Firday’s Link Love for the 22nd:

Ahh, the weekend is here again.    This weekend shouldn’t be as busy as other weekends have been but you never know.  First, my guy’s sister may have her baby, so that would be nifty and awesome.    Secondly, we may be doing a bbq this weekend. Okay, we’re definitely going to be doing bbq ribs but we may have friends or family over to have them help us eat it.   As long as the weather holds up anyways, otherwise, we will probably have a semi-bbq.  He doesn’t mind barbequing in the rain so much but it wouldn’t be as fun to have people over.

As some of you might have seen on Twitter, I should be having some good news regarding my student loans.  I don’t want to say too much more as I’m half superstitious but cross your fingers for me!  And I’ll blog about it as soon as I hear back.  So for now, on to some of my favorite reads from this last week.

Jeremey at Modest Money had a guest post from Andrea @ So Over Debt about social media and blogging.  This is the second post in his blogging tips series so go check it out!  and

Kris at Balancing Money and live writes about how debt is a soul crushing death trap.  I can’t agree more.  Granted I got myself into this trap but I’m going to get myself out.

Jake at I Heart Budgets talks about emergency funds.  He gives some good advice on where to put it and for what it is to be used for.

Cait at Blonde on a Budget shares how she paid off $17,000 worth of debt in a year.  She gives some excellent tips.

Jason at Work Save Live provides a yummy looking recipe for Spinach Pesto Pasta.  I really want to try this out—I think it would make for some great leftovers for a lunch 😉

Jen at The Happy Homeowner reminds us that money is not the solution to financial problems.  Even though I thought it was when I first got into debt, she’s so right.  Some key things I find to help me out are: PF Blogs like hers and exercise.  This is besides budgeting and planning of course.

Jordann at My Alternate Life (who just got an adorable puppy) isn’t putting her life on hold in order to pay off debt.  I’m with her—I want to get married but I’m going to do it before I’m out of debt.  I won’t be adding to my debt with this wedding but I don’t want to wait.

J$ put together a list of what he’s spent on the baby so far.  I can’t wait to read these monthly updates!

Daisy at When Life Gives You Lemons shares some tricks that she has used to help her save money.  I’ve done all of them especially at the beginning of this new life of mine.

Andrea at SoOverDebt gets two mentions because she wrote an excellent post on when poor people have nice things.  I was poor growing up so this one really resonated with me.

SB @ One Cent at a Time writes about how being frugal can be sometimes socially taboo.  I know that I have some friends who don’t understand why I don’t do things when we have “saved” money.  To them, me saying that I cannot do something right now because I didn’t plan on it but could potentially have the money by pulling it from savings is weird.  I’m okay with that.

B from Below Her Means shows us what she thinks her debt free sobriety will look like.  I love the aspect of visualizing something—it makes it more real to me.

And Erika from Shopping to Saving has a pretty awesome boss! I’m so glad this is working out for her.

Can you tell that I tried to limit myself?  If people weren’t such good bloggers, I wouldn’t have a huge list so it’s their fault 😉 Enjoy your weekend!


11 Comments on “Firday’s Link Love for the 22nd:”

  1. Great Blog pics this week, I’ve enjoyed reading them all. Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. Modest Money says:

    Thanks for the mention. So 2 weeks in a row you called this Firday’s Link Love. I meant to point that out last week. Is it just a repeat typo or do you actually call Friday Firday?
    Anyways, enjoy your weekend and those bbq ribs mmmmmmm

    • bogofdebt says:

      No but now I’m cracking up. You know, I read everything before posting it too….apparently in my mind “Friday is Firday”. I’ll keep this in mind next week….

  3. Great time for a BBQ! Just discovered your blog today and look forward to following your journey.

  4. DebtsnTaxes says:

    Lol, I just noticed the spelling of Friday. You should keep it like that imo. J. Moneys baby cost tracker is going to be pretty sweet, I wonder how much a kid is going to cost us when we decide to have one.

  5. belowhermeans says:

    Honored to be included! Thank you.

  6. Cait says:

    This is a great roundup of posts from this week! And thanks for including me 🙂

  7. Thanks for the shout out! I’m in honoured company – there are some great posts in your collection this week.

  8. […] Friday’s Link Love for the 22nd on Bog of Debt […]

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