Confession Time: Spent money not on my tracking report!

Okay, this last week some money didn’t show up on my spending report that should have.   How much? $100.  Why didn’t I show it on the spending report?  Because it was budgeted for but shouldn’t have been spent for another few weeks.  Have I confused you yet? Good…I mean, let me explain.

My birthday isn’t for another few weeks but when I was doing my budgeting, this last paycheck was where we would be able to take the money without hurting anything. Generally I would split it up but it was a three paycheck month so it worked out well.  So I, in good faith, gave it to my guy along with a list of ideas he had asked for.  And by the way, that was so hard! I really wanted to say “don’t get me anything” but I know better than to say that as I knew that I wouldn’t get away with it.  And I had thought about the whole “put it towards blank fund” but he really wanted to get me something as he feels I don’t buy myself a lot. The reason my gifts came early?  He really is impatient when it comes to giving things.

What did I get out of it?  A candle, a dressy/work watch, iTunes gift card, three new work shirts (well, I can wear them other places as well but I needed some new work shirts), two new sports bras and 2 Disneyish movies.  Oh and an awesome hand mixer thingy.  (Am I the only girl who really likes getting kitchen stuff as gifts?)  And I’m really excited about that hand mixer—it’s actually going to end up saving me some money on groceries!

I still haven’t explained why it’s not on the spending report.  I tend to not put down his purchases as they are generally out of his money and I don’t track it as long as he stays within his “allowance” (I don’t like that word but it fits the situation).  And as I’m not really supposed to know what was spent on me, I just didn’t add it.  I mean, I knew it was going to be around $100 because we play fair in this household.  I spent $100 on his birthday gift (a grill that means I cook a lot less!) so I knew what would be spent on me.

Should I be tracking his expenses? I haven’t decided yet.  Sometimes I will (if you see ‘beer’ that is his purchase) but I don’t always think to go through his receipts when I’m pulling my list.   His cash receipts that is. So I’m pretty happy all in all—yes, I got my gifts a few weeks early but they are all things I kind of really wanted and can use now.


15 Comments on “Confession Time: Spent money not on my tracking report!”

  1. Daisy says:

    Don’t feel too bad. The point of your spending reports is to keep you accountable – as long as you know that it came out of your account, I think you’re fine 🙂 Happy birthday!

  2. Modest Money says:

    That’s funny that he couldn’t wait and got you those gifts 3 weeks early. Now he’s gonna have to pull of something else on your actual birthday to spoil you.

    The question of keeping track of his expenses too is a bit tricky. I think ideally each person in a couple should have some fun money that they can spend however they want. You don’t really want to be critically watching each other’s spending. You do have to extend them some trust with that. Of course in some couples it may be too hard to trust the person to limit spending without accountability.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh I told him just to take me out to a nice date and get me a card. Or he might just rent me a bunch of scary movies because that works too!

      And I know that he doesn’t go over his allowance–we both get it in cash. That’s why I really only report the beer when it’s part of the reciepts that I look at. Therfore while I know that he spends his money, I don’t really track “he spent xx at the game store” or whatever. I kind of like that because that means he isn’t saying “another book?” or whatever.

  3. says:

    This is the budget police – you’re under arrest! 🙂 Yeah, that’s probably not going to actually happen. I’d just let it go.

  4. Rachel says:

    My birthday is on Sunday! I just bought a purple cuisinart mixer!! We are alike

  5. Michelle says:

    Haha I think you’re fine! I always wonder if I should include his spending as well. however, he gets an “allowance” so it’s already tracked kind of.

  6. queenlbee says:

    My boyfriend is the same way–we exchanged christmas gifts like the week after Thanksgiving. As far as his money goes, we don’t really track one another and it keeps up both sane.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Ha! I think if it had been up to him he would have done that same thing. Instead, I made him wait because what I ordered hadn’t come in on time. Granted I bought him his birthday gift a week early but it was also a bribe! I really wanted to see Hunger Games for our date so I offered him his grill a week early if we could do it.

  7. funancials says:

    All of that for $100!?!?!?!?

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