Spending Recap 7/30-8/5

Monday no spend day

Tuesday no spend day

Wednesday $12 Walgreens

Thursday no spend day

Friday no spend day

Saturday $85 Wal-Mart, $10 gas station

Sunday no spend day

While there was a lot of no spend days, I did spend money that wasn’t budgeted for so that sucks.   But we ended up needing some things on Saturday that we had thought could wait-my cat needed some cat food, the guy needed more underwear, plus we needed milk and a few other random things.

This weekend was great though-I mostly slept.  Well not really, but I feel like I slept more than I have in a while.  So that felt ridiculously awesome.

Insanity update

It’s been a week since I started the Insanity program.  I feel pretty good about it so far-it’s a great little program.  I will admit that I am still keeping up my running program so all results won’t be totally from Insanity but still, I also know that I feel pretty great.  The warm up is intense and I still have to take breaks randomly but I keep improving daily.  Sunday was my first rest day and it felt great! I didn’t run or do anything besides clean.  My body rejoiced 😉 The next time I do a fit test, I’ll be weighing myself.  Hopefully it will go down.

How was your weekend?


18 Comments on “Spending Recap 7/30-8/5”

  1. Michelle says:

    WOOOHOO on the no spend days! And that’s great that you’re doing Insanity.

  2. I wish I could have that many days in a where I had no spending! It seems like I always have to buy *something*!!!

    Good job~

    • bogofdebt says:

      My trick is to not think about them as no spend days-I buy what I need when I need it but I don’t go out of my way to make it a no spend day. I have found that if I think about it, I’ll end up buying something just because I’m thinking about it. Sometimes it works out great and other days…well, not so much.

  3. That is an impressive number of no spend days.

  4. Good job on the no spend days! I tried the P90X program and it is REALLY tough, so congrats on doing so well with Insanity!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I did part of the P90X program and liked it but I really LOVE the Insanity program. And I won’t lie, the first few days I was going to bed at around 8:30ish and just passing out but now I’m getting more energy out of it.

  5. callmewhatyouwantevencheap says:

    Good luck with Insanity. It truly is insane, but it’s so worth it and you feel awesome once you’ve put your body through that craziness.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I really am starting to feel awesome now–I’m only on my second week but with that and the running? I’m thinking I’ll be looking even more amazing soon enough!

  6. iheartbudgets says:

    I heard insanity is…well…INSANE! Nice work.

    And wow, that’s a lot of no spend days. Congrats. It’s inspired my wife and I to try keeping track, though I’m not sure how we’ll we’re going to do.

    • bogofdebt says:

      This week is already off to a bad start but what I try to do is not think about it. This way they just sort of happen–they aren’t planned as I seem to have a harder time trying to stick with no spend days if I’m planning them.

  7. This weekend, we had friends over on Saturday (no dinner, just drinks…and they brought their own!) and Sunday we had a family reunion. We spent $5 on food only, but we had to drive 3 hours roundtrip, so I’m sure that cost us a bit! Great job on the working out!!! I’m with Jacob….Insanity is INSANE!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I love when friends bring their own drinks! Granted, I don’t mind giving them food/drinks once in a while but I’ve been finding out that pot lucks are the way to go! A lot more selection and interesting mix!

      And yes, insanity (and me) is insane!

  8. mycanuckbuck says:

    Ooh i was hoping you’d write about Insanity! I saw you comment on Crystal’s blog about it. I’m so amazed you can do that – it looks really tough!

    • bogofdebt says:

      Shh don’t tell my mind that 🙂 My body is already trying to tell it to stop. It’s fun though-after I’m almost done crying, I usually smile. Or grimace. Either way I bare my teeth 😉

  9. That’s awesome that you’re doing Insanity. I’m a P90X and Insanity graduate. They’re both pretty crazy but well worth it. I think it took two weeks before I could even finish the Insanity warmup without a break. One week down only 8 more to go!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I’ll actually be doing week 2 twice as my fiance has poision ivy and hasn’t been able to do it this week. I made the offer to redo it and I think it should only help me in the long run. Everyday I get a little farther through the workout warmup before needing a break!

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