Spending Recap 4/9-4/15

Monday $40 Big Lots (will be paid back by guy over a month or month and a half), $4 Wal-Mart

Tuesday  no spend day

Wednesday no spend day

Thursday no spend day

Friday $11 Wal-Mart

Saturday $70ish (b) various stores for baby shower, $20 Sonics (p)

Sunday $19 Wal-Mart (b), $7 Brahms (not budgeted for but yummy ice cream ruled), $8 bookstore (b), $5 Wagreens

So only three no spend days this last week and there really should have been four.  But, on Monday, I was trying to watch a DVD and there was no sign.  We checked out the cords, TV and the DVD player but forgot to check the DVD besides for obvious scratches.  We went to Big Lots and bought a DVD player and HDMI cord for $40 and he agreed to pay me that back as it had to come out of the baby shower fund.  And we decided it could either be out of his beer money which is $20 every two weeks or I can be nice and just charge him $10 every 2 weeks.  It will depend on really if we need it or not.

And some of those Wal-Mart trips were budgeted for or will at least help out for next grocery trip as I picked up some things that I can now knock off the list. (One of those being salad fixings as we do try to have a salad fairly often—they are filling, healthy and go with most meals which is a plus)

On Saturday, I spent the day with the guy’s mom getting everything pretty much finalized for the baby shower.  Basically everything is done except for a few minor details that can’t be really done until closer to the date.  And that’s not until the 19th of May—so I’m looking forward to it.

Lastly, if you look over to the side you’ll see that instead of saying Medical Bill #x, you’ll now see it says “Student Loan”.  We decided that instead of doing the medical bills, we are going to start trying to pay down his student loan.   It’s in a bad status as well but not near as big as mine so we are hoping to get it paid of fairly quickly.

How was your week?


7 Comments on “Spending Recap 4/9-4/15”

  1. Even though it should have been four, three no spend days is fantastic! Whenever I get 1-2 I’m over the moon 🙂

    • bogofdebt says:

      I think I am just kicking myself for not actually testing a second DVD. And the funny part, that’s a movie we have duplicates of and the second one was scratched up but worked fantastic.

  2. Michelle says:

    Good job ont he no spends!

  3. I find it difficult to go even three no-spend days. If I was more consistent with packing a lunch, I think it would be easier. I think it’s funny to have a beer money fund… except my boy and I have a Taco Bell fund of sorts. Being vegetarian, we find Taco Bell has the best selection of any fast food restaurant

    • bogofdebt says:

      The packing my lunch thing does wonders for me. I also try not to bring any money with me when I’m out and about if it wasn’t planned–I get sidetracked by “deals” far too easy. I find that if I go home and actually think about it, I’m less likely to go through with the purchase.

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