Mini Rant About the Dentist

This has very little to do with finances so you can skip it if you want it.  Remember my post on the price of having no health insurance? I can honestly say that I dread going to the dentist now.

I told the assistant after the first time that I was having trouble breathing after being given the numbing stuff.  She told me (in front of the receptionist) that it was normal and if it didn’t go away after a few hours to let them know.  Silly me didn’t think anything of it.  Even though I was extremely loopy, my heart was racing and I was having issues with my breathing I thought it was normal.  I went home and slept.

Take the second time I went. Same issues only this time the pain was worse in my bottom teeth because they weren’t completely numb.  Drove home and went to bed.  Third time I went they didn’t even complete my other bottom teeth do anything but numb me and drill partially through one cavity. This meant I needed a temporary filling.  This last time I went I finally said something (again) about my issues and they chose a different method of numbing me.  Well, the heart and breath issue disappeared.  However, I still wasn’t really numb. I basically just told the dentist to do it because I wanted it done.  I just held my breath, tried not to jump and squeezed the chair arms.  And they did 2 of my 3 bottom teeth.  The third one (same one that they did the previous time) they drilled most of the cavity out but decided to stop because I was in pain.  I asked him to just continue but apparently I was also out of time.  Which was weird—I always thought they finished the patient in the chair but I guess not?

To top it off, I was told I have three more appointments.  I’m sorry what? Yes you read that right-three more.  I have a cleaning in a week, and then have another appointment to “concentrate” on the trouble tooth where they will “try” to do the top teeth and then a third appointment to finish everything off.  First, I’m not going to do that cleaning appointment until after all the cavities are finished.  I don’t see the point to it.  Second, I’m calling a different dentist to see how soon they could potentially get me in—I really don’t want to go back to this dentist.

Ugh.  Really dislike going to the dentist now.



11 Comments on “Mini Rant About the Dentist”

  1. addvodka says:

    It sounds like you have a terrible dentist – you should find a new one! I’ve had dentists like that and it’s horrible – I found a new one and it’s much better.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Checking into that today actually. I just hope they can get me in sooner because otherwise I might have to go back to the same one at least one more time.

  2. I am like ou and hate the dentist as well. My heart races and my breathing rapidly increases with the needles. Almost like a panic attack, I thought it was just me but maybe there is more to it after all. Whenever we go we always end up with multiple appointments and I get sofrustrated because its an hour drive to get there in the first place. I don’t understand why they can’t just do it all at once and be done, oh, but then again, they wouldn’t make 2000 off my one filling!!
    Find a new dentist, they don’t seem to be taking you seriously or have an empathy for you situation. Good luck.

  3. I no longer have dental insurance so I kind of understand where you’re coming from. I keep receiving reminders from my dentist that I’m overdue for a cleaning, but I suspect I may have a cavity. I’m not getting anything cleaned until I get that taken care of. Plus, I might need a crown as well. I was thinking I could find a daily deal for a teeth cleaning from any ol’ random dentist, and leave the heavy lifting to my regular dentist.

  4. Rachel says:

    I’m truly sorry you have gone through all this pain – that is completely irresponsible of them! Where are you going? I ask because two years ago I needed dental work – my provider told me to go to Aspen Dental, so I went. Horrible experience with the cleaning and x-rays. Then they gave me a $20k estimate to have all my fillings replaced starting with my “first appointment” of about $8k. After insurance I still would have paid thousands! I got a second opinion at my in-laws dentist whom was not in my network but still covered some by my insurance. After my evaluation they told me I had four cavities and that my other fillings were fine until I was having trouble with them. I only paid about $400 out of pocket and they are really nice to me when I go. My fiance is currently having teeth trouble. We’ve gone to Canada for his fillings since it was cheaper (he doesn’t have insurance). Recently we had an emergency, so he went to an emergency office. They estimated $3k for a root canal and crown that would be done in three sessions. My dentist, which is a small individual office, estimated $1500 for the same work! You definitely need a second opinion. Try a smaller dentist rather than a chain or larger emergency office. Good luck!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I’m going to a small local dentist. I am going to try to call the other dentist today that was recommended to me and see how soon they could potentially get me in. They would still be in the network but are a little bit farther away.

  5. belowhermeans says:

    I feel for you and HATE the dentist.

  6. […] If you follow me on Twitter (and you should: @bogofdebt), I was extremely happy because I had my last dental appointment.  No lies.  Okay, not really my last one as I have a cleaning scheduled in six months but my last one where I have to get fillings.  I have no more cavities—either old ones or new ones.  It was a one and a half hour-long appointment but they filled three and a half teeth and did my cleaning.  I had to push for it to be scheduled like that but can you blame me? (Read about previous dental appointments here) […]

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