Goals for August

July’s Goals:

Medical: Not a monetary one as much as we need to make my guy’s doctor and dentist appointment. –fail. Got the doctor appointment done but not much else.

Car: Pay for tags and taxes and start to save for back breaks. I think if I could get $75 in here at the end of the month after the tags/taxes I’ll be happy.-pass.

Guy’s Student Loans: $100 more into it.-Pass

Efund: I’d like to get this to $300.-Pass. $320 is what this is at.  It was kind of hard but I’m glad we did it.

Personal: Continue to train for the next 5k. And losing 2 pounds would be nifty too.-semi pass.  I didn’t lose weight but I didn’t gain it either.  And I’ve been running a lot now.

August Goals:

Medical-get his dentist appointment done.

Car: I’m getting the brakes done next week so that is going to end up clearing that fund down to zero.  Plus I had to cut back the funding into this.  So if we can get $50 into fund by the end of August after all is said in done, I’ll be happy.

Efund: $350 would be great.  Gasp, what? Only that amount? Yes, because I’m now adding in a “house fund” which will get me out of this house by January.

Personal: rock Insanity and lose 3 pounds.  I just started it and I’m keeping up the running training as I’d like to do a half marathon in October.  So that should be easy peasy.

Last but not least, house fund: I’d love to get this to $150.  I’m trying to balance both this and the efund but at the same time, I really want out of this place.  If need be, I can tough it out here and we’ll draw from the house fund.  But hopefully that won’t happen.

That’s my August goals and I’m happy with them.  I think they will be well balanced.  How did you do for your July goals?  Do you have your August goals ready?

22 Comments on “Goals for August”

  1. Michelle says:

    I hope August is good for you! I need to do Insanity also.

    • bogofdebt says:

      It’s fun in an insane way. I was looking ahead at some of the stuff I had to do and was mentally groaning but at the same time I’m looking forward to it.

  2. I’m thinking of doing Insanity too (once we move)! Have you started yet? Keep us posted!

  3. I want to try Insanity! I have been looking to buy it on craigslist. I just need to do something!!!!

    Good luck on your August goals!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I actually bought it from Amazon as I was going to use some swagbucks to purchase it. Instead, I just managed to find a really decently used copy and had saved up enough with some old Amazon gift cards plus a new $10 one I had one to purchase. I think I saved somewhere in between $40 and $50? It was only $105 total but that included expediated shipping.

  4. I love how running a half marathon for you is easy peasy! I wish I felt the same way! lol! Looks like you have some good, achievable goals. I haven’t done my yet but I will today.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Ha that was said with much sarcasm as I’m currently only running 3 miles as my distance run 😉 But I have a few months and think that it will be easy peasyish right? Okay I might not be super fast but I’d be happy if I finished it! I just hope that I can run it-it depends on if I can save up for it in time. I think it’s only $60 but there are a few 5ks that come right before it. I’m trying to decide if doing one big race would be better or maybe 1 big race and 1 small compared to many small races.

  5. debtsntaxes says:

    Good job on the July goals. I’ve done the P90 workout and it works, although the diet part of it is the hardest and kind of expensive. I might try the Insanity program this winter but not sure if I want to shell out the money for it.

    I think I finally figured out how to comment again here so that goal is complete. I have to look at the July goals to see how we did and make up some new ones for August which will probably be my next post. Good luck on your August ones.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Thank you! And for Insanity, like I said, I bought it through Amazon used and would have been using swagbucks if I didn’t find a pretty good deal with some preexisting gift cards and had saved up the money for it slowly. The diet for me isn’t so bad but I also don’t follow their guide completely–I have found something that works for me and is still healthy. I think that is the main part. I’m so glad you can comment again!

      • debtsntaxes says:

        I didn’t follow the diet completely either. I would substitute tuna or chicken breast for a lot of the meat they had on there. As long as you eat somewhat healthy you will see a huge difference in the 90 days.

      • bogofdebt says:

        A huge thing for me is the eggs–I really hate eggs and avoid them so I eat a lot of other things instead of them.

  6. Good goals! What is insanity? Other than something that I definitely DO NOT want?

    • bogofdebt says:

      It’s an insane workout program. So far it makes me cry when I do it but I still love it. (That might make me insane) It’s interval/circuit training.

  7. Maria says:

    OMG, I feel so bad, cause I’ve NEVER done monthly goals like that:-( Definitely need to learn from yours!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I wouldn’t feel bad-some people don’t need goals. I find that they make me a lot more accountable if I share them with others. Otherwise, I’m really apt to change them to suit myself.

  8. I want to start something like Insanity too! I don’t need to lose weight, but I want to be tight and strong! Update please! It will motivate me to get started if I see you getting results! 🙂

    • bogofdebt says:

      That’s kind of my secondary goal–I’m unsure if I’ll lose weight but I’d at least love to be buffish. And yes, I plan on updating everyone after the second fit test with my results. But I’ll probably talk about it before than.

  9. iheartbudgets says:

    Seems like you did pretty well on your July goals. And good luck on the “house” fund. Hopefully things don’t get worse in your current situation before you move.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I hope not–we’re monitoring the rest of the cracks in the ceiling but they haven’t grown too much. I think if they can just last another 4 and a half months, I’d be good!

  10. July was a decent month for my on the blog goals front but not much else. I’m glad your emergency fund is starting to grow! Hopefully it is making life a bit less stressful for you!

    • bogofdebt says:

      It is–I know I might need it when it comes time to moving but I’m trying at the same time to not need it. I think if I can get that house fund up, I’ll be able to not touch the efund. That’s my goal anyway!

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