Firday’s Link Loving

What a week.  I’ve been running around like a chicken without her head because of some restructuring at work.  Nothing that should affect me but it does anyways.  I am awesome but I am also only one person.  It’s okay though, I’m most of the way caught up (okay 25% of the way but that’s decent for where I work) and might even bring myself up to speed this weekend.  (Yes, I’m one of those people who work at home even though I don’t “have” to.  But only when I want to unless it’s a dire emergency.) And there are some other things that are in the works that are …interesting….to say the least.  The very least.  More on that later maybe! Instead on to the posts that I really enjoyed this week!

Jen at the Happy Homeowner is a delinquent according to the BoA.  It’s a horrible story so make sure you spread the word!

I’ve said in the past that my guy and I combine our finances and debts.   And over at Punch Debt in the Face, there was an excellent post on this.

Jordann @ My Alternate Life wants some opinions on wedding fund or emergency fund first.  What do you think?

Jeremy at Modest Money is doing a series on blog tips.   And the first in it is commenting etiquette basics.

Erika at From Shopping to Saving  did an experiment on clothes and if people noticed when you wear them.  Or as the case may be, how often you wear them.  I loved this idea.

Aloysa at My Broken Coin had an insider’s guide to negotiating a raise.  I managed to get quite a few good tips from this.

Daisy at When Live Gives You Lemons is giving valuable advice on how to save money this summer…on alcohol.

Financial Samurai had an excellent post on people borrowing money to borrow more money.  I’ve done the stupid credit card mistake and the student loan mistake but I do feel good that the one time I borrowed money from my mom, I drew up a contract and charged myself interest.  Where was this post when I needed it?

Budget and the Beach shares her rock bottom story.  I hate rock bottom places and am totally jealous that she gets to do workouts on the beach but she’s an awesome blogger so go check her out if you haven’t yet.

Well Heeled Blog shares her wedding budget and some gorgeous wedding photos!

Michelle at Making Sense of Cents reiterates how important it is to have a backup plan.  I’m working on mine right now.

Jake at I Heart Budgets shares the story of the $100,000 gone through before he turned 21.  I won’t say more because if you haven’t read it, you should.

DebtnTaxes share their refinancing story.  I am so happy it’s done for them but yikes, the details behind it!

There were so many others but I felt that I should try to limit myself! I do want to give a shout out to Cait at Blonde on a Budget who is going Bold! Awesome job and you totally deserve it!

Enjoy your weekend! (and as a ps I’m pretty close to my alexa goal–thanks for all the help!!)

17 Comments on “Firday’s Link Loving”

  1. Hey thanks for the mention! I’ve been getting such great comments on that post, it’s really helped me with my decision.

  2. Daisy says:

    Thank you for the mention! That post sure was a popular one.

  3. Modest Money says:

    Thanks for including my post in the loving. Hopefully the work situation doesn’t stress you out too much. It sounds like they are lucky to have such a hard working employee. Enjoy your weekend though and find some time to relax.

  4. DebtsnTaxes says:

    Thanks for the link love! It’s hard to explain how frustrating the refi was, but all that matters in the end is that it got done. So glad that is behind us now.

    Restructuring at work sucks. I have never been a fan of it. Maybe because I like a set structure, I don’t know. I never take work home with me, but then again where I work that is a no-no. You are definitely a hard worker. HOpefully your boss notices that and gives you a fat raise.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I hope so too! And I was told that while I am “on call” that I really only have to answer dire emergencies which is nice but still hard to explain to most retail places when I’m looking for a part time job!

  5. This is a great roundup…thanks for including me, too!

  6. Glad you had a great, albeit busy, week! And so sorry about the dramz with the drama queen! I’m eating strawberries for you as we speak…in your coworker’s honor!

    Thanks for the link love B have a great weekend!

  7. w00t! Thanks for the link lovin’. AND STOP WORKING ON THE WEEKEND! Just my $.02 🙂

    Have a good one!

  8. Michelle says:

    Thanks for mentioned my post! Have a good weekend.

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