Spending Report 6.19-6.24

Monday no spend day

Tuesday no spend day

Wednesday no spend day

Thursday $8 Post off

Friday $5 milk

Saturday no spend day

Sunday  $32 Wal-Mart  (plus $15 but it was on a gift card so it was free)

Pretty good week if I say so myself!  Much better than the last few!  That Thursday spending has something to do with my future news.  I hate waiting to hear back about it but I am practicing patience.

I went swimming for most of Saturday–okay for about 2 and a half hours but it felt like most of the day.  I was tired that night but it was a good tired. I went for a run on Sunday and made sure to run outside.  I like running outside but it is pretty hot out here in the Midwest so mostly I run on a treadmill.  Sundays I can usually go early enough–still it was around 90 degrees so it was rough.

Tuesday I will most likely be getting to welcome my future sis-in-law’s baby girl.  I’m excited–I wish it had happened this weekend but baby’s have their own schedule.

I also went over some more wedding stuff this weekend.  Eventually I’m going to be posting a wedding budget but not quite yet.  I need to start on finalizing some ideas so that I can finalize my budget first!

I really dislike my next door neighbors.  Apparently they think it is okay to drive over our yard in order to park on their side of the house.  Which, hey the parking there doesn’t bother me, its the path that they take through our yard to get into that space and out of that bothers me.  We’ve asked them several times not to but they don’t seem to care.  I’m not 100% sure on what we can do about this.  We’re thinking of purchasing some landscaping timbers and placing them along the property line.   My guy has also heard the neighbor guy’s friends telling him to come take our patio furniture so that they can sit down.  Not ask us to borrow it–they just want to take it.  Any ideas of what we can do?

So a pretty laid back weekend for me. (minus the neighbor issues of course)  How was yours?


11 Comments on “Spending Report 6.19-6.24”

  1. Michelle says:

    Good job on the no spend days! And UMMMM WHAT? Your neighbors sound ridiculous. Thankfully we have good ones. And yeah, I would place something along the property line.

    • bogofdebt says:

      The bad part is that they moved in at the end of May–so it wasn’t even like they were there for the first 5 months. The girl is nice but we’re fairly certain that she is running an underthetable daycare operation–either that or she babysits an awful lot of kids every single day all week long. She calls out the guy a lot but she can only do so much.

  2. Alice says:

    Wow, we have really great neighbors so I guess I thought everyone did, too. Yes, I would definitely put some kind of landscaping to where they couldn’t drive through. If it’s as dry there as it is here, the grass is going to be terrible with having been driven over.

    • bogofdebt says:

      It’s not too dry yet. But it’s getting there and after all the work we put into the yard, it sucks to see the tire tracks all over. The only good part about this is the previous renters on our side had a lot of trash (glass, metal bits, nails, etc) in the yard and we haven’t been able to clean it all up yet. (not for a lack of trying–we’ve been working on it and everytime we think we have it, more shows up) Therefore, our neighbors have had to change their tires three or four times in the past month because they keep going flat.

  3. Looks like you had a great no spending week! Neighbor stress is the worst. I hope it resolves itself soon!

  4. Crystal says:

    Omg I hate your neighbors for you!! Put a big pot or something really heavy in their driving path so they will have to go around.

  5. You had a good week spending wise. As for your neighbours – wow, that’s crazy! We have great neighbours. The little girl who lives on one side runs across our yard all the time to play on the play structure in the other neighbour’s yard, but they asked first, and she’s adorable, so we don’t care. 🙂

    • bogofdebt says:

      They have a cute little boy who escapes them from time to time to pet my cat–he’s adorable so I don’t mind. I just really don’t like the guy or his friends. And he was okay for a bit until his friends started to show up and egg him on. Testostorone poisoning in my mind!

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