Friday Link Lovin’

After my letter yesterday to myself, I was reading the comment that From Shopping to Saving left me and remembered a quote from high school (sooo long ago!) that I loved.  It was “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start” by John Bingham.  This quote helped me in my first ever cross country season and I just wanted to share it with you all.  This has always meant to me that yes I can finish, but only because I started.            So keep that in mind as you start your journey out of debt!


Link Love:

I just started reading Frugal Portland’s blog but absolutely love her style of writing!

I love She’s Pretty Frugal weekly meal plans—so in depth! I need to do this

Young, Cheap Living had a great post about not wanting toys anymore—I feel the same lately.

Also–I said it earlier this week, but Curiosity Killed the Blog is amazing! I’ve learned so many new things from her.

Those were just 4 of the blogs that I’ve started reading and really enjoying (actually 5 because I’ve been loving From Shopping to Saving’s blog too!)

I promise that I am going to be updating my blogroll soon—there are so many blogs that I absolutely love.  Sorry this is so short–got busy doing work and house things. (pft–what does work think it is anyways? Making me do things for that paycheck!)


4 Comments on “Friday Link Lovin’”

  1. Aww thanks for link love. I’m going to check out these blogs too. I have been enjoying new PF blogs too and have been meaning to do a huge post! I have been updating my blogroll though…I think it’s getting out of hand, but the more the merrier!!!

    You ran cross country?! I’ve always wanted to but my mom and dad never had time to take me to practices and stuff (they were always at work).

    • bogofdebt says:

      I loved it–thankfully my practice was after school and had a bus going at 5:15 (end of practice) and most meets we were bussd there. I have been itching to run a race again (aiming for a half or full marathon evenutally) so maybe I will get to do one this summer (even if it’s just a 5k or 10k I’d be happy!)

  2. addvodka says:

    I adore Curiosity Killed the Blog! I’ve done so much to my site based on Andrea’s posts on that blog.

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