Spending Recap 4/30-5/6

Monday $395 rent (b)

Tuesday $6 Brahms

Wednesday  $44 dentist (b)

Thursday no spend day

Friday $25 supermarket (date money), $10 (prescription)

Saturday $165 Wal-Mart (b), $25 Walgreens, $17 Aldi’s (mostly budgeted for), $15 vet, $15 race (b), $11 gas station, $35 gas (b), $250 utilities (b)

Sunday $25 haircut (p), $20 Movies (date), $7 Wal-Mart, $11 Sonics

Wow, after last week’s no spend days this week sucked! Okay not really but still.  I forgot that we had a bunch of cards to buy in May (okay we didn’t have to but I like sending cards out.  I appreciate getting them so I always try to send them) so that was that $25 at Walgreens.

And my kitty needed more flea medication so we bought the stuff that does three in one.  He’s worth every penny we spend on him (even if he is in his punish kennel as I write this) because we love him tons and he’s part of the family.

On Saturday we spent the day at his parent’s pool.  Unfortunately for me, I burnt pretty badly on my shoulders and back even though I put sun block on.  And I have this strange strip at the top of my forehead that is burnt.  But nothing too bad and we spend some money to get the aloe vera stuff to help it out.

And while I didn’t have to spend the money on a haircut, I’ve been trying to grow it out and it needed to be trimmed up from the reverse bob.  I was starting to look weird so I just decided to get it all trimmed and angled so I can start on the growing out process.  And I’m anticipating this to take a long time as my hair grows so slow.

As for the groceries, I was only $8ish off of what I had budgeted for.  Not too bad—next time, it’s down by $25 so crossing my fingers on that one.

There will be a slightly charge purchase most likely on my next spending report.  It’s got to do with my car.  Hopefully, it only needs the front brakes done.  It’s also going to depend on the price that’s quoted too as we only have so much saved up for it.

And besides that, we’ve officially started the Christmas fund with this last paycheck. Go us!

How was your weekend? Anyone else sun burnt?  Ps: my alexa ranking is 393,248—so close! Thanks for all your help!


8 Comments on “Spending Recap 4/30-5/6”

  1. Yay for Alexa ranking dropping soooo quickly! That was really quick! I’m surprised at how easy it is. I only wish I had looked into it sooner haha. I hope you had a great weekend! Swimming sounds really fun. We have a pool and we rarely use it 😦

    I actually spent $85 at Wal-Mart too this weekend. I had to buy 3 mother’s day cards, and a lot of toiletries that I’ve been out of for awhile. A new dog bowl for my dog since he has chin acne (had to get rid of the plastic bowl) and food. Oh well! This week is a new week!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I love their pool. Even if I did manage to give myself sun burn (I think I’m going to have to buy baby sunblock and use it. It is really the only thing that has ever worked). Cards are super expensive lately. I bought one for my sis-in-law even though she and my brother are no longer really married. (long story) And I bought one for his mom and his sister as she will be having a baby soon!

      I am glad you joined the challenge too! And it’s really a lot easier than what I origanlly thought too. I hope you had a great weekend.

  2. Congrats on your Alexa ranking. I had a wedding and reception to attend so my wallet is a bit lighter than I would like.

  3. I crate my cat when he’s bad, too! Is it your front brakes or just your brake pads? I just changed my front brake pads out recently, but it was conveniently timed with a coupon that my Honda dealer had on their website. It may be worthwhile to check the websites of different auto shops or dealers to see if they have a promotion going on.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I just called and had a quote and we’re looking at about $200 for both the front brakes and the rotor pads. Which isn’t too bad I guess! But I’ll find out officialy on Wednesday when I have the appointment.

  4. Rachel says:

    When I was 18 I got such a bad burn on my face that the entire skin peeled and flaked off. It was so bad!! And funny!

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