Friday the 13th’s Link Love

Friday the 13th! And it’s pay day…hmm…maybe if I agree to Chinese Take Out I can talk my guy into renting some movies (read: scary movies) to watch tonight (and it’s not that I don’t like Chinese, it’s that my guy could eat it every night).   We’ve been kicking around going to the movies next weekend so we’ll see.  I think I have a pretty good chance though.  For other weekend news, my niece might be coming up this weekend—hopefully she does so I can get another chance to hold her!

Not a black cat but that is his “I’m not amused” face

I will continue on my little series (read here and here) soon.  I don’t mind sharing my mistakes and find it helpful to do so!  Hopefully others will read them and go, “I know now to NOT do this.” I’m planning on doing another series with things I’m happy I did in the past to follow it up.

Now for some weekend reading:

Daisy had Average Joe guest post about how everyone has money troubles-not just you.

Debt and Taxes wrote an excellent post comparing life to a motocross race.

Jen at the Happy Homeowner gives a 10 day guide to becoming more balanced.   I love how these tips.

Kurt at My Money Counselor gives us a nifty little graph to help make a plan for debt payoff.

Adam at Money Bulldog reminds me that every little bit paid towards debt does make a difference.

Michelle at Making Sense of Cents is buying bought a new car! Read a little behind why she made this choice.

I Heart Budgets is saving money by budgeting in spending cash.  My first real attempt at budgeting started out horrible because it was so rigid that we became further behind after cracking.

B from Below Her Means wrote an excellent post on gummy dinosaurs and God.

Squirrelers writes a post about dental costs and how important insurance is.  Most of you know that I just spent a nice little chunk of change on getting my teeth fixed so I can’t agree more.

See Debt Run’s son did the right thing by returning a bracelet.  I think that this is some excellent parenting there.

Jana at Daily Money Shot quit her job.  I think she did the right choice—mental health is highly important. Can’t wait to see what she writes!

And Jeremy at Modest Money is on the fence about using coupons.  I am too—every time I see coupons, they aren’t really relevant to anything I buy or I have to buy multiples of whatever I’m buying to save $0.50.  Not really worth it. That said, I will on occasion use a coupon if it’s handy and I’m buying the item anyways.

Enjoy your weekend! And I think I’m going to go with 10 weekly links right now—just got to narrow it down by two more next time!


25 Comments on “Friday the 13th’s Link Love”

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the link love!

  2. AverageJoe says:

    Thanks for mentioning my guest post at Add-Vodka. How old is your neice, 37? Ha! I couldn’t help it…crack myself up….

  3. […] Friend Bog of Debt links to our Add-Vodka post in her Friday the 13th Link Love post. I totally forgot it’s Friday the […]

  4. Modest Money says:

    Mmmm Chinese food. I could eat that stuff all the time too. Funny that this is your sacrifice to be able to watch scary movies with him.

    Thanks for the mention. Don’t worry about limiting these posts to 10 links though. Look how out of hand I get with my link round ups. The more you share the love, the more you get back.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I don’t mind Chinese food-but I already had it this week. That means I’m good for another week..maybe two. And I might start to do these in two round ups but I have been saying I’ll limit to 10 for a few weeks now. Never happens….

  5. Thanks so much for the love, I appreciate it!

  6. DebtsnTaxes says:

    Thanks for the shoutout!

  7. Thanks for the mention! Enjoy the weekend!

  8. Dangit, now I need chinese food for dinner! I don’t watch scary movies anymore, bad experience with the Grudge. I think we’re going to do some yardwork (surprise) and maybe watch a TV show with popcorn 🙂 And thanks for the link love.

  9. belowhermeans says:

    Thanks so much for including me, I always feel so cool. hehe.

  10. Thanks for the share!!.. Chinese food sounds great.. seriously.

    Remember on this Friday the 13th:


  11. […] saw fit to extend a little link love to Money Counselor’s “Plan to Pay Off Debt“. The graph in this post has been a […]

  12. Great list. Money Bulldog and Add Vodka are some of my favourites. I’d particularly recommend people go check em out.

  13. […] Personal Finance for his awesome guest post last week which brought in a bunch of these mentions. Friday the 13th’s Link Love on Bog Of […]

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