Beautiful Friday

Ah Friday, we meet again! I wish that you wouldn’t leave me every week. But you do come back and you make it so that I get two days of rest! (Okay not this week as I’m working on Sunday but I’ll let it slide as I get to take a day off in exchange and I’m probably going to go with Thursday so I can have a lovely 4 day weekend) And it being Friday means I get to share some of the wonderful posts that I read this last week! So go read them and enjoy.

I loved Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses post about buying things just to lose them.

From Shopping to Saving posted about pushing yourself to your limits. I can’t agree more!

Shawnda reminds everyone that until you stop doing what is causing debt, a quick fix won’t help—you’ll just revert back.

Marissa went to Boston and shares some frugal sightseeing tips. (I want to go back to Boston someday soon)

YPF shares with us how she spent her tax refund. I was excited for her!

Frugal Dad reminds us to unsubscribe if we need to (and boy did I need to–Amazon almost got me with a few daily deals)

Always the Planner touches on something I back 100%–that failure happens and it should.

Daisy reiterates a lesson I’ve been learning: commenting helps grow your blog!

Alice @ Don’t Debt reminds us all that humans make mistakes (and don’t go over to judge, go over to support!)

Frugal Portland talks about Feminism! I loved this–I believe that Feminism is about equality, not about which gender is  better.

And something that I found inspiring: Jana at Daily Money Shot is incredibly awesome and this just confirms it.


3 Comments on “Beautiful Friday”

  1. belowhermeans says:

    High five for Fridays!

    And I am loving your blog.

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