My DIY Kitchen Decorations

Okay remember how I told you that my walls are huge and WHITE? (And it’s that kind of white that almost hurts the eyes) Well when I moved into my little house, we bought an oven mitt set that also came with some hand towels and a washcloth.  All for $5 and it was nice looking.  Well, the oven mitt and pot holders work great—the towels and washcloth are more a decoration then anything.

Fast forward until I was going through my closet and getting a stack of clothes together to donate.  Well, I was about to just toss in those useless towels—figuring someone might want them, right?  And then I put them back on my counter to think about.  Well a thought occurred to me—I had no wall decorations and I loved the design on these towels.  It’s a herby greeny gardeny design (and yup, I just made up that phrase but I’m good with it) and it goes well with the white walls and pretty kitchen curtains that I have.

I found a frame and cut away at the washcloth until it fit into the frame.  And you know what? I love my new wall decorations.  I’m going at it slowly—trying to find frames that I like and that are on sale.  I don’t care if they are banged up or missing paint because I can always paint them right?  As of right now I have a grand total of two framed towels up on my wall.  And I’m by no means a great do-it-your-self-er.  Honestly, I can’t cut a straight light to save my life but I didn’t butcher them too bad (you can’t really notice…and if you can, no one has said anything).

So that’s my frugal lesson.  Granted, I’m not really all that frugal but I was pretty proud of this idea!


6 Comments on “My DIY Kitchen Decorations”

  1. That’s an awesome idea! I did much the same thing when trying to decorate my first apartment after getting a divorce. I had an out of date wall calendar and some small 4×6 picture frames. I’m sure they had been on sale someplace and I had bought them just knowing I was going to put pictures in them.

    I cut out the pictures from the wall calendar and put them into the frames. It was a really nice little grouping.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I love the wall calendar idea–I’ve seen some really cute one’s. Too bad my desk calendar is Get Fuzzy (I love that comic but I’m a self admitted geek).

  2. Hey that’s pretty nifty! Towels are cheap, and actually you can find lots of different colors and designs to frame. I think I like that idea!! And yes you can totally repurpose a frame. So cheap!

    • bogofdebt says:

      Exactly my thought. One of those I already owned and the other I got for $2 because of a few nicks in the paint that is barely noticable. So I’m thinking this whole project will be about $20-$30 all included (depends on if I spray paint or just go with it). And I’ll have about 7-8 wall decorations!

  3. Very crafty! I like to look for frames at flea markets – they are often pretty cheap and really adds charm to a place.

  4. addvodka says:

    I’ve always wanted to do stuff like that; for instance, I have a dress with a fun pattern on it but it’s too small. I could make the fabric into dish towels or something like that.

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