An iffy week

Ugh to this week. Just UGH.  First the ceiling issue and then things just kept cropping up.  And not a lot of big ticket items but combine that with the house situation and it just makes for an ugh week.  Not a terrible one but one I don’t want to repeat.

Besides the ceiling and landowner thing, I had an appointment on Tuesday for a “well woman’s exam” as the doctor calls it and my annual exam as I call it.   I set this thing up week and a half prior — important information.  A little less than a year ago, I had made an appointment for this very thing and paid for it out of pocket as my insurance hadn’t kicked in.  I was still getting reduced medical bills and needed to get the exam no matter what.   Key point-no insurance and I paid for it.  I guess that fact didn’t register with the doctor.  I was called for in the waiting room, pulled aside in the hall and told that I didn’t need the exam as insurance wouldn’t cover it but once a year.  I explained to the nurse that it was fine as insurance didn’t cover it last year, and I was out of birth control and needed a new prescription (which is why I made the exam in the first place).  I also inform her that I needed this exam for my insurance to keep the discount.  She goes to the doctor (leaving me standing there) and comes back, telling me again that I don’t need this exam and she’ll just write the script.  Seriously? Part of the reason I made the exam is so I can talk about the strength of it.  Also, why wasn’t I called earlier to reschedule if they can tell this information by looking at my chart? So I tell her in a matter of fact tone, that I’m sorry but I will be having the exam and insurance will cover it as they DID NOT pay for it last time.  She grudgingly takes me to the unset up room, cannot remember the pre-check up stuff she’s supposed to do (weight, bp, pulse, etc) and then leaves.  Oh and asks me how much I paid last time which I just felt was kind of rude.

After all that, everything went fine.  I even was out of there in a half hour—unheard of! Of course, the 10 minutes that I had to argue with the nurse is included in that time.  And as I’m leaving, I hear the doctor say that she is going home as I was her last patient.  My thinking is that she just wanted to leave a little earlier and didn’t think to call to reschedule until I was there.  I could be wrong.

That night, I’m trying to sleep and vaguely hear my work phone go off.  I don’t hear the tell tale beep of a voicemail so I ignore it and go back to sleep—at 12:30 in the morning.  I get up and call around 6:30am to the number.  I’m told that I woke them up several times and I tell them “yes, well, on my work phone someone called me at this number.  I’m checking to see who it was.  They called me at 12:30 in the morning.”  (I did say my name and company name).  I’m told they didn’t call me and don’t know why I’m calling them and waking them up.  Which yes, was rude on my part, but in my company, we operate all over the different time zones and just because it is a local cell phone number, that means nothing.  I was calling back in case there was something that needed to be handled.

Like I said, nothing major but it’s just on top of everything else and making me feel all out of sorts.  I wanted to vent just a bit.  I’ll get back to normal tomorrow (*crossed fingers*).


20 Comments on “An iffy week”

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m sorry! I hope things start getting better. Surprisingly, I love my doctor. I will literally go in and come out of his office (With paperwork and everything done) in 10 minutes.

  2. That sucks! I hate when stuff happens like that and it just puts you out of sorts, sounds like your doctor wasn’t having a very good day either.

    • bogofdebt says:

      No and she was new to the clinic (I just go to the community health center) so I’m thinking it was probably her first week or so and she just wanted a breather. Which is fine and understandable except for when I’m having a bad week already! So I tried to just smile and be pleasent to her. I think it worked.

  3. I hope that everything works out for you!!!

  4. Daisy says:

    Wow, sounds like quite the week. It’s a little odd that the nurse would try to get you to NOT do the exam – my doctor is always encouraging it .. in fact, she won’t write my prescription without doing it at least once a year.

    • bogofdebt says:

      That’s always been my case too! But she wanted to write me the script and have me come back in 2 months. Which would have than put me on this weird cycle of needing a script but not needing a doctors appointment. No thank you! All it would take is for a new doctor to come along and mess it up by demanding (rightfully) that I have an appointment before having a script.

  5. queenlbee says:

    Good for you for sticking to your guns and insisting on the exam!

  6. Wow your doc sounds pretty rude kind of treating you like a 2nd class citizen! You don’t deserve any less care than anyone else. I’m sorry you’re having a rough week. 😦 It seems those things happen in waves. Hoping it gets better soon!

    • bogofdebt says:

      Me too! I do need to find a better doctor and that just reenforced it. That was a community health center that I went to when I had no insurance and I just haven’t found one since I’ve recieved insurance.

  7. Hope things turn around and you have an amazing weekend!

  8. belowhermeans says:

    I’m assuming it was a gyno exam – there’s all sorts of weird legislature now about how often women should have pap smears. Insurance will only pay for it every two years. I think it leaves the physician stuck in the middle because as patients, we’re so used to the annual exam.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh wow, 2 years? I guess I’m lucky-mine will pay for it once a year as long as you use it as your wellness exam I guess. It says it right in the policy so I really am lucky.

  9. iheartbudgets says:

    Sounds like a bummer week 😦 . On the bright side, isn’t it nice out os you can go swimming? That’s wlays fun 🙂

  10. Stinks you are having a bad week. Next week will be better and this one is almost over!!!

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