Some Things I Want

I am putting this in writing to motivate me even more.   My personal money is normally not all spent at once.  I tend to buy one or two things and put the rest away.  And then enter in yesterday and I spent a lot of what I had saved.  I meant to clean out my wallet before leaving but it was one of those things I didn’t even think about.  I thought: “Yay, niece is here! Feed the cat, grab mp3 player for long car ride, pack water so I don’t buy it on the way and change into nice looking clothes (because  a newborn will really care right?).”  Nothing about spending money (okay the water thing was a good idea though) or leaving money at home.

                 Source (Next time take that stuff out of my wallet!)

And that was a mistake.  One of my biggest weaknesses is buying gifts for people.  I know this.  I’ve talked to myself about this but when I looked at my brand new niece I forgot.  We went to the nearest mall originally to eat as it was one of the closest places.  And we bought the baby a gift and the new parents a gift.  Over all I can’t complain or even find it very wrong of me.   I enjoyed doing it.

But while we were waiting for our gift to be engraved (FYI: all things remembered is one of my favorite stores for gifts EVER), we walked the mall.  I ended up spending most of my money I had been saving on some random things like clothes for work.  Ugh.  Okay not ugh as they are really pretty and I enjoy them but grr!

What is wrong with that? It’s my personal money right? Well…here’s the kicker: I’m saving up to hire the awesome Andrea to redo my site and move over to self hosted.  I need that money to not be spent.  So, I’m saying it out loud (well, writing it on my blog for you all to see) what I want to do with my personal money.

1)      Hire the amazing Andrea

2)      Hair Straightener

3)      Hair cut

4)      Dye my own hair again

5)      Waterproof camera for honeymoon

There are five things I want and mostly in that order.  Now, I am still doing the thing where I buy one thing and then save the rest so the hair cut and dye could come sooner.  That’s fine with me—I might (har har) spend it in a fit of shopaholicness otherwise.  But I want these things so I need to plan for them.  Otherwise things like yesterday happen.  And as they are things I want, they need to come out of my fun money.  (Okay, not just me on the camera but we will split the cost of it or it will come out of our wedding fund.)


33 Comments on “Some Things I Want”

  1. Andrea is amazing and I think she will do some amazing things with your site. If you want to save money then maybe putting it in writing like you have today will help. We put the money in a separate account and forget about it. I also suggest staying out of the mall. I know the feeling though when we go in the mall it’s like all ” I need this” triggers go off in the brain. You have to have the strength to say “No, I’m on a budget”. Keep at it, you will get there! Mr.CBB

    • bogofdebt says:

      Normally I’m okay in mall. I think it was the wait 3 hours in the mall that did me in 🙂 But I also didn’t have to buy gifts–I wanted to but it wasn’t necessary. So yes, I’m going to start taking half of my personal money and putting it aside. That way I can really only spend half.

  2. Woohoo! Andrea IS amazing and she will rock this site! This year I’ve kind of thrown caution to the wind and have just allowed myself everything I wanted all at once. Probably not the best tactic .

    • bogofdebt says:

      I just have to buckle down to save for the money to let Andrea do her awesomness to my site. Which is going to happen. I’d prefer before the end of the summer as the long term goal but I’m hoping much sooner!

  3. Modest Money says:

    Like CBB recommended, I think you should create a separate account for these needs and regularly put money into it. When the money has a set account you are much less likely to spend it. You have to make yourself think you don’t have that extra spending money.

    • bogofdebt says:

      That’s what I’m going to have to do. I don’t mind taking half of my personal money and putting it aside. I might not even spend all of the half I will keep–but I like giving myself the option. But what I will end up doing is when I get my “new” personal money, the leftover that I haven’t spent will go into that fund as well. That way I can step up my goals. Like I said, the haircut/dye will probably come out of the half that I allow myself to spend. And I should have thought about this before leaving but it completely slipped my mind.

  4. I hired Andrea to do my freelance website. 🙂 And malls are dangerous places. lol! You can’t help getting sucked in to looking around, and then spending. I just wrote something about all or nothing spending. I’m so guilty of it. 😦

    • bogofdebt says:

      They are! I was good until I went to the bigger one and had nothing but time to kill while waiting for that gift. (Like I said, I don’t really regret that gift) I should have just left and came back to get it later. And I do have a bad habit of “oops I spent, so it doesn’t matter if I spend more!” that I’ve been trying to break. I thought I had done it but apparently my guilt free money still has that habit. 😦

  5. Brian says:

    Before I went to Germany a couple years ago I shelled out the cash for a nice camera. I do not regret this one bit. This is one area I think if you are going to spend the money get something nice. That being said it is not “waterproof” so I just buy the disposable kind and those seem to do the tricks when I need underwater shots taken. I’m interested to hear what kind of waterproof camera you want.

    • bogofdebt says:

      We’re going to a beach area and we’d both rather have a nice camera that can take getting dropped in water. (I’ve ruined some electronic things by dropping them in water a few times…) I don’t want anything to expensive and I haven’t looked yet. He’s been looking but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called.

  6. Michelle says:

    I need to hire Andrea too! She does such great work.

  7. I thinks it’s great that you put your goals in writing. It makes you more accountable. Since we’re on the subject writing down goals, I’d like to buy Market Samurai for keyword research. I think it’s like $150. Maybe I’ll give myself a $10 credit for every day I don’t eat out. That should work, right?

    • bogofdebt says:

      I would actually be pretty good at that–but yes, I need to be accountable for my goals. Too many times I’ve “forgotten” that I had a goal sadly.

  8. Great idea to list your goals and to have what you’re sacrificing for right in front of you. I also find it’s easier to not spend anything in an outing that try to peek open my wallet once and then keep it closed. Maybe you could have sent a gift later?

    • bogofdebt says:

      That was the kicker–they appreciated but didn’t “need” the gift. It didn’t even bother me to give them the gift though I would have rather budgetted it out. It was like you just said-I opened my wallet and knew I had money to spend. And than I got bored so I decided to spend that money. But now I’ll save up and appreciate it even more (hopefully).

  9. Want to hire Andrea too and move to self hosted. It was on my list of June goals but I’m too scred to take the plunge. I too advocate for putting money aside especially for that and not touching it for anything else.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I’ve been wanting to do it from when she first started her business and it took me a while to just admit that is what I really want to do. I think she’s awesome and can’t wait to see what she does’

  10. AmazonV says:

    Where are you planning to host?

    Want my hair straightener, girl conned me into buying one, no idea what to do with it since i am not girly

  11. You should go back to the mall with only receipts, the items you bought, and no money. You can return stuff as long as you didn’t use it 🙂

    • bogofdebt says:

      Um…whistles innocently…I already used it. And loved it when I wore the outfits….so that won’t work. But the fact that I can’t get my blog worked on really hurts so it’s a bittersweet love for those outfits.

  12. Andrea says:

    Wow, I’m super flattered, both by the mention and by all the kind comments! I’m blushing over here. 🙂

    Definitely recommend an account like PNC Virtual Wallet (my fave!) that lets you set savings goals within your savings account and allocate money toward each goal. Or ImpulseSave, which is sort of the same thing. It really helps to be able to see your progress.

  13. You should setup 5 savings buckets for those categories and put them in your savings account! You then won’t touch it at all :). It’s a way to guarantee you meet your goals on time! I find that I will never meet my goal on time or at all if the money is accessible 🙂

    • bogofdebt says:

      I was doing so well! Grr. But like I said, I wrote them down, made myself accountable and have a new plan. My savings buckets will defintely help because I’m giving them a name -which I had kind of done before but it’s written in stone. Or internet as the case may be 😉

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  16. I want to make a list too, or even like a picture board, for when inspiration and motivation are lacking. You have great goals, but when you spend money — OWN IT, guilt does no good.

  17. We are getting a face lift by the talented Andrea in a couple weeks and I can’t WAIT!! As for the hair dyeing: I used to dye my hair and now I’m just back to my natural color (it took dyeing it a few shades darker 3 times over several months!) and I’m starting to like it again. I guess that means I’m starting to like me again. 🙂 My hair is shinier and healthier, too. I also started cutting my own hair, which is a joke. My hair is medium-longish, so I just basically don’t cut it unless I see a split end…and then I only cut *that* split end! It’s saving me loads, though!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I can’t wait to see more of her work!

      My hair is kind of mutanty now (okay probably not really) because I had it in a reverse bob for so long that it looks all funky. I’m trying to grow it longer so my “hair cuts” are really only trims with shaping and layering. I go back and forth on the dying thing–it’s on the list so that I can really think about it. My natural hair is kind of muddy looking but maybe with a longer length and some sort of shape it will look better–but the dye is for a maybe not 😉

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