My Amazing Find and a Spending Recap

Okay, okay—if you follow me on twitter, on Saturday I mentioned that I had found a table, 4 chairs and a painting for only $107 (oh my—I hate when I say “only” because it means I’m justifying).  And honestly, I’m not sad that I spent it.  Or the rest of the money I spent on Saturday.  I’ll go into detail after the spending recap.

Monday: $25 super market

Tuesday: no spend day

Wednesday: $20 bookstore (free money—my guy bought me a gift!)

Thursday: no spend day

Friday: no spend day

Saturday: $110 Wal-Mart, $107 second hand shop, $14 Big Lots

Sunday: $19 KFC, $4 Wal-Mart

Okay so details….well, Monday was that horrid PF Chang’s incident.  On Wednesday my guy was buying something for himself and was nice enough to buy me a gift as I’m saving my money for some new clothes and shoes in April.  On Saturday…well, we went and bought some house items for both the inside and the outside.   And then we didn’t have enough mulch for the outside project so back we went.  But before we went to Wal-Mart, we stopped in at the second hand shop.  And found my kitchen table for $15 dollars.  That’s right–$15 dollars.  We had to ask the lady who runs it as we thought that they meant to have $45 down as the price.  It didn’t come with chairs but we were able to find four for $90 (two different sets of chairs so they don’t match perfectly but I like them) and a painting for $3.

So back to Wal-Mart to get the rest of the mulch and other various items we were looking for.  The sad part is that we did end up spending our car fund money to get the table and chairs.  But we decided to act on the great price of the table instead of risking losing it.  So I don’t mind that we spent the money when I feel like it was a great deal.

I took the pictures below and just wanted to share my lovely table and chairs! How was your week?


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