No more dentist appointments!

If you follow me on Twitter (and you should: @bogofdebt), I was extremely happy because I had my last dental appointment.  No lies.  Okay, not really my last one as I have a cleaning scheduled in six months but my last one where I have to get fillings.  I have no more cavities—either old ones or new ones.  It was a one and a half hour-long appointment but they filled three and a half teeth and did my cleaning.  I had to push for it to be scheduled like that but can you blame me? (Read about previous dental appointments here)

I ended up sticking with the old dentist.  Yes, the one who made my mouth hurt.  Why? Well, partially because I kept getting credits from past appointments and mostly due to the assistant/hygienist who really made a difference.   After I had informed her about some of the issues I’d had after my teeth were worked on (if you haven’t read that post here’s some highlights: having bad reaction to the Novocaine, missing work due to that reaction (thankfully I’m not hourly and was able to kind of work from home), multiple trips due to inability to numb me properly which led to me mostly feeling the drilling), she made it a priority to be the one who assisted the dentist for me.   I even heard her tell another assistant that I was HER patient, and it was said in a nice way.

So the awesome news about sticking with this dentist besides the credits I kept receiving? Notice how I said .5 of a tooth up there?  They didn’t charge me for it.  I think they felt bad about past appointments and just did the little bit of drilling and filling free for me.  So it saved me $25.  I know this because I was that patient.  You know the one who asks the receptionist to give her an estimate for the work as she is scheduling it?  Yeah, that was me.  But hey, it let me budget it correctly and figure out when I could have the appointments.  Everything was paid for in cash and it never broke my wallet.  In fact, this was kind of like when I had my car fixed!

So I’m a happy girl with no cavities and we can now focus on my guy’s teeth and eyes and, of course, then my eyes.  (Just so you know: I had insurance first which is why we did my teeth first.  His glasses and lack of contacts are more of a priority as I just had new glasses a year ago.  No playing favorites just because I do the budget)


16 Comments on “No more dentist appointments!”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Yay no more dentist appointments!! I love getting cleanings at the dentist (and LOVE laughing gas) but I hate having cavities filled

    • bogofdebt says:

      I’ve never had laughing gas but I wish they would have done it for the bottom teeth that didn’t numb. And yes, the cleanings are way awesome. Now if I can keep to no cavities that would be just plain awesome. I’ll let you know in 6 months 🙂

  2. Modest Money says:

    Ugh, I hate going to the dentist. The only awesome part about cleanings is the feeling afterwards. I have been putting off my cleaning because I have no coverage, but with this reminder I think I’ll call to make an appointment later today. If only my dentist was as nice as yours sounds. No way they’d give me anything for free.

    • bogofdebt says:

      heh, heh. Nice. Okay maybe nice after all the bad stuff. In my town they have a community health place for dental that usually helps people with no coverage. I went to them before I was on dental insurance to get a wisdom tooth removed. It cost me very little. I’ve also heard that if there is a dental school nearby you can get cleanings for realtively cheap.

  3. That’s awesome! Ugh I’ve got some major dental stuff happening soon, fingers crossed when I find out how much I’m covered for it won’t break my wallet either!

    • bogofdebt says:

      My fingers are crossed for you! Something I did (which I’m not sure if it would be different in Canada) was to get a preapproval from the insurance. That way I knew what my apporximate cost would be.

  4. AverageJoe says:

    I wouldn’t feel bad at all about being “that” patient. Money is important and you need to budget. Awesome about the teeth!

  5. Hahahha yay finally!!!!! Now I really have to go to the dentist now. I have an appt for Monday =)

  6. Glad to hear things worked out. Planning can do a great deal of help and it sounds like you have a game plan going forward too. Best of luck with the eyes and the guy’s teeth and eyes!

    • bogofdebt says:

      Thank you! I really think it helped planning it out–it kept me from dreading the expense. Of course, I dreaded the drill but that’s a whole other story!

  7. So glad this is over for you! I switched dentists a couple of years ago after a bad experience with a root canal that turned into an extraction… six needles and an allergic reaction to the freezing, and a dentist who would NOT listen to me. Yep, time to find a new dentist. So glad yours cut you a break on the last tooth too.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I’m glad you got a new dentist! I was about ready to switch mine until I mentioned to (my) a different assistant what I had mentioned to the first about having breathing issues and that my heart would race. She took care of everything so I’m kind of glad I gave them another chance.

  8. I pay a lot of money to my dentist, so I don’t feel patient in his office at all. In fact I think I am pretty difficult patient. Oh well… he does a good job. But I do hate my dentist visits. With all my heart. Dentists terrify me.

    • bogofdebt says:

      They never used to but lately, I’ve been doing that not breathing thing when I have to go. Hopefully I won’t have any other issues (knock on wood) and will get back to just plain cleanings so the fear can go away.

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