High Cost of Not Having Insurance Part 1

This is kind of a part one of this series.  As most of you know, I talk about my medical fund.  Sadly it’s not being used for anything fun like new glasses or contacts—which I’ve never had but am semi interested in.  (Honestly I can’t even put eye drops in and am hesitant about going to get fitted for contacts as I really don’t want to waste my money on something I won’t use.) Instead it’s being used for the dentist.

I have had 4 dentist appointments since last October and have 2 more to go—technically, I guess, 3 more as all the work will be done in time to do my biannual cleaning.  I had to have my first wisdom tooth removed about 2 weeks before I was on medical insurance but qualified for low income help so I only had to pay $40 for it.  The next appointment was for the first cleaning and was free.   Well, kind of.

How was it kind of free?  Well, I found out that I had a lot of cavities and my last three wisdom teeth needed to be pulled.   And I’m so ashamed of the cavities—it’s not like I don’t brush and practice good dental hygiene.   I honestly am not 100% sure still what caused them.  I’ve spent about $250 on my teeth (which includes the 4 wisdom teeth extractions) and still have to get the right side of my jaw finished.

And the great part was that this last time I went, we found out that my bottom is really hard to numb.  In fact, they gave me a ton of numbing stuff and I could still feel the drill.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of feeling it, just let me say ow.  OW! (Okay I said it and am done)  The doctor asked me why I didn’t mention that I still felt it but what was I going to say? They had already mostly started so I just wanted it done. Now I have about 2 weeks to go until my next appointment—which is again the bottom side of my face.  Hopefully it works out better for me.

Not having regular cleanings is going to cost me about $400 to fix.  Could I have afforded medical insurance before now? No.  I didn’t have a steady enough job in order to justify it to myself.  I wish I would have known about the low income dental care though—that happened to be a fluke that I found out about it.

9 Comments on “High Cost of Not Having Insurance Part 1”

  1. Ouch!!!! I used to like the dentist but after I figured out that they were drilling my teeth and I wasn’t just being numbed for fun, I hated it. I get anxiety and I have to tell them to stop every few mins or else I will get all claustrophobic and I’ll start freaking out.

    But yeah I get a lot of cavities too..it may have to do with genetics? I have no idea.

  2. […] works. Bog of Debt is feeling the pain of not having dental benefits before now in his post High Cost of Not Having Insurance Part 1 (and I must admit, I’ve been there, too.) And because I’m me, you should also check out his […]

  3. denisegabbard says:

    Have to agree with everybody else– definitely more genetics than anything else. Luckily, the husband and I were both blessed in this regard. Hope the kids remember to thank us as they get older, LOL.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I wish I could be adopted by people with good genetics for teeth and incorporate their genes! Your kids should be extremely thankful!

      • denisegabbard says:

        Yes– they should be, but you know how kids are:) My oldest son hates the fact that he has my fair skin rather than his Dad’s “tan in five minutes” like his other siblings, and my daughter and I share the shortest eyelashes ever, while her brothers are both amazingly long:) Gotta love genetics.

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