Budget for the Tail End of March

Groceries $ 200 (whoops!)
Date $100
Personal $100
Netflix $26
Rent $395
Gas $60
Gym $20


Okay, so that’s my next 2 week budget.  I didn’t do too badly last week—not as badly as I had feared anyways.  And this budget seems to be doing pretty good so far.  We used all of our date money but part of that was on his birthday present.  The gas prices are getting higher but we normally don’t even use a full tank in a two-week period.  The joy of living in a relatively small town and within a few minutes’ drive of work does wonders for that gas budget!

The grocery budget was already spent and I still had to set aside $10 for milk as we normally go through 3 gallons in a 2 week period.  But at least it’s healthy and good for you, right?  And to be fair, I really need to start separating out our house items and pet supplies a little bit better.  I’m thinking they need to have their own category.

Rent is going to interesting this upcoming time.  Not in a bad way but in a I hope we get to do this kind of way.  When we first moved in our landlord told us to “fix up the place as we see fit.”  He also made mention of the fact that we might be able to work part of our rent off if we did enough work.  Obviously he wasn’t talking about the flowers I’ve put in or the cleaning of the place.   However, our front area where we park our car is hideously low and gets swampy in the rain.  What it needs is a nice, fresh layer of gravel.  This isn’t that expensive but nor is that cheap. What we are going to propose is if we buy the gravel and spread it ourselves, if the cost of that could be taken out of the rent.  Hopefully he says yes.  Because it needs to be done but I just can’t see us buying the gravel anytime soon if we are having to save up for it.   Even if he says yes but he needs a month’s notice prior to splitting up rent like that would be amazing.

But back to my budget!  I think that we are doing fairly well.  We are saving as much as we can but it’s kind of all of over the place.  I’m saving for a baby shower (and baby gifts), a wedding, debt and of course, our e-fund.  And the car fund (which keeps getting depleted! I should rename this fund) and our medical fund.  As soon as all the medical stuff is done, that money will be split between the e-fund and the car fund.

So what’s your budget looking like?  Any landlords out there? If so, do you think my trade-off of regraveling the driveway is good? (also my word speller does not like that regraveling word but I do, so I’m keeping it)


4 Comments on “Budget for the Tail End of March”

  1. My ex husband rents a house that needs work. He does a little something to it each month and deducts the costs from rent. He turns in all receipts along with his rent check. He is able to deduct is as soon as he does it and not have to wait for reimbursement. He and the landlord made the agreement when he first moved there. So far, he has completely remodeled the bathroom, kitchen, and one bedroom. He painted the outside and done several other small things. He’s also built onto the house another bedroom. It’s a small house and needed lots of work. The rent is cheap enough anyway, but he is able to deduct a good portion of that to make the house nicer.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Thanks! That helps out alot. I just hate the sheer amount of mud that ends up in our yard, on our porch and in our house when it rains. And of course the trying to leap over the puddles.

  2. I’m getting ready to do my budget for April. This will be my first “real”, on paper, fully intending to give every dollar a job/name, budget!

    Did the landlord previously mention it needing gravel or, is this something you know the driveway needs (and are hoping he’ll agree it needs gravel too)?

    • bogofdebt says:

      He hasn’t mentioned it but it is pretty bad–I have a small lake whenever it rains. I’m hoping he says it is okay but I’ll see tomorrow. They are out until Thursday so I just left a message.

      Hooray for paper budgets! I hope your April one turns out great!

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