Spending Recap 6-11 to 6/17

Monday $3 hot dog buns

Tuesday $75 dentist (b) all done!!

Wednesday no spend day

Thursday$4 gas (b)

Friday $47 date (b), $22 beer (b), $8 Wal-Mart (b), $33 for birth certificate (b)

Saturday $20 Farmers Market (b), $225 groceries (b), $3 donation, $19 (p) bookstore, $35 Wal-Mart

Sunday $5 Wal-Mart (P)

Ugh.  That’s pretty crappy.   But I have to keep in mind that most of that was budgeted for.  So I shouldn’t complain too much.

We had to buy my guy’s birth certificate as he needs a passport for our honeymoon.  I already have mine and it’s good for a few more years.  I’ve never really used it unless you count going to Canada as using it. But now I’m glad that I do have mine as it is one less expense for the wedding.

I had to buy another lunch pail on Saturday as my zipper on my old one fell off again and there was a few holes in it.  I’ve had it for a year and I have used it almost every single work day so it got a lot of use.  I went for one this time that is a little bigger and sturdier.  I also had to buy new ice packs.  Joy.  But at least I’m not eating out every day right?

Speaking of food–that $5 purchase on Sunday? Was for a pie pan.  I made a fudge pie from scratch, crust and all.  Pretty yummy.  I think I like to make my goodies from scratch as it usually means that I eat less of them just due to all the work that has to go in to making them.  So when I want them I have to think: do I really want to go through all that fuss? Answer is typically no as I’m a pretty lazy person.  (said with a straight face of course)

I had a pretty good weekend.  Draining but good.  I went swimming Saturday, went for a run on Sunday and did some housework and gardening.  How was yours?


7 Comments on “Spending Recap 6-11 to 6/17”

  1. nonegiven says:

    Be sure you buy your ticket in the same name as the one on your passport. I understand that people have been unable to board planes and ships because they booked the ticket in their married names but the passport still had her maiden name.

  2. mmmm, that pie sounds delicious!! My weekend was good actually. Some social stuff, volleyball, and worked yesterday. Normally a drag but I needed the extra income.

    • bogofdebt says:

      The pie was great. It kind of tasted like that “I’m not supposed to eat it because it’s bad for me raw brownie batter”but it was *healthyish* as it was cooked so no raw egg!

  3. Modest Money says:

    My weekend was pretty tame, mostly just catching up on work. With the rainy weather some friends bailed on Saturday night plans, but it was probably a good thing in the end.

    One question about your spending recap, what’s with the $4 gas? Is that a typo?

    • bogofdebt says:

      No, not a typo. We needed to get gas for our lawnmower. We typically just grab it when we fill up the car but we needed it for the lawnmower before we needed it for the car. Sorry it was so rainy out there–it was pretty nice here.

  4. Busy weekend! I know spending at all hurts, but I wish I could get out of the dentist’s office that cheap! While the birth certificate and passports will be an added cost, they’re good for soooo long. We had a fun weekend. Fathers day and all that, you know.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Glad your weekend was great! And I don’t really remember what my total price spent on the dentist was? Maybe $400 but I know I still got off really cheap. It just felt a lot less painful to have them do it in little chunks at a time.

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