April and May’s Goals!

April’s Goals:

                Medical-2 dental appointments.  Check! Totally passed this one. 

                Medical Debt-$80.  We changed everything around.   Instead of medical debt, it’s now guy’s student loan.  And it has $148 in it so I don’t think it is too shabby but I know that I didn’t put $80 in it.  I think it was more around $10-15.  So fail.

                Car fund-$100.  It’s up to $195.  And as we started the month off with about zero, I think that was super.

               Groceries: to stay at $150 for 2 pay periods. I managed to pass this once but failed it the second time so it’s a half-check.

                I had some minor goals of giving what I could to the efund and the house fund.  We decided to hold off on the house fund as we felt the car fund needed it more.  But I was able to contribute $15 to our efund.  It’s not much but I’m confident that this fund will grow—however slow it might grow, it will still grow.  I’m shooting for the baby goal of $1k but I know deep in my little heart of hearts that I would rather it be the 6 months of expenses.  Which (without taking away any of the extras that I know we would) is roughly $16000.  Ouch, seeing that number on paper hurt as I know that we could use it to pay off debt.  But I do know that I will be paying off debt at the same time so that kind of helps the ouch factor.

May Goals:

                Medical: finish up my dentist appointments! (I have one left for fillings and all that goodness and than just have my biannual cleaning)

                Car fund:  I’d like to put $90 into this.  I have $75 scheduled to go for it so lets see if I can manage an extra $15.

                Personal: I am entering my first ever 5k since high school and I really want to do well.  Right now I know I can do it so now it’s just working on my time.

                Guy’s Student Loans: I would love to get this to $225. That means I need to save $75 for it. 

                Efund: I’d love to get this to $200.  That’s $60.  Can I do it? No idea but we’ll see!

I know I have my finished goals and goals up for May a little early but I don’t have another paycheck coming in this month so I figured why not?


2 Comments on “April and May’s Goals!”

  1. Michelle says:

    I think you did good. Good luck with your May goals!

  2. Great job on reaching some goals. This reminds me I really really need to go to the dentist before I quit my job. EEEEEEK!!! I hate the dentist.

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