Car Repaired (for now)

Remember from Monday how I said I would be making a big purchase this week? Okay, not really a purchase and I guess not all that big in the grand scheme of things.  Now a few months ago it would have been really big and I’d be in tears right now.  Okay maybe not tears but I would be so frustrated and grouchy.  And snippy—I am so very good at being snippy. I take it to the extreme.

What was the purchase? Brakes and rotors for the front part of the car.  Total cost: $210 (rounded up).  Which, I wasn’t able to find a coupon for the company but I did go to a great place that had high recommendations and were fairly cheap for the area.  I made mention of it to a coworker and learned that they spent a little over that for just front brakes alone.  And the shop they went to kept the car for 2 days.  Or something silly like that.  I waited in the waiting room for maybe an hour?  Well worth it to me.

I also got an estimated price for the back breaks and a time frame of when they need to be changed by.  Which by the way, will be a few months most likely.  Now a few months ago (I can’t even say a year yet….how sad is that!) I would have had no money saved for this and would have been stressed out.  I know this because I’m a worrier by nature and also, who wouldn’t be stressed out about having to pay $210 that they don’t have?

Instead, I called on Monday, had an estimated price and set up an appointment that day! Granted, it had to wait until Wednesday but that was because I was busy with work.  Not because I didn’t have the money.  Because I did—it was in an envelope clearly marked “car fund” and I felt so proud of myself for having that money.  I didn’t have to borrow it, didn’t have to drive an unsafe car or skip on buying groceries in order to repair that car. Plus, I didn’t have to pull from my meager emergency fund.  So WOO HOO!  (I will also admit to feeling a shameful sense of glee listening to the lady in front of me call her credit card to check out how much she had on that card and then splitting it between 2 credit cards and some cash—her total was less than mine! Like I said, it was shameful glee)

I really am ashamed of that glee I felt because I feel like a bad human but at the same time, I was happy that I wasn’t in that boat anymore.  Anyone else ever feel like this?



15 Comments on “Car Repaired (for now)”

  1. AverageJoe says:

    I wouldn’t feel bad at all. You weren’t feeling horrible about her (at least, I don’t think so). You were laughing because you’ve learned a very simple secret that she hasn’t yet figured out.

    You should have politely introduced her to your blog 😉

  2. You weren’t celebrating her problems – you were celebrating the fact that you don’t have those problems (minor difference, but important).

    I’ve been that person, so I know how awful it is, and I’m so, SO glad I’m not anywhere near there any more. Congrats on having the cash saved up for your car repairs, that’s a huge accomplishment.

  3. aww you don’t have to feel bad, just lucky that you’re not in her position.

  4. You should indeed be celebrating your victory here. While it may seem small in the grand scheme of life, these small moments over time are the building blocks to the kind of financial future you want (and WILL have!). Keep up the great work 🙂

  5. […] a sucker for stories about plans that work, aren’t you? Bog of Debt reminds us of a milestone along the road to healthyville: the car breaks down and for the first time, holy happy $#%!, you’ve got cash to pay for it. […]

  6. Aren’t emergency funds awesome? I’m glad you were able to cover it and not have to panic to find money

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh me too–and I know we will have the money to do the back ones by July but we don’t need to do them until October so I’m all happy about that too!

  7. […] Of Debt gets her car repaired and shows that having an earmarked ”car fund ” reduces stress and keeps her from […]

  8. […] types of funds I currently have.  I explained how I did my happy dance (in my head) when I got my car’s brakes repaired and how ecstatic it made me feel to be able to pay for it in cash without worrying about how I was […]

  9. […] So the awesome news about sticking with this dentist besides the credits I kept receiving? Notice how I said .5 of a tooth up there?  They didn’t charge me for it.  I think they felt bad about past appointments and just did the little bit of drilling and filling free for me.  So it saved me $25.  I know this because I was that patient.  You know the one who asks the receptionist to give her an estimate for the work as she is scheduling it?  Yeah, that was me.  But hey, it let me budget it correctly and figure out when I could have the appointments.  Everything was paid for in cash and it never broke my wallet.  In fact, this was kind of like when I had my car fixed! […]

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