Some link love

Oh man, it’s Friday.  It’s a good thing—it honestly is.  It’s payday and supposed to be sunny out.  But I’m behind on my blog posts and so while I do have some awesome reads for you I know that there could be more out there!  Traveling for work is so fun.  It means no spend days for me, which are always nice but I do get rather behind on work and personal things.

I do need 4 more guest posters for the beginning of June.  Is anyone able to help out? I’ll remember you fondly always! If you’re interested shoot me an email at or leave a comment below.

I loved the budgeting basics series that iheartbudgets did—make sure to go check out the final part in the series!

Have I mentioned that Erika from Shopping to Saving is one of my favorite people? No? Well she is! Go check out this great post about how sometimes you need to readjust.

Travis at Enemy of Debt wrote a post that made me laugh but had a great teaching moment in it.

Finance Yoga presented something I’ve finally learned in all my years of moving.  Now if only I would have read something like this a few years ago. So I’ll share it incase anyone missed it!

Another of my favorites is Andrea @So Over Debt.  For serious.  I am also glad that I’m not the only one to make late night Wal-Mart runs—or judge people based off of their grocery cart (or slap people).

Jeremy at Modest Money had a great post about keeping up with the Joneses in the digital age.  And it does get a little hard seeing everyone post pictures of their new car but I do try to keep it in perspective for me.  “Wow, that car payment could pay this much off of my debt or increase my savings by this much” really seems to do wonders for me.

TeacHer Finances made me feel so much better about myself! I’m so glad that I’m not the only one to waver back and forth over saving versus paying down debt.

Cait posted the second part of how people are weird about money.  And it was everything I wanted!

That’s all for now!  Have a lovely weekend!!!

6 Comments on “Some link love”

  1. Finance Yoga says:

    Thanks for the mention! Moving can be painful, but can also be rewarding if you do it right.

  2. Vanessa Pagé says:

    Hey, do you still need guest posters?

  3. Modest Money says:

    Thanks for the mention. I’m a little late acknowledging it, but it was much appreciated. I hope your weekend went well.

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