Spending Recap 3.5 to 3.11

Monday $48 Amazon (gift card)

Tuesday no spend day

Wednesday no spend day

Thursday $34 cable

Friday $30 Mexican food (b), $32 liquor store ($20 was budgeted for but the wine is yummy)

Saturday $41 at Aldi’s, $196 Wal-Mart, $11 at Braum’s (that was all groceries…obviously I fail), $360 bills on-line (b), $12 vet’s, $5 post office, $40 gas (b)

Sunday no spend day

As you can see my experiment at Aldi’s didn’t really help.  Granted, I spent about $50 on non-grocery items (toilet paper, paper towels, kitty food, etc) and I did find some items we are going to continue to buy there.  The coffee isn’t bad and we got it for half the cost as we would have at Wal-Mart.  Same for the water and soda we picked up.  As bummed as I am about going over my grocery budget, I have to say there was nothing I was really sad about buying.

I bought a toaster and a cake topper from Amazon—the cake topper is going to be for the baby shower I’m helping to throw.   The gift card I won from Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.  No lie, when I won it, I was dancing around my kitchen.

So all in all, not too shabby I guess.  If I didn’t count paying my bills I would have more no spend days.  But in my eyes, they count as me spending money.  I have been getting better at planning them though so that I’m not paying things on random days.


4 Comments on “Spending Recap 3.5 to 3.11”

  1. Hubby and I shop at Aldi’s some, too. We especially love their fruits and veggies. They sometimes have pineapple for $0.99 so we’ll get a couple.

    Overspending can be bad, but if you aren’t unhappy about the decisions that you made while shopping, then it’s ok. Maybe that line item just needed a little more money in it this month.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh I did love the fruit there. So that is one more thing I will be buying from there. And if my cat wasn’t so picky I could buy his food from there but he loves the food we buy from Wal-Mart.
      And yes–I should have planned for more knowing that I had an enormous amount of house items to buy.

  2. I wish we had an Aldi’s here in California. I’ve heard about it through so many blogs! I’m jealous 🙂

    I like to include my bills on my spending too. It makes me feel more accountable and reinforces the amount of spending I do.

    • bogofdebt says:

      🙂 It does make me rethink all those little amounts I used to spend–no more going to a vending machine because it really adds up. I like tp pay them all on the same day so that I can then have a no spend day. That and the realization that I just spent almost $400 in one day makes me rethink the rest of my spending–even if I need to spend it for water or rent or whatever.

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