Spending Recap 3.26-4-1

Monday-no spend day

Tuesday-$4 Braum’s

Wednesday-no spend day

Thursday- no spend day

Friday-$20 (p) went for Chinese Food/Beer

Saturday-$40 JC Penney’s (p), $30 Payless (p), $3 Sonics (his birthday money), $395 rent (b), $12 home depot

Sunday-$5 Wal-Mart

All in all, I really don’t mind what we spent.  Under $30 of it was unplanned/unbudgeted for so it really wasn’t that bad.  And about 1/3 of that was for milk—we really go through a lot of it.  Especially as there are only two of us! But I guess it’s better for you then a lot of other stuff we could be drinking.  (Okay I know it’s better for you but I have never been a huge fan of milk.  This is weird as I love ice cream and cheese but milk is just eh for me.)

I spent most of my saved personal money but some of it was to cheer my guy up after a rough day at work so I didn’t mind that too much.  The rest that I spent was for a dress and shoes for the wedding I’m attending.  My only stipulation was that they had to be something I could really get my money’s worth out of-so this means I had to make sure it was work appropriate, wedding appropriate, and also a I want to wear this going to a friend’s house appropriate. And I don’t think I did that bad.  Some of the best news was that when I went to try it on, I grabbed a size 6 instead of the normal size 8 that I wear and it fit!  I know that part of it could be designer size differences but I was extremely excited because I am saying that my hard work of watching what I eat and exercising is really paying off!

And then Home Depot had a sale on charcoal that we really couldn’t pass up—two 13.9 pound bags of charcoal for $6.  We have been grilling a lot so we figured we would buy that and not have to worry about it for a while.  And yes that is a slight justification but I’m also okay with that.

Oh and remember that question of whether or not we could gravel the driveway?  We still don’t have an exact answer on that as of yet.  But when we paid the rent on Saturday, it was mentioned that it might get done for us by the landlord—which I’m okay with as long as everything gets done and we don’t have a mini lake every time it rains.

Otherwise, it was a beautiful weekend out here—I had to work Sunday but I get to take Thursday off and this means a nice little 4 day weekend for me.  Works for me!  How was your weekend?


5 Comments on “Spending Recap 3.26-4-1”

  1. Michelle says:

    Jealous of your 4 day weekend!

    • bogofdebt says:

      If it makes you feel better, I *may* have to come in for an hour or two on Thursday. Or I might just do that work from home..haven’t decided yet. And I’ll think some nice thoughts of you when I’m sleeping in on Thursday!

  2. oh hey one size down! that is awesome!

  3. denisegabbard says:

    Just had to add my two cents here, for what it is worth. I noticed that you mentioned mistakes made when you were young– and I have to tell you, I spent about 15 years working in finance and saw so many young people that had no idea how to build credit or how to handle it once they had it. I can not tell you how many people I’ve explaining it all to over the years.
    Honestly– I think this should be required for high school students before they graduate. On the plus side, you realize you’ve done it and have a plan in place— kudos to you for that!

    • bogofdebt says:

      Thank you! And I agree with you–if this would have been a class in high school or even as a freshman in college, I would have benefited from it. I knew what credit was–it was the stuff that let me buy stuff that I couldn’t afford! And so buy I did–and I really wish I hadn’t. But I’ve got my plan and I’m slowly getting out of the hole I built myself.

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