It’s the little things that get me every single time.  Sometimes it’s a great thing, like when my guy comes home with $1.99 beef jerky and surprises me.  (It’s the only kind of beef jerky I’ll eat out here—the stuff I love costs $15 a pound and exists only in upstate NY unless I want to ship it to myself for $23ish) And sometimes it’s me being extremely silly in some areas.  How silly you ask? And I know you are scoffing to yourself, quietly, thinking that I would never be silly.  No? Really? Well, fine than.  Moving on.

For instance, when we first were moving into our new place way back in December (wow, time flies!), I was doing the budget and forgot to include groceries for part of the month.  Now, if this would have yielded us a huge amount to put into savings, I would have caught when I was adjusting everything.  Instead, that part of the month was barely breaking even as it was.  Come to that Friday, I was sitting there and writing out on my handy little sticky note our biweekly budget and found that we had an “extra” 50 dollars that we could save.  So I was pumped! We had gone from saving about a $100 every 2 weeks (if not more) into barely putting $20 away for our efund.  And then I noticed I had nothing written down for groceries.    I than had the joy of trying to figure out if how to pull an extra $100 out of the budget.   I remember moving some saving goals around and just squeaking buy that two week period.  Well, squeaking by for what we were used to—we didn’t spend over what we had earned and we were nowhere near as bad as what we had been in the past.

Now for my next awesome move.  Remember how I have said I do the budget months in advance and just update as needed?  Apparently my awesome skills of looking at a calendar failed.  I did fine up until May and was than deciding we would be getting paid on Thursdays instead of Fridays. If that wasn’t enough I had us getting paid at the end of one month and a week later, we were getting paid again at the beginning of the next month.  Granted, it wasn’t horrible—I just had to shift some dates and when the rent was being paid or the utilities but I felt dumb just for doing it.  To make matters worse, I had these dates being used in saving goals and payment goals.  This means I had to go fix them there as well.   Oh and apparently, I magically learned how to read the calendar for December’s budgets and fixed it.  No idea how I did that without noticing that it was about three weeks between being paid but I did.

Thankfully, this last one didn’t cost money.  Just my pride as I wasn’t even the one who figured it out. The first one was something that didn’t hurt us too much as I could finagle what we were saving for and we weren’t living on a prayer.  Anybody else do something like this? Or is just me?


10 Comments on “Whoopsie!”

  1. bluecollarworkman says:

    Haha, actually, my wife is in charge of all our finances, so I really can’t say! I know if it were me, my mistakes would be far huger than yours!

    • bogofdebt says:

      🙂 See, I get to be in charge of the finances but my bf was the one who figured it out! I had sent him the updated budget to glance over and he asked why we were getting paid on Thursdays.

  2. Goodness your system is complicated!

  3. AverageJoe says:

    Who needs to eat? Imagine that discussion….good news, we have more savings. More good news, we’re on a very, very strict diet for the rest of the month!

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh it would have *fun*. It was in the first month of us having moved into a new home so we had very little in the way of groceries. Trust me, I went home and tried to see if we could get by with none!

  4. Hahah it’s okay, we all make mistakes. It took me a few months of adjusting my budget to finally figure out what works for me. I was switching up categories and trying to figure out what category I should put certain items under, but it works.

    Also I’m interested in the beef jerky you eat. I gave up on beef jerky but if you can suggest one I’d love to try it!

    • bogofdebt says:

      Hmm I have very particular tastes in beef jereky. Currenlty I eat some local brand that is only found in 2 gas stations around town. I’ve found that I don’t like it to be too soft–that’s why I don’t like JackLinks Beef Jereky. And I love the peppered kind.

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  6. I do it all the time! I will have a whole years worth of budget worked out and then notice that I forgot a whole category or something similar. Ugh, it’s so frustrating!

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