I Hate our Internet

Dear AT&T,

You are really making me upset.  First we had this issue, and then this issue.  Now we have the issue of our bill.  We cannot log into view our bill online because for some reason our account is set up under the primary user?  Well, it is.  Oh and now we are locked out but can’t get it reactivated until the problem with our account number is fixed.  And every number I’ve been giving closes at 5pm.

Then, every single time I have called to get something fixed I am asked about our account number.  When I say it, I’m asked if it is in IL.  We aren’t living in IL, we live in KS. I’ve asked this to be fixed and apparently it still isn’t.  In fact, the online guy that I spoke with wasn’t even able to find my account number at all.  And yet I’m staring at my bill and my account number is the same one I just gave him.

Speaking of my bills—we are being charged for a repair from January that we didn’t even order—we haven’t had to have someone out here since December.  And we already paid for that on our last bill.  We didn’t think that we should as it was supposed to be free installation but we sucked it up and paid it.

Look, we went with you because friends of ours were giving really great reviews.  We like your internet speed and our happy with that.  Your customer service however, does nothing for us.  I really hope that it get’s taken care of this time.  72 hours until we get a resolution? I hope so–this needs to be taken care of before we are scheduled to pay our next bill.


One Comment on “I Hate our Internet”

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