lessons”

  1. LOL. This is cute. I never really watched the show, but I do remember seeing a few episodes.

  2. I must admit I’ve never seen it or heard of it. (blush!). I’ve never been a big fan of cartoons, but I will say that most of them do have some kind of message. Bug Bunny was notorious for that! Most kids though just don’t notice.

  3. I love the ducks! When I was little I imagined swimming in lots of gold 🙂

  4. Ha,ha! Love it.
    Good points and good post.

    Have a great day!

  5. Ahh DuckTales and Darkwing Duck. Brings back memories of simpler times. I used to love watching those, never thought of going back and watching them again. My wife and I canceled our satellite this summer and are always looking for something to watch on Netflix. Old cartoons are now going on the list for sure! I wonder if I can learn anything about personal finance from the Gummi Bears?

    • bogofdebt says:

      I’ve only watched the first disc but I think so. I’ll have to get the rest of the discs and start seeing if I can find any personal financey lessons in them.

  6. Oh my gosh I loved Ducktales! A-wOO-oooh! Such a cute post.

  7. I loved Ducktales and Darkwing Duck as a kid – I’m glad to see that it may have shaped me as a person growing up, if these were the values I was unknowingly absorbing 🙂

    • bogofdebt says:

      One of the evil characters who ends up turning good because she loves Darkwing Duck (forgive me I can’t remember the name and I’m too lazy to google it) had a bunch of student loans she couldn’t afford to pay, so she ended up robbing banks. I saw that episdode a few months ago and laughed myself silly.

  8. AverageJoe says:

    I heard they just brought back the Darkwing Duck comic books. Your post reminded me… Swimming in money! You could be the Michael Phelps of money-swimmers!

  9. But we still want to go swimming in money, right? Because that was the thing I remembered most — his pool filled with money.

    • bogofdebt says:

      YES! And I still want to go swimming in money–until I think about how dirty it is. And than I think about giving it a bath so I can still go swimming in it 😉

  10. I remember watching this show as a kid. I’m glad there were actual lessons in the shows not that I picked up on them or remember that is where I heard them from. Glad you’re enjoying the nostalgia!

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  13. I used to LOVE Ducktales! I even remember part of the theme song, lol. I haven’t gone back to really watch old childhood shows but I bet they’re full of lessons that I never picked up on. Or maybe I leanred then, but have forgotten since. This was really fun to read though, I love remembering childhood stuff… especially when it has relevant lessons for today!

    • bogofdebt says:

      That’s what I think happened-I learned it but forgot all about them. Except you know, the “relevant” stuff of being nice, not doing evil deeds because it gets you no where…

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