Why I Hate Receiving Gifts



For most people, holidays and birthdays are a source of contentment and happiness – good food, family and, of course, gifts (don’t blame me for the consumerist society we live in)! For me, they’re a period of stress. Not only do I have to go out and try and guess what people need/want but then I have to sit through the dreaded gift exchange…

When I was young, my parents wouldn’t buy gifts for us at Christmas or our birthdays and would tell us that it was because we got gifts all year round (ie, when we would take a rare trip to Walmart, we could buy a book or something). I grew up thinking that this was normal and to this day, I have a hard time receiving gifts. My two problems with gifts are a) Why does this person think that I deserve a gift? And b) Where am I going to put this thing that I just got that I don’t need at all?

Let me explain. One day, out of the blue, BF bought me a $50 MAC makeup brush. I can honestly tell you that this was the most expensive present that I have ever received and I had a hard time accepting that it was a “just because” gift. Was he cheating on me? Did he think that I needed to wear more makeup? Why did I deserve such a “luxurious” present? Who am I to have a $50 brush?

For my last birthday, I received two bracelets, a gift card and some board games. I played one board game a few times and wore one of the bracelets once (the gift card is finished :P). While opening the gifts, I kept thinking to myself, who are these people? Don’t they know that gift cards and useful things are what I like? What am I supposed to do with these things now?

I know that I should accept gifts as token of my friends’ love for me but, at the same time, to a person who never had presents growing up (except for graduation and other special occasions), receiving a gift is a strange concept to me. If the gift is wrapped? Wow. I go nuts. And then people think I’m doubly-weird because I’ve unwrapped a present without ripping anything and the wrapping paper is folded neatly next to me, waiting to be reused.

The moral of the story? Give my gift cards. Oh and spoil your kids 😉

Editors Note: I get really weirded out when someone gives me a gift.  I can handle it but I really do not like being the center of attention so I’m much more happy when I am opening up something at the same time someone else is.  And I love to keep the wrapping paper–its always so nifty.


8 Comments on “Why I Hate Receiving Gifts”

  1. I’m okay with receiving gifts and staunchly opposed to giving them. Although, I’d rather the people I care about not waste their money. I own almost every reasonably priced item that I want. If I don’t have it, it’s either because it’s too expensive or I don’t want it. Which means, I probably won’t love your gift unless it’s expensive. OR it’s extremely thoughtful. Nowadays people don’t like to think soooo, yeah, I don’t like most of the gifts I receive.

  2. I love presents, but useless girls weird me out too. On that note, I dislike giving gift cards.

  3. Michelle says:

    I know what you mean! I also am always afraid of what I’m about to open and the face I may give.

  4. Jessica says:

    I think it depends on the person I’m giving/receiving. I love shopping for gifts for my husband and close friends, and I enjoy receiving gifts from them. On the other hand, I never know what to do with the random stuff I get from relatives I don’t know too well.

    When I was little, I always got cash for christmas and birthdays. I wasn’t too happy about it since my parents made me save most of it and I thought ripping wrapping paper and getting surprised would be the coolest thing in the world, since that’s what all my friends got to do. Nowadays I don’t care so much, though I prefer getting a gift card if the person doesn’t know me well.

  5. That’s sad! I want to give your six-year-old self a teddy bear! Or a book or something. I love giving presents, and I’m a little uncomfortable getting them, especially since someone went and spent their hard-earned money on me.

  6. momoneymohouses says:

    After 18 I just asked my parents for cash instead of a present for my birthday, because that’s what my mom’s parents used to do with her. I like it because then I can decide what I want and usually I have no clue what I want! However, I do love giving people gifts, but I always make sure it’s something that person wants and needs (I can’t stand unpractical gifts or gifts that you know you want to return the minute you get it).

  7. I like gifts but I often face the same dilemma of when will I ever use this. Normally the people who buy me gifts do a pretty good job though so it doesn’t happen often 🙂

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