Student Loan Updates

I have a love for checking out shows and cartoons from when I was younger and absolutely in love with them.  Just recently I was watching Darkwing Duck and managed to come across the episode where Morgana McCawber is robbing the city of all their wealth in order to pay for student loans.  I never caught the reference when I was younger and I know that I watched that show so many times-whether it was a rerun or not.

I just thought I would share that tidbit with you—fascinating, huh? Even back then student loans were high.

Speaking of student loans, I’ve not made my “first” payment towards that one student loan.  Technically it was my second, but I split the first payment up into two different times.  From now on, I have to have the money on the card by the 25th.  After 8 months (and 8 more payments) this loan will then be in good standing again and I can try to negotiate a lower payment on it.  Ugh, that seems like 8 very long months away.  But I’m thinking it will fly by or at least I’m hoping for it.

The first student loan, that I’ve been making faithful payments every month to bring into good status, should be coming into good status relatively soon.  Hopefully, I will then be making some progress on it.  As it stands right now, I’m not really—I pay the money but it doesn’t seem to be doing any good.

And as for the guy’s student loans—that number over to the right feels like it isn’t moving at all.  Oh wait, I know that I forgot to update it after that first time.  Okay, now it’s updated….and it still hasn’t moved.  Seriously, going to take a long time to get that number to feel like it’s moving.  I know that it’s because we aren’t able to put as much towards it as I would like but I’m hoping to change that soon.  What’s changing? Well, we won’t have to save for a baby shower much longer so that money will be being split between Christmas (yup going to start saving now) and debt.  And probably e-fund because I would really like that to be higher as we just recently had a car scare.

So there you have it—my updated status on our student loan’s and my new plans for the “extra” money we will soon be having. Have you started to save for Christmas?


10 Comments on “Student Loan Updates”

  1. I, too, am in the middle of a repayment agreement to bring my loan into good standing. I have one or two more on-time payments to make before I reach that goal. I’m hoping to be able to reduce the monthly payment on that one to improve my cash flow right now. I’d like to be able to take that money and put towards something with a higher interest rate to get it out of the way.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Let me know if there’s any tricks once you get it in good standing! I’m still a few months away so I’m just kind of counting down and cringing every time I see that the money didn’t really “do anything”.

      • Sure thing! I’m hoping it will be as easy as my other two student loans. I access them online and can see all the options available, make payments and all sorts of things. Those two are with Great Lakes and this one is with The Student Loan people. Hope all goes well with it.

  2. Ahh…LOVE that reference! I was obsessed with Darkwing Duck…haha.

    Saving for Christmas already?! Wow; way to stay ahead of things!!!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I figure being able to put away $20 or so every two weeks is a lot better for my budget than $100 every two weeks. We’re still discussing how much we really want to spend but I wanted an early start. I love(ed) Darkwing Duck but the first two discs of the first season just were not the greatest. But they are so getting there now.

  3. Oh I have the opposite reaction to things I loved as a kid. “Please, I don’t want to see that, I loved it as a kid and I don’t want the adult reality to alter my happy memories.” And no, no way am I saving for Christmas yet.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I know it’s really early to start saving but I want to get a head start on it.
      And I haven’t ruined memories yet–I’m hoping to not but there are a few movies I won’t watch because I know they were corny and I want to preserve that memory. (3 ninjas is one of those movies)

  4. I try to save all year long for Christmas. Last year I came under budget so now I have $200 in my gift fund. I’m just waiting for it to hit $500 and possibly try to stay under budget again.

    I know paying off student loans seems like forever but soon it will pay off (literally haha).

    • bogofdebt says:

      I really need to do that so that way next year I can do that. Right now we aren’t sure how much to put in for this year as we don’t have decorations or stuff like that. So that’s the discussion.

      I am just an impatient person when it comes to stuff like student loans!

  5. belowhermeans says:

    Darkwing Duck! Holy flashback to childhood.

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