Birthday Weekend and Friday’s Link Love

This weekend is my and Cait’s birthday so make sure you have some cake! Happy birthday, Birthday Twin!!   And on to some weekend reading:

Jason at Work Save Live had Erika do a guest post.  She’s not going to give her future kid a credit card and I’m leaning toward the same thought.

Jefferson at See Debt Run is using goals as motivation to buy something he wants.  Good luck again!

Jeremy at Modest Money posts another blogging tip—this time concerning photos for your blog.  I’ve got this one bookmarked for future reference.

L Bee has cut her spending 38% from the last month simply by writing it down.  It was really effective for me too.

Emily at Evolving Personal Finance does a this or that for vacations.

Jordann at My Alternate Life has officially payed off $10k in debt in seven months!

Michelle at Making Sense of Cents is switching over to a cash budget.  It really works for us—mainly because I really don’t want to let it go after I’ve seen it in its physical glory.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses  gives a list of ideas for the “something old, borrowed, new and blue” tradition for brides.  I’m following this tradition.  I am pretty happy I won’t be doing the cake in the freezer for a year-the cake lady I went with gives a coupon for a free 4” (or 6”?) cake on the year anniversary!

John at Married with Debt  gives three steps to enjoy your vacation spending guilt free.

Erika at From Shopping to Saving had a GREAT post about being an enabler.  I am too at times!

Marissa from Thirty Six Months lists 5 basic life skills that people should have.

And Andrea from So Over Debt does another unsent letter post. I love these!

Have a great weekend! I plan on being in the pool for most of it as I’m house sitting at the guy’s parents house—and I can wake up and go directly to the pool! (After the house sitting chores are done of course.) And eventually I  might be able to limit myself on how many links I put in….


20 Comments on “Birthday Weekend and Friday’s Link Love”

  1. Don’t get a sunburn your first day at the pool like I did! It was miserable. Have a nice weekend and thanks for linking my article.

  2. Modest Money says:

    Have an awesome birthday weekend! And thanks for mentioning my post. I’m hoping to see more photos of your cat soon. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a nice birthday weekend – Happy Birthday! (and thanks for the mention!)

  4. Wishing you a Happy Birthday!!! Mr.CBB

  5. shanendoah says:

    My maid of honor put a piece of our wedding cake in our chest freezer for us. We didn’t even know and found it more than a year later. You know what- it thawed out and was still really yummy. Yay preservatives?! (Our cake was from CostCo.)

    • bogofdebt says:

      We wanted to do the freezing but unfortunaly our freezer can’t do it–our fridge is slightly bigger than a dorm room fridge and doesn’t hold enough. So I was happy about the coupon for the cake! Now I get cake a year later…for “free”.

  6. Thanks for the shout out. That is one nice cake lady, and way better than eating 1 year old cake. I don’t think I’ll be saving the cake, I’ll probably just share it with everyone than eat the rest of it after the honeymoon.

  7. belowhermeans says:

    Enjoy the pool!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have an awesome weekend.

  9. moneycrush says:

    I have a pool in my backyard so everyday is pool day for me! I am going to my Aunt’s house for a BBQ/Pool Party. Have fun this weekend!

  10. iheartbudgets says:

    We’re finally getting some sunshine, too! I wish I had a pool to jump in!. Lucky….

    • iheartbudgets says:


      • bogofdebt says:

        Thanks 🙂 And we might not have the pool too much longer. Found out that my future inlaws might be selling the place soon–it’s a lot of yard to upkeep. After that, I guess we’ll have to go and pay to get in the community one…

  11. Hey B! Sorry I haven’t been commenting.. been on vacay and super busy at work, but I wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU for commenting on my posts and also thanks for the mentions =) It is greatly appreciated!

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