Spare Change Helping My Wedding Fund

J$ posted about picking up change and I freely admit that I pick it up as often as I can.  I posted once before about how we made a rule of no spending anything under a quarter and after a few months we cashed in all our hoarded change.  I think we made roughly around $47ish?  And there were a few quarters in there but not a lot as vending machines kept tempting us.

                Well, this time we changed our rules.  Now we are not spending any of our change and it’s just going into a jar.  Okay, I can’t lie.  I actually took some sandwich bags, separated all the change into appropriate categories and then placed them into the jar.  (I’m a tad bit obsessive about organization lately) In my defense, it makes it a lot easier to count. 

                And it’s not that we don’t spend any of the change—sometimes I just don’t feel like getting back $.99 and will give them a penny.  Or whatever is needed to round it up.  Of course, sometimes, I don’t feel like giving them change and will have them give me back it all.  It depends on my mood and the line behind me.  (And how quickly I can access the change) And if I see a charity collecting change, I’ll usually give them what I can.  (And I love when I give the charity people a dollar or whatever amount the candy bar is and they try to make me take the candy bar.  Don’t they know I’m in weight loss mode???) So it’s not a strict rule just one that we mostly follow.  It’s for a good cause though—okay not a charity good cause, but a good cause in my mind.

                It’s going to go to the wedding fund! Yay for us for planning ahead right? I’m not even officially engaged!  Granted I know around when I will be and we (okay he) looked into where we want to go on our honeymoon.  (And it’s mostly he because I am good for most anything as long as it has a beach) From there, he priced out how much it would be and when we need the money by—then he told me and I figured out where we would be by March (which is when we need the money by).  So far we are on track. 

                But back to the change.  Last time, we spent it on an extra date and while it was good, we wanted to do something a little differently this time.  We weren’t sure what exactly until we had started the whole wedding talk.  And it all adds up—we have a little under $40 in that jar.  And that’s $40 extra that I don’t have in the wedding fund.  I also don’t have to take it out of my budget.  It’s “free” money and to me, that is some of the best kind!

 What do you do with your change? And if you see the crazy lady picking up a penny in the store aisle, it could be me!


17 Comments on “Spare Change Helping My Wedding Fund”

  1. Jessica says:

    I think it’s great that you are planning ahead. Weddings are expensive. I started saving up money for my wedding before I got engaged too. I wonder if anyone has funded their entire wedding with just change

    • bogofdebt says:

      I knew a little girl who was going to do that but I don’t know if anything ever came about. Granted this was when we were 5 and we kind of driffted out of touch after my family moved.

  2. katiep624 says:

    That’s exactly what my guy and I are doing! We started about a year ago and have at least a year or two to continue saving our coins. It’s fun to see it build up and know that we’ll appreciate the extra money when the big day comes!

  3. katiep624 says:

    That’s exactly what my guy and I are doing too! We started about a year ago and will have another year or two to keep saving. I know we’ll appreciate that extra money when the big day comes!

  4. I love saving spare change and do it religiously every year to help with buying presents for birthdays and Christmas. Keep it up.

  5. Sigh, I was just talking to Charles (le BF) and he says we don’t know if we will even have money for a wedding. Might just go to the court house and then have a BBQ. I honestly don’t care as long as I will be spending the rest of my life with the one I love. And I don’t have too many friends to invite so it will be a small celebration one day, maybe after I graduate.

    Now, your jar savings plan sounds awesome! It may take awhile but keep chipping away at it. I really like the idea of saving those coins for a date. We always forget to go on a proper date since we are both so busy. I like this idea!!!!!

    Right now we just use our change at the vending machines at work. Also we use them to buy water since we buy our water at those water machines near the grocery store lol.

    • bogofdebt says: that’s the chapel I’m going to be getting married at–we chose the $800 wedding and like I said, are going to be doing the bbq reception idea instead of a traditional reception. Honestly I would have been just as happy with the courtroom idea but the BF is traditional so we compromised.

      Vending machines (aka: the devil) is where our change used to go to–but I”m trying to stay away from them.

  6. Every little bit counts; this is a great way to build in those little extras that you’ll love on your special day.

  7. My BF constantly has change falling out of his pants. Literally. We have this jar that counts every coin when you put it in the jar. He’s not really good at collecting his change so when I’m doing laundry and find change in his clothes, on the floor, or anywhere in our house, in it goes to the jar. We’re not exactly saving up for anything but I remember last time we counted all the change there was almost $100 in there!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I need to get one of those jars–I hate counting the loose coins because I do have tend to loose focus once in a while and have to restart. When I did laundry when I was younger, there was a rule that anything under $5 was fair game if it was in the washer. I made so much money as that was my main chore.

  8. MommaStar says:

    I am currently obsess with keeping change. I don’t spend any loose change at all, instead I keep it in a jar I have at home. Last month marked one year from the first time I started hoarding coins. When I cashed out I got a whopping $200 from it. It made me more obsess seeing how easy it was for me to save $200.

  9. newlywedsbudget says:

    We also keep our spare change in a jar. It’s mostly me finding my husband’s change all over the house and making an effort to dump it in the jar : )

    • bogofdebt says:

      Thats acutally how this started: I was cleaning out some boxes of my BF’s and found a ton of change. So I just started putting it into a jar. Of course, before our budgeting days that was helping us get a gallon of milk or some gas but now that this *hopefully* over, we wanted to be saving for something nifty.

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