First Budget of March

200 Groceries
100 Personal (divided by 2)
50 Date
400 Utilities
60 gas
60 payment


That’s my budget for this period.  I’m going to try to slim down our grocery bill though.  We did run out of some needed things like toilet paper, paper towels, and some other random odds and ends.   But I think that by splitting our buying between Wal-Mart and Aldi’s, that we can cut at least $25 off.  (I don’t know if I am under or overestimating but I will let you all know!)

As a side note—I don’t have to buy paper towels all that much.  Maybe once every month or so which is really nice.  The way I do this is by a two pack of super rolls and we don’t use our paper towels as napkins all that much.  Instead we use our cloth napkins which were a much valued gift to us.  We have enough to last us a week and as I do laundry every week, it works out really well for us.

The 400 for our utilities still includes our gas deposit (which I’m really looking forward to being gone) and our car insurance.  (Our car insurance is really low because we have a beater car)  The gas money, well, I’m hoping that we don’t have to use all of it this week.  We generally don’t have to but I don’t think I’ll be saving as much for our car from it this week.  (Again, I do have a set aside going into the car fund but whatever is not used from the gas fund goes into there).

This also doesn’t include any of our saving goals.  I have some set for our wedding, our debt, and a few other things that are going on.  Hopefully, I have more left over from our above categories so that I can squeak it into our savings accounts.  I will probably be saving my personal money so that I can go shopping in another few weeks.  My guy’s cousin is getting married and I might just buy a dress I’ve been eyeing.  We also need to start putting aside money for a gift.  I figure a $100 is a good gift right? They’ve been living together for a while so I don’t know what they would need.  We will be putting aside a little every pay check in order to not break us.

How’s your budget looking?


6 Comments on “First Budget of March”

  1. With the increase in the price of gasoline lately, my budget needs a little tweaking. I’m not exactly sure what category that tweaking is going to come from. Most everything is debt payment, so I’ll likely have to reduce the credit card payment down to the minimum for a couple of months so that I’ll have enough gas money to get to work. Otherwise, everything is working.

  2. OMG funny story. I follow you on twitter and I totally forgot to check out your blog. Yay! Going to add you to my blogroll. Btw my twitter handle is imashoewhore…totally random and anti-PF right? Hahaha, I made it before my PF blogging days, but it’s actually still the truth.

    That’s so cute that you guys have $50 for date. I need to bug the BF about taking me out on dates more often. Just cuz we’ve been together for 6 years doesn’t mean he can slack off in that dept.

    $100 is a good amount for a wedding gift if you are close to the bride/groom. That basically covers the cost for 2 meals!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I sent you a twitter request and I love the name 🙂 I like our little dates–and sometimes we do free ones by walking in the wilderness park and having a mini picnic.

  3. Ella says:

    We definitely need to slim down our grocery bill to but it’s hard because we are really foodies and we have already cut down a lot on eating out. Good food is a thing we really enjoy…
    Good luck with your budget goals!

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh I am with you there on the good food. We used to eat out quite a bit but have now discovered we can make a lot of things that are just as good as restaurant food. But it does get expensive.

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